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    I know these tanks are leveling,could we have a update of them every few weeks or something?


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    Nigel Twinning

    they do seem to update sometimes, it seems kind of erratic though? I definitely have seen some tanks in my friends list level up.

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      I have seen perhaps one or two go up in level and one I think changed maybe but went back,the level increase was only one or two in the two I have seen go up.

      I have the majority at the same level for months now it seems..

      I have a few on my friends list that have not played in over a month I would be willing to drop one if you would like.

      Let me know what to put in my first slot beforehand. =)

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        Nigel Twinning

        Sounds good to me, what sort of tanks do you have available?
        I tend to like taking heavies from my friends list myself.
        what would you want me to put on? I don’t really have anything special, levelling 4 stars takes a long time.
        my main tank that I normally use at the mo is the 3 star Churchill but without emblems it’s probably not so good. I have a lv 23 tiger I and KV5, a lv 20 churchil croc for heavies.
        a lv 25 cromwell, lv 24 firefly, lv 23 pershing and centurion, and a lv 21 sherman croc for mediums.
        a lv 30 Hetzer, a Lv 24 hellcat, and a lv 22 StuG VI (not too sure if I should be using this one, feels kinda weak compared to the other two) for TDs.
        And for artillery I have a lv 30 Wespe, and a lv 7 T92.

        Is this too much info?

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    Take your pick!
    The two star is being leveled to feed Cerys when I buy her in a few days to a week!
    Oh, I would not mind another hellcat. =)
    My tanks right now

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    imgur no good?
    or did I mess up?

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      Nigel Twinning

      no, it works.
      hmm I would probably make the most use of the Tiger I, the Tog’s really cool but it doesn’t seem that good? Not that I have her

      It’s interesting to see how your tanks’ stats differ from my ones, like how does your Cromwell have so much DPS? but then I Haven’t been too lucky with emblems so far, my only 5 star emblem is for accuracy XD
      conversely your Hellcat’s DPS seems really low? and I’ve found my highest DPS is surprisingly the Hetzer (270), the 0.5 atk speed is pretty killer

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        Weird I don’t see the image.
        Ya I need to go over all my tanks emblems and figure out whats best for who I pretty much gave them what I had at the time and upgraded when I got better.
        the girls in question

        So Tiger I it is! The TOG is a little disappointing but maybe I just need to adjust her emblems.

        I was really lucky with construct the past few days and got several 4 star dupes…. Just bought Cerys!!!!!!!!!

        I will now drop one of the MIA on my friends list and set Tiger for you,send me a request!

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