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    Curious question?

    When the tank girls sleep. do they sleep with all their armor and turrets on or do/can they take them off? can’t think it be comfortable sleeping with all that on.

    also I’m still playing the story line and is there any lore or reason for why tank girls exist/created? I like the idea of tank girls don’t get me wrong, but why?

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    The girls most definitely take off their armor while sleeping! Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to lay down, haha.

    The game itself doesn’t expand on the history and creation too much, but our team has had sessions where we discussed the origin and transformation process. Essentially, the girls are materialized from the spirits of destroyed military vehicles. So as they pass into the Armor Blitz realm, they are created with the ability to summon the equipment from their memories.

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    That’s good to know. After all, they need a good night rest after all the battling they do.

    Oh that’s quite a fascinating idea. It would explain their personality as they were before and their ability. I quite like that lore. Love to see it more.

    I love learning game lore. it always interest me.

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