Sturmtiger again?

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    I thought we just had her in research a few weeks ago…..
    Same with the Tiger (P)
    have not been able to get a new 5 star tank for a couple months now ,you know the saying, if not for bad luck…… I would have no luck!

    Just venting =)

    Cant wait for the new stuff,also is the coast after Devonis locked until the update or something? I finished that boss ages ago but the next space does not open.

    Keep up the awesome work guys and please keep it tank girls in the majority, a few boys are okay but……

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    Yes, the zone after Devonis is still locked until future content is complete.

    As for construction, we’re planning to overhaul that system in the long term so players can influence the drop rates more. That said, we’re still working on overhauling our backend systems right now.

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      you did not address the topic.


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    Units for research rotation varies.

    As for construction, gotta be lucky sometimes. 😛

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