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    Just asking what is the dev team’s plan for the future of the social system for this game?

    From what I can see now, there is a friend system (but no real opportunity to get to know other players in the first place) and a sort of competition going on (but still mainly player vs. AI, do players really feel like they are competing against others?). So I would like to know how do ya’ll plan on expanding upon what is probably one of the more important aspects of a mobile game, especially for players in late game.

    On that note, I would also like to ask if there are any plans for the expansion of the story. Not as if expanding or not expanding the story is good or bad, just curious as it will reflect what kind of future ya’ll devs envision for Armor Blitz.

    As always, thanks for your hard work on this game.

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    Hi @usenmer

    We have a lot of plans to increase the amount of social interaction in the game. The friends system was our first foray into that realm, and we never had the chance to expand on it due to technical reasons. Right now we are working on some huge overhauls to modify the way the game works, and shift all functionality to the remote server. This opens up doors like PvP, Guilds, Raids, and other networked elements like that.

    So the answer is yes, we have our eyes on more social features!

    The storyline is on hold until I have some time to work on that, but the first priority for us is to finish up the client->server overhaul. We only have 2 programmers on the team, so things can appear to move very slowly sometimes 😛

    I hope that helps!

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    Damn that was more ambitious than I expected 0.0 . But thanks for your efforts in making this game great even in such tight circumstances! Wish ya’ll all the best!
    (Still though poor coders)

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