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    PATCH NOTES: 6/28

    -Many small bug fixes!
    -Now there are 3 Tiers of quality settings to accomodate lower end devices
    If your device has:
    -> Less than 1.5gb RAM = 1/4 resolution
    -> 1.5gb – 2gb RAM= 1/2 resolution
    -> 2gb+ RAM = full resolution

    Overworld Map:
    -Revamp of map art. Much brighter now!
    -Added store, but no purchase option for Cores yet.
    -“Oil on the Shore” tile renamed because there’s no more oil in that spot!
    -[BUGFIX] Missions menu scrolling progress bars don’t run off the page anymore.
    -[BUGFIX] Prized Lieutenant Mission now updates properly.

    -[BUGFIX] Fixed a bug where Upgrade collection screen only let you select the first 30 tanks beyond your Army.
    -All tanks give a lot more XP to compensate for new leveling curve.
    -Drop rates improved for construction

    -New ability unlocked: Heal. Use this to repair your units in battle! Unlocked after Maginot boss
    -Buff indicator text in combat to show when Atk, Def, or Spd are boosted

    Balance Changes:
    -[BUGFIX] Artillery can miss now based on their accuracy
    -Flamethrower tank DPS drastically reduced
    -Light tanks’ armor chip debuff is stronger
    -Active and Passive abilities fixed for many tanks
    -Fiat M11-39 range reduced
    -All tanks leveling curve altered and cap raised to 50. The higher rarity a unit is, the more difficult it will be to level up.

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    Known Issues:
    -Audio cuts out when you get notifications or calls (can’t fix until Unity engine patches this)
    -Item system still really buggy.
    -Tank Destroyers will sometimes not hit the enemy commander if at edge of map.
    -Potentially invincible infantry? Hasn’t been reproduced yet.
    -Trying to replace a tank in Army Screen with its duplicate doesn’t work.
    -Unlocking the middle tile in the desert will cause many more tiles to unlock too.
    -In boss tiles, it is difficult to scroll to the 5th battle.

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