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    PATCH NOTES: 6/21
    -Network stability update to prevent random disconnects. Please share if it still happens often.
    -New character portraits for Easy 8 and Wespe

    Overworld Map:
    -Zone 3 Unlocked (Past the Maginot boss)
    -Changed completed tile color to green
    -Battle select buttons are now color coded
    -Factory button now shows an alert symbol if a construction is done
    -Resource collection number and particles fixed. Now it won’t show the particles unless you get more than 0.

    -5 minute battle timer added in

    -Construction drop rates increased (more tier 4s)
    -Blueprints resource added in. Lab feature not yet implemented, but you can collect blueprints from Tier 3+ recycles

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    Known issues:
    -Item equipping still finicky.
    -Repair timers sometimes displaying incorrectly in Army/Collection screen.
    -In combat, sometimes the targeting circle for Artillery strike will be jittery.
    -Sound will cut out when you get notifications/calls

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