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    PATCH NOTES: 6/14
    -5 New tanks added to drop table (M3 Motor Gun Carriage, Type 91, Marder I, Matilda II, Tiger I)
    -Fiat M13/40 dialogue corrected

    World Map:
    -Missions rewards and requirements adjusted
    -Resource placement revamped, mine and oil locations shown at start

    Army Screen:
    -Individual unit repair costs is now displayed when you click the tank.

    Factory Screen:
    -Popup now shows that you can’t level a unit past 30.
    -When constructing a tank, the timer is now based on character rarity! Kancolle style.
    -Construction rush cost is now based on the remaining timer. (By the way, those red gems are called “Cores”)
    -Fixed a bug in upgrading animation where XP bar wasn’t moving. Also made it a bit faster.

    -Stat and unit balancing across the board, range decreases and systematic changes to how stats work.
    -Meteor enemy spawn animations. It looks cooler!
    -Cone targeting for Tank Destroyers and Artillery
    -Minor visual changes for unit spawn and targeting circles
    -More active abilities added on Tier 3+ units
    -Bug fixed where units would move slowly after defeating an enemy.

    Server is back up! Please report bugs if you find any.

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