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    PATCH NOTES: 7/14

    -DIALOGUE ADDED! For the first 4 zones until “Purple Lightning.” Experience the story of our 3 heroes and their companions.
    -NEW ITEM SYSTEM! It’s a complete overhaul of how stats are applied. The new system will allow for item upgrading in the future!
    -4 New Tanks added to drop table – Chaffee, AMX13, SU14, Tiger II
    -Rachel and the Crusader have new portraits replaced!

    -Explosion particle effect (artillery shots) changed.

    Balance Changes:
    -Piercing Shot ability has lower cooldown now!
    -Cover Fire ability duration and range reduced. M40 was able to shell bosses from across the map… which was not intended.
    -Focus Fire ability also has range reduced.
    -Autoloader ability duration lowered.
    -RapidFire ability duration lowered.

    Still broken:
    -Audio cuts out when you get notifications or calls (can’t fix until Unity engine patches this)
    -Trying to replace a tank with its duplicate doesn’t work.
    -XP does not always display properly in the combat results screen.

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