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    In most screens, you can see the names of the tanks. However, when you got o upgrade units all you see is their face, class, and level; unless your memory for faces is EXCEPTIONAL, you cannot tell one tank from another of the same class due to lack of text. This is made even worse as there is no sorting option, nor does the list sort itself in the same order as the Reserves page. I know I have four M2s, but they are not all lumped together nor can I tell them from my other Light Tanks because there are no names shown on that screen!

    If you won’t update the UI to do this, then remove the cap on how many tanks you can have in reserve. I’m not getting rid of tanks unless I know they are the tanks I want to get rid of, and the Upgrade menu won’t tell me what tanks are which.

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    Hey Jerv, that’s a good suggestion. We’ve gotten so used to seeing all the faces that it never occurred to us that it could be a problem. One of the planned changes we’ve been talking about is changing the square cards to the wider rectangle cards that show more information. It will let us optimize a lot of stuff better too.

    In addition to that, we’ll let people expand the reserves slots pretty soon.

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    A sorting option or two would also be nice. If I have 2-4 of the same tank but all teh ones in Reserves are on different pages, it’s kind of rough.

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