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    PATCH NOTES: 7/20

    -FRIEND SYSTEM added in with basic functionality! You can bring your friends’ tanks to battle with you (they occupy the second slot when you enter battle. That means you can always deploy them first, along with your secretary!)
    -Tooltips added for resource bar and stats.
    -New particle effect for tutorial (to replace finger)
    -SU5 Soviet Tank added to drop table. It’s also Natalia’s 3rd starter unit, which helps to balance her starting strength.

    Loading Screens:
    -New Splash Screen change – with cool fire particles and epic music by Phyrnna!
    -Loading screens now show basic hints about how to use each tank type. Educational waiting 🙂

    World Map:
    -Story is now re-readable for battles you’ve beaten (only post-battle dialogue right now). Click the little book icon by the battle to enter the scene.

    Army Screen:
    -The secretary frame surrounds your first tank slot now! More features around secretary tanks to come later.

    -New defensive ability particle effects.
    -Artillery Strike ability has cost reduced to 3 Gears.
    -Artillery Strike particles improved, and screen shake!

    Still broken:
    -Audio cuts out when you get notifications or calls (can’t fix until Unity engine patches this)
    -Heal ability is sometimes unresponsive in combat

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