Jagpanzer IV level bug

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    -LG Stylo 2 plus (not sure if my model will help)

    -My Jagpanzer IV is stuck at lv 9, and I can’t seem to level her up at all. I have tried both gaining xp for her with map battles, and upgrading her. However, each time when the xp bar reaches the end the level stays the same.

    -No idea how to reproduce this bug.

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    Well I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling and it seemed to fix the problem. She reached lv 10 after playing a battle. (though seems all those upgrades i piled up on her were wasted since she only leveled once.)

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    I’m glad it’s resolved. It’s possible some other bug occurred that was breaking functionality. A restart of the game should fix anything like that. Otherwise, the tank shouldn’t have anything holding it back from hitting the next level. The upgrade screen along with everything else is going to be overhauled for our next big patch anyways, so it should take of any problems there!

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