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    Hi, when I logged into game this afternoon i found my event hearts count to be set to 1 000 000. When I played in this morning everything was ok. Restarting game doesn´t help. Do you have any suggestions on how to counter this problem? I had between 4750 and 5000 hearts before and I would like to continue with collecting effort before the event ends. Thanks.

    Edit: Just found out that this situation prevents me from loading Mission -> Event tracking screen


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    Just wanted to repeat the same message. I just noticed that as well and cannot see the event tracking screen as well as the 1000000 heart message. I’m around the same mark as Schorai is, a bit further past 5000 hearts (I’m pretty sure since I think I just passed that this morning.)


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    I tried to reinstall game, downloading main files from Google play was ok, but it seems there are some problems with downloading patches. On Mandy screen download is stuck with message Downloading failed, reattempting. Not sure if those problems are connected, but maybe there is some server problem?

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      Well, the problem probably was elsewhere. But even after reinstall the main problem stays. Also, why I sometimes can and sometimes can not edit my posts?

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