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    After you buy your last scout slot there is not much to spend gold on , here are a few suggestions for some ways to spend it.

    Create Emblems:Just like the construct but with gold and emblems. I notice health and Armour Emblems drop rarely for me.

    Change a stat on Emblem: I seem to always get Emblems with accuracy…. I think only two of my tanks need that stat,random change is fine as long as it’s not the one you are trying to get rid of.

    Also, I would watch an ad once or twice a day for a few hundred oil if offered.

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    Nigel Twinning

    Ah yeah! The changing the sub-stats on emblems would be super helpful. you could spend metal and money to re-roll the sub-stats, maybe have an option to lock some stats but increase the cost of re-rolling?

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