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    Keeps happening, three times already today.
    Seems to happen when the battle is busy and I pop an ability.

    I have already lowered the graphics and sound as this has been happening a few times daily (If you remember I thought it was Polina at first, sorry Polina!) on a fully charged battery.
    I may not have the best phone in the world but it’s a Nexus 6 which should be fine.

    While leveling all my great new tanks and trying to get cores and blueprints through the portal every bit of oil counts! I am trying to climb the Leaderboard as well and this mostly happens on the highest portals I can reach….. Help!

    As always thank you so much for this awesome game!!!

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    So it only happens on certain higher level battles? We will look into this.

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      Happens on any battle.

      I have only been grinding Lanterns as of late and in the past two days it has happened 3 or 4 times on White North 1.

      Like I said before it only happens when a lot is going on like when I hit 2 or 3 abilities quickly in a row.

      As always, Thanks!

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