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    Hi, I felt like this suggestion was a pretty big deal to me so I made an account simply to make this topic. I went through the first couple pages to make sure this wasn’t said, but my attention span wouldn’t allow any more.


    I think they need a method of cancelling. Ever tried to use a heal but then found out the unit died already? You might have a bunch of units at full HP or no units on the field left. And all you can do is burn it because currently there doesn’t seem to be any way to cancel the ability once you’ve pressed on it.

    While you’re at it, cancelling the deployment of units would be a big benefit.

    Currently you can’t drag an ability range below the level of where unit portraits appear.
    Maybe if dragging and letting go of abilities over unit portraits canceled it, and dragging a unit over the ability icons canceled that.
    Or maybe just an area in the corner that says “Cancel”.

    I’d be happy with any option to cancel, really. It kills the pacing of the game to have to wait with a unit or ability on deploy mode until there’s a good time to use it again.

    Of course if there somehow was a cancel and I missed it, then I would change this suggestion to “Why isn’t it more intuitive?!” Haha.

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    Nigel Twinning

    I agree, this would be handy.
    I often accidentally press on stuff and am left like… 🙁

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    This is a good suggestion. We did make the units cancellable a long time ago, by dragging them back into the hand. The abilities however, still don’t have that functionality.

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