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    After much empirical observation, I believe I have figured out the mechanics behind damage, armor, and penetration which have been a mystery to me so far! This is all fairly empirical and not 100% spot on, but seems to adequately describe most situations.

    The four input tank attributes here are Damage (DAM) and Penetration (PEN) of the attacking tank, and Armor (ARM) and Damage Reduction (DR; either obtained through secondary effects on emblems, or through abilities which boost armor) of the defending tank. A successful hit will deal a modified amount of damage (confusing!), which I will refer to as “DD”

    The actual damage dealt seems to be the attacker’s DAM stat multiplied by a factor dependent on the attacker’s PEN and the defender’s ARM and Damage Reduction (DR). Linear regression gives a formula of roughly:

    DD = (1-0.002*ARM-DR+PEN)*DAM if PEN<(0.002*ARM+DR)
    or DD=DAM if PEN>(0.002*ARM+DR)

    Cliffnotes version: every 25 points of armor reduces damage dealt by 5%, and if the penetration % is greater than this + damage reduction full damage is dealt. Abilities which claim to boost armor boost DR by the stated percentage instead.

    Gameplay wise, as most high level tanks have an armor of 100-150, a penetration value of 30% is sufficient to deal maximum damage, unless a defensive buff is active. A Tier 5 penetration medal has a penetration of ~50% which will boost a tank’s DPS by ~50% at best, but by only 10-30% in most cases depending on the target’s armor. This is better than the DPS boost from precision and luck medals, but spread out more evenly.

    Another important point is that explosive damage DOES NOT PENETRATE! Therefore, there’s no benefit to equipping Artillery units or units such as the Sturmtiger or SU-152 that deal splash damage with penetration emblems.

    Hope this helps out some!

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