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    I think that sometimes having to tap every resource zone one by one can be a real waste of time…
    I am only lvl 11 and i have 6 resource zones but i also have a slow internet connection and for every resource i collect i have to wait a few seconds for that loading circle in the corner.When i level up and take new resource zones i also have more resources to collect and if i have to wait a few seconds for every single one i collect it quickly starts to become a long amount of time i use to collect the oil or metal or gold than actually starting a battle.
    Sorry.Worst english ever.

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    I agree with this opinion.
    Scroll operation of the Giftbox is very troublesome.
    I want Giftbox to be improved.
    For example,
    Reverse the display order to display the latest item at the top.
    Add sorting function.
    Do not reset display after acquisition.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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      Noted. Those are very valid suggestions! We can try to fit those in when we finish our other reworks.

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