3 and 4 star heavy tanks almost never drop.

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    Is anyone else not getting many?

    I have the Tiger I bought with blueprints and two 3 star heavies from drops over a few weeks…..

    I have not got one 3 or 4 star heavy from the dozens of constructs and of course this weeks research offers a heavy I have already ……..

    Is it just my bad luck?

    Love the game ,keep up the good work!

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    Well there really aren’t too many high tier heavy tanks to collect. They are pretty rare due to their strength. Otherwise, you just have to hope to get lucky! Below is a list of all 3 and 4 star heavies.
    Churchill I

    Churchill Crocodile
    TOG II
    Tiger I
    Tiger (P)

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    We need more 3’s!

    Thanks for the list and hopefully my luck will change soon.

    Great game!

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    I have since got a KV-2 and miss fabulous herself (Alice the TOG) just dropped in construct!

    Now i’m torn between buying a new slot or getting the ten plus one recruit

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    Update: A little patience pays!

    I got my first 5 star after my last update so I went and bought the 4th slot instead of the 10 plus 1 recruit.

    I now have a tiger I an IS-2 a TOG II and a KV-2 as my heavies and I am a little over 200 blueprints away from buying the FV214.

    Are you guys planning a special tank for Christmas?
    If that’s the case I would like a heads up incase I would rather get that tank instead of the FV214.

    Thanks for your hard work on this game!

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      Sorry for the late reply, @fearless! For Christmas, the holiday characters won’t be in Research Lab. It will be attainable through a separate event.

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        No worries and thank you! I will look foreword to the new event!

        Keep up the great work ,love this game!

        Happy holidays!

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    Nigel Twinning

    Why would you not want the Conqueror XD?
    Also how many constructs did your first 5 star take out of curiosity?
    I got the T92 (possibly the only 5 star I didn’t want :P) after about 1200 constructs (unless the global mission tracker is wrong)

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      Oh want want Cerys my friend, my jaw dropped when I saw that she popped up in research this week!

      I just fear there will be a once a year or a one time Christmas special or something.

      Takes a bit of time to get the blueprints to 3k.

      BTW my 5 star is Verena (Panther II) I am showcasing her in this week’s portal! She’s actually level 19.

      Sorry I did not look at the amount back then but I am at 1051/2000 right now for [Valhalla for Tanks].

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        Nigel Twinning

        Oooh the Panther II, nice drop.

        Yeah their probably will be a Christmas special I suppose but I’m still getting Cerys (Knowing my luck I’ll get her in construction right after buying her XD)

        And I guess the chance for 5 stars in construct is roughly 0.1%? though with a sample size of two there’s no way of knowing for sure.

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