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Thanks for checking us out! This is our online press kit, which serves as a central hub for both interested viewers and journalists. This page will be continuously updated with our latest media as we develop our game. If more information is required – or in a different format – send us a message with the Contact Us form or in the comments!

Fact Sheetchibi_US

Developer: Gaudium, Inc.

Release Date: November 1st, 2016

Platforms: Google Play and Web Browser


Price: Free with IAP

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart, Reddit


Armor Blitz is a mobile game where you assemble a squad of anime style tank girls from the WWII era and lead them to battle. The gameplay consists of a mixture of card collection and real time tug-of-war lane battling. Armed with a small force of tanks, you must fight back against the invading force of the Corruption. As the commanding officer, it is up to you to give the orders and find the source of the mysterious invasion. Grow your army, manage your tanks, conquer new territory and deploy wisely! Armor Blitz is full of bosses, challenging enemies, and unique encounters. The hand-crafted story, and the diverse set of characters will grow on you as your journey begins. It’s your move, Commander.


  • Anime Inspired Art:
    • Our game features beautifully drawn characters inspired by the anime medium.
  • Unique Collectible Characters:
    • Each character you encounter throughout the game is carefully designed with their own history. Each tank and enemy has hints of background coming from their historical past.
  • Strategic Real-time Combat:
    • We utilize a mixture of traditional collectible card game mechanics with real time combat. Manage your army both on AND off the battlefield.
  • Take Control of the Battlefield:
    • Although you take the role of General, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your army! Use abilities, call in reinforcements, and carefully deploy your tanks to yield victory.
  • Engrossing Storyline:
    • The story is funny, engaging and impressionable. Spot the small easter eggs throughout and watch the world of Armor Blitz unfold!

Gaudium – The Developersabout_bg

Gaudium is composed of five core members. They are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and have been working together for many years now. Inspiration from Armor Blitz comes from a mutual love for foreign games with the goal to make them more accessible to the world. Armor Blitz serves to be the first step towards accomplishing that vision.

We wish to bring our users and fans the best gameplay experience possible and look forward to working together with the community. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team on any of the social media platforms, or on this site!


Valkyries to War – Phyrnna

Marching into the Wilds – Phyrnna

A Reverie of Christmas – Phyrnna


Download these in a zip file here.




Sample Character Art

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Promotional Art

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Logo & Icon

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Additional Links

We were featured on Square Enix Collective!

Armor Blitz is available on Nutaku for web browser play. You can access those here:

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    Excited for this game, a first for me and Android gaming! Trailer is great, and the music and artwork is beautiful. Keep it up!

    Id love to see this as free to play with some in-game microtransactions available such as instant repair kits, resource bundles, and possibly paid acess to skipping whole campaigns, while gaining nothing from the skipped campaign to balance it.

      That captures our general plan. The microtransactions won’t be oppressive at all, and will only help to speed up progression a bit. Everyone here on the team has tons of experience playing F2P games, so we know what it’s like to hate pay-to-win money grabs.

    Question. Do you guys take fanart of any kind? I had a couple ideas of tankgirls based on the German Jagdpanzer IVs (with the PaK39 L/48 or PaK42 L/70) and am currently drawing them up in Photoshop.

    Keep up the good work! Eagerly anticipating release. ^^

    I want this have in phone and tablet

  • Really love the Art and Music for this Game hope the gameplay will be good too!Keep it UP!!!

    Wow even though this is a beta it is so good 5 stars

    I love the designs
    it’s so well detailed!

    i love this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry I can’t make any comments good or bad because I don’t have a android i have an iphone

  • Can’t wait for the full release.

    Do you seriously lose all data when full game releases?

      No, the game is actually released now! Data is all kept.

    Sweet a Michigan company!

    Wow, I’ve been looking for information about you guys to sate my curiosity. I’m honestly surprised, my first impression is this is a localization of a Japanese game! Given the art style and feeling of the game! Now I gotta say that I was wrong adds another interesting layer to the game in my eyes!

Let us know what you think!