Character Design

Hello I’m Andrew and I am the art director and game designer for Armor Blitz.

Besides character designs, I do all the 3d character models in the game. When designing the 3d models, the primary goal was to have a very cute art style yet have the characters look distinctive in the game so players can differentiate the vehicles in combat. Because the game has a top down perspective camera view, I decided to go the chibi large head route.

panzer tank

This way players can see the character more distinctly from a top down view. Also, I plan to have it so the facial expressions change when they get hurt or get angry. ^_^

perspective view

As we progress through development I will be introducing new vehicles, characters, as well as the game design so stay tuned! ^_^

Armor Blitz’s New Dev Blog!

For new visitors – welcome! This is the blog for Armor Blitz, a collectible game with cute girls, tanks, and strategic fighting. It is currently in development and slated for eventual release on Google Play, iOS, and maybe even PC. If you want to keep track of our progress, you’ve come to the right place. Weekly posts will be made here detailing stuff we work on and how the game is progressing. If you want the first shot at testing and providing suggestions, we’ll have a forum set up.

Feel free to browse the site and join our forum community. And welcome to Project Armor Blitz!


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