Sept. 11th Patch

Hello Generals!

Today we are launching a new event to bring back the trickster goddess, Loki! She is available to earn in the event through the usual method of filling up the milestone bar. But a new goddess graces our presence this time: the mighty new Karl-Gerat tank – Wotan! She is a sister similar to Odin (Wotan and Odin mean the same thing in mythology). They both have the power of true sight and can see the future.

Wotan’s ability rather than exploding on impact, actually pierces through enemies and explodes past them. This means the potential damage area extends further back than Odin’s Gungnir. Wotan’s True Sight is more difficult to utilize than Odin, since the angle of attack will greatly affect its trajectory. For that reason, she only costs 6 gears.

Wotan can be obtained from 3 sources:

  • Spear of Wotan Pack
  • 10+1 Recruiting (boosted rate!)
  • Event exchange

Patch Notes

  • Added the Karl-Gerat Wotan 5* Artillery!
  • Loki Event is now active until Oct. 2nd


Aug 21st Patch

Hello Generals,

Thor appreciates all the help you gave her in the past few weeks. Hopefully you got to attain the rewards you were looking for, as well as the mighty Karl-Gerats. Before the next Karl-Gerat event, we are putting on a Cargo Raid battle. It will end on Sept. 11th, so use this chance to earn some Pvt. Hans infantry and Enhancers!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed purchasing for Thor and Maus’s Corrupted skins.


July 31st Patch – Ragnarok

Hello Generals,

Ragnarok is back. Just as last year’s event went, you have the chance to gather Odin and Thor in this event. However, we are changing it up this time. Because last year’s event allowed you to earn the Odin for free while Thor was more of a premium unit, they will be reversed this time. That means you can get Thor by grinding daily and submitting resources into the Milestones bar. If you still want Odin, she is available in the same way that Thor was last year!


While battling the Corruption on the event map, you will get Crystals, Shard, and Shells. Exchange these in various ways to get Emblems, 5*Artillery Tanks, upgrading Infantry, or resources.

The Ragnarok event will end on August 21st. Make sure you grind hard!

Odin is available through the Spear of Odin package. It will be available during the duration of the event.

New Features:

  • Player Level Mission (Prized Lieutenant) expanded to Lvl. 60.
  • Ragnarok event is active. Karl-Gerat Thor and Odin are available to earn or purchase. This event will last until Aug. 21st.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed missing Live2D portraits on mobile devices
  • Fixed the issue where leveling up past 50 in Portal of Chaos would cause an error.


July 17th Patch – Cargo Raid

Hello Generals,

The Freedom Day event is over, and we have a cargo raid incoming before the next major event (Ragnarok). You can battle in this Medium/Tank Destroyer challenge to earn the usual resources: emblem fragments, enhancers, and Pvt. Hans! Get those rabbits!

Cargo Raid Medium/TD

This week, we have a new combination of Medium / Tank Destroyers allowed in the cargo raid. You should have plenty of options for both front line and damage dealers, since Medium tanks are so versatile. The enemies go all the way up to lvl. 200, so good luck in your fight!

This cargo raid will end on July 31st, before Ragnarok begins.

New Features:

  • Cargo Raid M/TD Lv. 200 Challenge is active. Get Pvt. Hans, enhancers, and emblem fragments as you battle within the army limitations.


June 26 Patch – Freedom Day and New Tank!

Hello Generals,

This month in Armor Blitz, we are bringing back the Freedom Day event, celebrating the American holiday of July 4th. We also made some small bug fixes that should improve quality of life.

Freedom Day Event June 26th – July 17th

Varilyn is back for more in this year’s Freedom Day (aka Rachel’s birthday! She is well known as one of the strongest defensive tanks. If you don’t have her already, definitely do your best to get her! Gather up Fireworks, Hats, and Balloons to set up for the greatest party ever.

M551 Sheridan, Cherise is now available!

Cherise is the latest addition to Armor Blitz. She’s a paradropping light tank carrying the powerful Anti-tank Missile ability! Make sure you don’t drop her too far in enemy lines, since she is still a fragile light tank! Her deployment advantage is best utilized as a late-game backup unit that can reach the front lines quickly.

She’s available for the next two weeks in her First Deployment pack, or you can try to get her in Recruiting!


New Features:

  • Freedom Day Event is back to celebrate the American holiday of July 4th! Get the T29 Heavy Tank and lots of other rewards!
  • Cherise, the M551 Sheridan Light Tank joins the battle. She is available in a First Deployment pack, as well as standard Recruiting
  • Portal of Chaos Max Checkpoint increased to Stage #30 (Lv. 60 enemies). Getting this checkpoint will save you a lot of time and resources every cycle!
  • US tank faction sale is up during the event. American 5-star tanks have a boosted chance to drop in Recruiting

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed the logo on versus loading screen that would cover character’s faces.
  • Fixed camera jittering on 21:9 widescreen phones


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