Aug. 23rd Patch (Nutaku & Android)

Hello Generals,

This week’s patch contains mostly bug fixes and some balancing on our new Duplicate Boost system. There were some unintended consequences of the feature that would lead to exploitable situations. There was also the problem of higher tier duplicates still not feeling valuable — we made some changes to alleviate those problems, which you can read in detail in the notes section. Also, next week will contain an even bigger expansion on the Duplicates, allowing you to strengthen your tanks to the next level. It’s worth it, so be sure to max out your tank’s Boost stacks (now up to 30% bonus XP).

Also, we are introducing the new Tank Destroyer, the Tortoise (A39) Heavy Assault Tank! In addition to being very durable, she packs a powerful punch as well! She will be entering the standard drop table in the 1% category. In addition, Sarah the Super Pershing has entered the 5-Star Drop table.

Keep an eye out for the new sale this week: 5-star Heavies! If you need some padding for the front of your army, this is the chance to get some new front liners. They will be at a 1% Boost for the entire category. 

Patch Notes

Balance Changes:

The two units being balanced here have only been available on Android only. Polina’s change was necessary to reduce the exploitativeness of her ability. At a mere 2 gear deployment cost, she was able to solo just about any tank with her permastun. With the new changes, she will actually be in danger if poorly deployed. Think twice before sending the paratrooper! Hong’s ability was causing issues and was a bit too powerful with a massive range increase to everyone on the team. Instead, we replaced the range buff with Crit Multiplier, which has more synergy with the Crit Chance bonus.

The new Duplicate Exp bonus feature from last week needed a few tweaks because of imbalances. It was unintended for people to be grinding thousands of Renault FTs to grind up into exp fodder. Plus, the way the instant exp bonus was applied, it didn’t make sense for people to immediately consume the duplicates because later levels always garnered more exp. And at just 1% Boost to exp gain, it didn’t feel good at all to use 5-stars in Upgrading. The new changes will now increase the effect of the Boost based on tier, and caps out at 30% now. And if that’s still not enough, next week you will be able make use of those Boost stacks in the next level of the feature: Elite status! Elite status will provide some pretty steep stat bonuses, so it’s worth it!

~Changed ASU-57, Polina’s Paradrop ability to 3 second landing stun and reduced deployment range to only half of the map.
~Changed Type 62, Hong’s Spotter ability to 25% Crit Chance and 25% Crit Multiplier buff. Removed the +Range attribute.
~Duplicate Upgrading boost modified to remove the immediate % XP bonus. Instead, the lifetime exp Boost % has an increased cap, and scaled with unit tier. The total cap for Boost % is raised from 20% -> 30%.

T1 Duplicate = +1% (30 to max)
T2 Duplicate = +1.5% (20 to max)
T3 Duplicate = +2% (15 to max)
T4 Duplicate = +6% (5 to max)
T5 Duplicate = +10% (3 to max)

Bug Fixes:

~The Total Battles achievement will now properly track all battles, instead of just newly beaten ones
~Emblem selling warning now displays the proper amount of Emblems selected
~Fixed bug that would cause turrets to not completely die when in healing shard range
~Small visual adjustments

To all Android users, the patch may not come immediately at the same time as Nutaku’s. As soon as the files are ready to go up, the game will return to the Google Play Store. The amount of change is pretty huge and will show up several hours later. As for the changelist, I can’t list everything here since there is far too much. But you can always consult the Armor Blitz wiki for the latest information.


Aug. 17th, 2017 Patch Notes (Nutaku)

Hi Generals,

The limited time Chinese sale has ended. Hopefully you got the WZ-111 and her friends! This week we are bringing you various quality of life changes, bug fixes, a new feature that consumes duplicate cards, and a brand new Swedish tank (Stridsvagn 103 C)! From here on out, you won’t have to grind up your Tier 5 units for Blueprints anymore (unless you really need them). Instead, make use of the new Boost system – every duplicate card fed into a tank will give an immediate XP bonus based on tier, and also boost the unit’s future XP gain by 1% (up to a max of 20%). This will help you level up faster and consume duplicates. Hooray!

Make sure to get the Stridsvagn 103 C this week, as next week she will be rotating out of the drop table. She has a boosted 2% category all to herself, so this will be your best chance! Later on she may return for Events, Research Lab, and other sales!

*Sitting on Ikea furniture while Recruiting may boost your chance to get her

Patch Notes

New Features:

At the request of everyone, we created a usage for duplicate cards – they boost your existing card’s exp! By Upgrading with your duplicates, you will see a ‘Bonus!’ pop up, along with the % Xp bonus. Tier 1-3 duplicate units will give 20% of the next level’s requirement. Tier 4 units give 50%, and Tier 5 duplicate units will give a free level up! You will have to decide whether or not you want to save those duplicates for the later levels for more exp, or if you want to consume them early on for the permanent XP boost. You can see the amount of Boost % a unit has in their Tank Details screen!
~Added permanent XP Boost (1% for each duplicate fed in up to 20%) and an immediate XP bonus from duplicates!

Bug Fixes:

The major bug fix this week concerns AI ability usage. AI units have been able to activate abilities at double speed, and your units on Auto mode would get the same issue. This has been fixed now! There was also a fix to Piercing Shot’s accuracy, allowing it to miss as intended. You can now evade those nasty Seren shells.
~Fixed bug where Downfall ability stuns enemy units (silly KV-2)
~Fixed M8 Scott, Mila’s missing ability (Bombard)
~Fixed passive ability description for Type 64, Lin (Armor Shred)
~AI controlled units were using their abilities twice as fast. Not anymore!
~Piercing shot can now miss

QoL Changes:

~Improved UI for Portal of Chaos. You can now view the Leaderboard users immediately around your rank
~Improved UI for Cash Shop Emblem screen. In the Packages tab, the percent drop rates are shown, as well as some fancy animations
~Item sorting by New and Tier now puts the newest and highest tier emblems at top instead of bottom
~Unit XP bar can now be seen in units’ Tank Detail screen along with Boost %
~Upgrading Screen now has a tooltip that gives you information on the system

Have fun everyone! Report any issues to me through the Nutaku tickets system or through Discord!


Aug. 9th, 2017 Patch Notes (Nutaku)

Hi Generals,

Thank you for your patience in this week’s maintenance. We have a few new features and characters being added. Particularly, the WZ-111 Limited Edition sale will be taking place this week only. She was released in celebration of the Chinese New Year, but since Nutaku users never had a chance to attain her, we are giving you another shot while the Year of the Rooster is still in session! Note that this will be the only time this year in which you can buy her! Our patch is going to be very Chinese themed, as we are released a new skin for the Type 59, Meiling. The Type 64, Lin also is being added to the shop along with a relationship story to unlock. That’s two new H scenes! The best part? You can get all three of these Chinese tank girls at a boosted drop rate of 3%! That makes the total 5-star drop rate 4x the normal rate!

Added to the store is a new Emblem package, allowing you to get new Emblems. We’ll be focusing a lot of this month’s development time to improving more emblem features, so this is only the first step along the way. Other improvements this patch include some re-balances on Emblems, and also the first iteration of a sorting system for your item bag. Read up below.

Patch Notes

New Features:

We’ve added a deeper point system for the Portal of Chaos that will allow users to gain bonus points based on performance. Key metrics are speed and enemies killed (vs units lost). The better you do, the more points you will earn! Also, at the request of many players, an Emblem package has been added to the shop. There is also a rudimentary item sorting feature which will evolve over time. Check it out!
~Portal of Chaos Bonus Point System
~Emblem Sorting in Tank Detail screen (New, Type, Tier)
~Emblem Package (5) introduced. Find the Emblem package in the Core Shop tab of Mandy’s shop!


Many of the Emblem balances last week were too heavy handed, mainly in the case of Valor and the Crit Emblems. The stats for those are being dialed back a bit to bring them closer to their intended state. Thanks for the feedback so far.
~Attack Speed stat buffed back from (.333 -> .4)
~Crit Multiplier stat dialed back from (2.5 -> 2.033)
~Crit Rate stat dialed back from (.5 -> .444)

Bug Fixes:

Bug fixes this week solve a few of the hit-effect applications that have been behaving weird. Also, there has been a problem with the level up display when your units get close to the next level. This should hopefully be solved in this patch, so you don’t get a misleading Level Up text. Also, the Mailbox’s Collect All button has been temporarily disabled due to a problem causing desync between the server and client. For now, you will have to manage with collecting each piece individually 🙁
~Emblem Damage Reduction % was being floored, giving slightly less armor than intended
~Crocodile fire applies hit effects now
~Piercing shot and Critical shot apply hit effects now
~Hetzer is able to use her Disable ability more than once now
~Fix for the bug where exp bars will show Level Up when it’s really close, but not quite there
~Mailbox’s Collect All Button temporarily disabled due to causing client/server desync
~Gustav ability visual bug fixed

QoL Changes:

~Added an alert above Mandy’s Wishing Wheel when the free spin is ready

That’s it for now. As usual, report any bugs to me on Discord or through the Nutaku website ticket system. Thanks!


Aug. 2nd, 2017 Patch Notes (Nutaku)

Hi Generals,

Thanks everyone for sticking around another week! The Allied Units sale event has ended earlier today. Hopefully, everyone had a chance to nab some good US, British, and French tanks this past week. Today’s patch contains a major gameplay feature that is being added in for Nutaku players, as well as the City of Ocica story battles. The Portal of Chaos, which has been on our Android build for quite awhile, is finally ported over onto our new server architecture in a beta state. It’s a competitive ladder where you can fight consecutively more difficult battles and earn points to get awesome rewards. The Portal of Chaos resets weekly, and will grant blueprints, currency, experience, and randomized challenge battles! After the first week of testing, if everything goes well and the servers hold up, then we will add more features very soon after! More details on the Portal of Chaos below:

Portal of Chaos (Beta)

Below is an explanation of the basic buttons on the Portal of Chaos menu. You can navigate to it by entering the Portal icon in the center of the Softsand Desert. This feature will take the fight to the enemy. No longer must you stand by idly as they invade your lands. It’s time to fight back! Fighting in the Portal occurs in a separate realm, and when you lose units, they won’t be damaged, allowing you to fight multiple consecutive battles.

  1. The familiar Battle button. Tells you what enemy level will be, along with oil cost.
  2. Remaining timer before the Portal leaderboard resets.
  3. You can reset your difficulty level once per day. When you reach a roadblock (like fighting level 50 enemies!) you should reset your progress so you can fight more battles and gain more points.
  4. Skipping the current battle will give you the full point rewards for winning that battle. You won’t spend any oil, but you also won’t get the battle drops (BP, Currency, XP). In order to skip, you must also have defeated that level of enemy before within the week, and your Lieutenant must be 5 levels higher.
  5. Swap between viewing the week’s rewards and player rankings. The Rewards screen shows what you’ll earn at the end of the week.
  6. Rankings display player name, secretary tank, and score.

At the end of the week, the Portal leaderboard will reset and you will be mailed the rewards. It can take up to 3 hours to mail out the rewards, so please be patient!

Patch Notes

This week’s patch brings Portal of Chaos, new story battles, and a whole lot of balance changes to units, emblems, and battles.

New Features:
~Portal of Chaos (beta)
~New stories and battles up to Ocica. They get very challenging!

~Battle start gears raised from 5 -> 8
~Defender ability gear cost raised from 2 -> 3
~FV4005 Stage II, Seren – gear cost raised 5 -> 6
~S-51, Zoya – gear cost raised (4 -> 5), atk speed dropped (.20 -> .17), accuracy dropped (100 -> 90)
~GW Tiger, Ivonne – gear cost raised (4 -> 5)
~Sturmtiger, Johanna -> armor pen dropped (40 -> 0)
~Emblem Evasion stat nerfed (.333 -> .2777) per stack
~Emblem Attack Speed stat nerfed (.6666 -> .333) per stack
~Emblem Rotation stat buffed (.555 -> 1.111) per stack
~Emblem Crit Rate stat buffed (.3 -> .5) per stack
~Emblem Crit Hit stat buffed (1.333333 -> 2.5) per stack
~Buff to Tiger II HP Scaling (95 -> 98)
~Buff to Tog II HP Scaling (93.8 -> 100)

Bug Fixes:
~Fixed bug with enemy corrupt healing shards
~Fixed sturmpanzer bison face texture
~Fixed story trigger for final dialogue scene on Devonis
~Fixed currency amount that Maunis’s resource node was giving (300 -> 1000)

QoL Changes:
~Various small UI fixes and improvements
~Changed #Welcome line of Panzer IV

That’s all for now. Get out there and start battling for the top of the leaderboard!



July 25th Patch Notes (Nutaku)

Hi Generals,

This is our first blog post since the launch on Nutaku. Very exciting! We’ve been extremely busy improving on bug reports, solving service issues, and making more content. So far, we’re glad to have a whole lot of new fans fighting for Factoria’s freedom! I’ve also enjoyed speaking with many of you in the Discord server. Thanks for the consistent feedback and bug reports, helping us to improve the game. There have been a couple of server down-times in the past week to improve infrastructure and stability for everyone. The tech improvements seem to be working so far, and we appreciate the patience. This time though, we are doing our first set of client improvements. The full patch notes are listed below.

July 25th Patch Notes

~Mandy’s Wishing Wheel adjusted with new rewards and equalized drop rates (except for the T5 Emblem, which is same jackpot drop rate as before).

Bug Fixes:
~Fix for Over penetration bug
~Fix for AoE Damage hit effect application (crit and pen). Splash damage now makes use of all stat modifiers

QoL Changes:
~You can now replace emblems with the same type of emblem (so it saves the hassle of unequipping it first)
~Tank Reserves are now all sorted by type, tier, level
~Emblems are now sorted by type, tier, level
~Candy gifting slider start at 1 candy instead of 0
~You can now click on a unit’s portrait while scouting to access their journal
~Scouting journal entries are now kept 1 minute behind to accommodate server time difference
~New character art for Panzer IV, Emilia
~Changed S-51’s basic attack explosion effect to be more clear of the blast radius
~Lowered music volume across all music

New Characters Added:
5-Star, M48 Patton, Angela
4-Star, M8 Scott, Mila

New H-Scenes:
M48 Patton, Angela
FV4005 Stage II, Seren

Google Play When?

We’re still working on it! We want to make sure the Portal of Chaos is at least functional and ensure that save files don’t lose anything. There’s no exact estimate on when it will be done . . . so soon™. Thanks for being patient!


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