Jan 17th Event Update!

Happy Chinese New Years everyone!

I hope everyone got a chance to get the Katyusha, ASU-57 (smol Polina), and PT-76! They are wonderful additions to any team. Now that the event is over, we can move onto the next big thing… Chinese New Year! We are celebrating with new tanks and event.

Remember how HQ wanted you to collect those silly Jingle Bells? Well Chinese Lanterns are all the rage now! To decorate the Headquarters building in time, they need all deployed platoons to find as many Lanterns as possible… and they will reward you kindly for them. Check out the full rewards list in-game. Key milestones:

  • 1500 Lanterns = Type 62, Hong
  • 3000 Lanterns = WZ-111, Xifeng

Unit Locking is in!

Check out the new feature everyone has been wanting – unit locking! Press the little lock icon in the top right corner of a unit’s detailed screen. As long as they have the lock symbol on them, you can’t recycle or scrap them in Upgrading and Recycling.


Read up on the patch notes below. There were balance changes too, so read up on those!


New Years Event:
-WZ-111, Xifeng
-Type 62, Hong
-Type 59, Meiling
-Collect Lanterns to earn rewards from HQ. Hong and Xifeng are both attainable!
-Meiling has a higher drop rate in Recruitment and Construction. This is your chance to get her!

Balance Changes:
-Katyusha’s Rocket Barrage ability damage reduced from 400% to 250% per rocket. Don’t worry, she’s still really strong.
-Tiger II’s Accuracy increased from 76% to 100% to match other heavy tanks in class.
-T30 Penetration increased to 40, Range increased to 12, Crit Rate increased to 5%

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements:
-Enemy AI doesn’t deploy into negative gears anymore. This leads to different AI behavior, which can sometimes be more difficult!
-Small visual and audio improvements

Enjoy the event, and best of luck!


Jan. 3rd Bug Fixes and Balance

Happy New Years, courageous Generals! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holiday season as much as I have.

The Armor Blitz Christmas event is STILL GOING ON until Jan. 17th! If you haven’t nabbed the PT-76, ASU-57, and Katyusha yet, then keep on fighting those battles. There’s a whopping two weeks left to gather the Jingle Bells. Why does Headquarters even want these silly things? And why are they littering the Corrupted continent of Factoria? We may never know.


Today’s patch is small and addresses some of the bugs and balance issues we’ve heard in the recent weeks.

Balance Changes:
– Centurion Mk1 cost reduced to 4
– Centurion Mk5 cost reduced to 4

Tier 4 – 5 Artillery Units Damage Buffed:
– SU-14-1
– M40
– M12
– S-51
– T-92

Bug Fixes:
– S-51 now has the High Explosive Shell description
– Daily Awards not showing up in mailbox is fixed (please report if it still happens).
– Pausing exploit is fixed to prevent players from damaging enemies while paused

Next patch will conclude the Christmas event… but will also bring in a new one. Any guesses?

-David (Umbrare on Discord)

Dec. 15th Christmas Patch

Jingle Bell
Jingles all the way.

It was just a week ago that we had our Winter Patch. Along with the changes that were made there, it laid out the infrastructure for us to put up our Christmas Event! For the next 3 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to collect these wonderfully festive bells throughout every map battle. Headquarters has a desperate need to accumulate thousands of these, for some reason. So along the way, they will reward you for every Jingle Bell you collect. Get Resources, Blueprints, Items, and NEW TANKS!

The rewards along the way are THREE 5-STAR UNITS! That’s right. Just for playing Armor Blitz and accumulating these silly Jingle Bells, you can be the proud owner of these brand new Soviet vehicles:Polina

  • PT-76, Maya
  • ASU-57, Polina
  • Katyusha… Katyusha

There were some bugs we fixed too, such as the missing ads in your region. So now you can speed up your construction projects again! Read the rest of the patch notes below.


This is a very character heavy patch. 7 new Soviet units are added and collectable within Construction and Recruiting. The exception is the PT-76, ASU-57, and Katyusha which are only attainable through the Holiday event. After the event ends, they will be moved to Recruiting as well. Get out there and rescue them all! This is truly a Russian winter!

New Units Added:
– PT-76, Maya (T5)
– ASU-57, Polina (T5)
– Katyusha, Katyusha (T5)
– SU-100, Kristina (T4)
– IS-3, Alyona (T5)
– T-44, Larissa (T5)
– S-51, Zoya (T5)

New Features:
– New CHRISTMAS EVENT! Collect the Jingle Bells by fighting non-Portal battles. Rewards are given at certain milestones. You can explore the full list of 20 rewards in the Missions screen.
– Reserves cap is expandable to 150 units now. Press the plus icon in the Army Screen. 5 slots cost only 25 Cores.

Bug Fixes:
– Ads are fixed (sort of). The service provider still seems to be running out of ads, but the functionality should work when they are available.
– Fixed the bug in which mailboxes would have a false notification flag. You should be able to collect the missing daily reward now if this happened to you!
– Minor visual improvement to the Missions screen.

Have a very Happy Holiday, everyone. Thank you for sticking with Armor Blitz and being a wonderful part of our community. Next post will be in 2017 🙂

-David (Umbrare)

Dec. 14th Winter Patch


Hello, Generals! (Especially new visitors coming from the in-game banner)

Armor Blitz hasn’t undergone a patch in a whole month, so it’s been awhile since one of these posts were made. Thank you everyone for being patient and waiting for us! It’s been a hectic last month due to our feature on Google Play’s New and Updated list. That’s part of the reason we skipped our normal biweekly patch, so we could make sure the featured build was stable for newcomers. That also means that there is 2 patches worth of content: this update is bringing huge changes to balance and infrastructure. Key features include the News Popup, Daily Calendar + Missions, and new story content.

You can also have fun chatting with Mandy during the patching. This is a little experimental thing I did for fun, but it only shows up while she’s patching up your game 🙂


Do you use Discord, or want to chat with passionate players and developers? Then stop by our channel here! We even have some awesome roleplayers creating their own rendition of the Armor Blitz world. You’ll learn a lot about the lore of Factoria, Valhalla, and more.


Read up on all of the changes below, to stay informed! Also, prepare yourselves for even more content next week, when we roll out our holiday characters, Christmas event, and more improvements. PLUS, you can stay up-to-date in game through our daily “News from HQ” now.

New Units Added:
-Centurion Mk5, Catriona

New Features:
-Daily Missions added : Complete these tasks each day to earn more resources and Cores. (The old daily 5 Cores has been replaced with this)
-Daily Log In Calendar : Log in for 28 days in a row and get a random Tier 5 unit! Winning has never been so easy.
-News From HQ at launch, so you can stay up to date with the latest news.
-Cores can now be traded for Oil and Currency.
-Loyalty bonuses in Recruitment now. Every unit you recruit in the Store adds +1 Loyalty, which you can trade in for Tier 5 units.
-Push notifications are finally active again to give you reminders about your resources. This is toggleable in the Settings menu.
-Scouting gives units experience based on time deployed.
-Lt. Natalia art remade by Ellsat
-While you patch, have a chat with Mandy!

New Story Zones:
-Zone 6, Glacier Coast is now open
-2 New Bosses to encounter in the new region
-New enemy turrets added: Crystal Shard and Scarab

-Currency gains increased throughout all battle maps. Now you won’t have to worry about penny pinching those coins!
-Metal cap is removed.
-Oil can overflow when you collect from the Mailbox, Store, and Scouting. However, if you are overflowed then you can’t collect from oil nodes.
-Artillery type units shells’ impact zones are now affected by Accuracy.
-Cover Fire and Focus Fire ability now buff damage in addition to their previous range buffs.
-Aegis ability (Maus and AMX-40) is now usable only once per battle.
-Portal of Chaos turrets adjusted and enemy commander changed to Blight.
-Moved the Tiger(P) and AMX-40 to 4% drop rate in Shop Recruiting.

-Map loading speed is vastly improved! All tiles should load within a couple seconds at the most.

Bug Fixes:
-Sakura (Type 3 Ho-Ni) did some training at the shooting range. Her Crit Multiplier is now 80% from .5%!
-Reserves screen uses page flips now instead of scrolling. This will reduce loading times, and will be rolled out to other screens as well.

Oh and we changed the game icon to Yuliya, the T-62 because Russian bias. Prepare yourselves, for Winter.


-David (Umbrare)

November 15th Patch Notes


Hello Generals!

The first couple weeks have passed by since the US release and we’re super stoked to see more and more people enjoying Armor Blitz! But that’s no excuse to slack off — we’ve continued to work on improvements and new characters to release into the game. This includes various bug fixes, some in-progress content, and balances. Patch notes will detail everything below!

If you haven’t done so already, please go to Google Play and review our game! A higher rating means more people will be able to see the game and join! Also, if you want to know about our various social media and fan groups, here’s a quick and easy list for you!


Because we are more weary of bugs now that the game is fully released, our primary focus is really testing content before it comes out. Hopefully, everything goes by squeaky clean! There are no new features this patch besides the tank detail screen being activatable on the Research Lab now. Just click a unit you were curious about to see their Lvl 50 stats. Besides that, there’s a lot of clarity issues and bug fixes.

New Units Added:
-Chi-Ri, Asami
-FV214 Conqueror, Cerys
-Jagdpanther, Victoria 
-SU-76M, Vanissa
-Maus and AMX40 added to 1% drop table in Recruiting.

Balance Changes:
-Portal of Chaos oil cost has been halved.
-Tiger II now has Fortress Lv. 5 ability.
-Tier 5 Research Lab costs decreased from 4000 BP -> 3000 BP

Bug Fixes:
-The elusive T-35 bug causing battles to freeze should now be fixed!
-Loading screens have been adjusted to fit more resolutions. 4:3 tablet users should have a better experience now!
-Portal of Chaos victories will now show the Blueprint award.
-Google Play Achievements implemented
-The game will no longer ask for Contacts permissions for new users

Fight on, Generals. And don’t let the Corruption take your soul.


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