June 20th Patch Notes

Hi Generals,

[Hotfix: The 28 day calendar reward is back to normal now with the 5-star tank. Based on player feedback, we will keep it as it was before. Thanks for providing valuable responses as always. If you did get a schematic, you can message me on Discord or send a Nutaku support ticket.]

Cargo Raids! Enhance Felicia into a 5-star unit!

You’ve recently come across an enemy supply line, powered by a series of Armored Train bosses. Attack them while they are vulnerable and moving supplies! It seems like they are transporting valuable armor augments that can improve specific tanks. Mandy seems to know what she’s doing, so attack and collect as many of those items as you can! Each wave of the cargo raid gives you a chance to fight an Armored Train and steal her supplies. Defeat the other enemies on the path to spawn a new wave and also collect supplies. By the end of the cargo raid event, you should have more than enough enhancers to boost Felicia to the next level!

Take a sneak peak at her Enhanced form! To perform the enhancement, you can access the “Enhance” button in the Tank Details page for Felicia. It will list all of the necessary requirements that you have to accumulate in order to make it happen.

As you defeat enemies and collect enhancers, Mandy will be keeping track of your loot. You will earn rewards as you fight. See all of the things you can get in the “Bounties” button in the bottom right. Even if you earn enough enhancers for Felicia, you can continue fighting to earn those bounties.

Minion and Revenant monsters are introduced through the Cargo Raid battles. They are tanky Corrupt monsters. Be careful, as they have high evasion!

QoL Improvements

We’ve added another sorting option to the unit dictionary so you can sort out units with certain features (relationship and enhancement). This should help you understand your goals better too! Also, an option to toggle auto on and off before battle begins was a long requested improvement. You can do that right before a battle begins (checkbox in bottom right corner). After last patch’s nerf, Barrage has received a small dial back in the damage department. The rocket damage should be a bit more substantial now going from 130% back to 170% per rocket.

Patch notes

New Features:

Cargo Raids will allow you to earn Enhancers. Attack the armored train while the event is active! It will end on July 11th.
Unit Enhancement for Sherman Easy 8 Felicia! Make sure you fulfill all the requirements to improve her battle strength to the next level. Comes with a new skin too!
Sort by Feature in Unit Dictionary. See which units have relationship stories and the new enhancement feature!
Auto-battle toggle option before battle, so you can avoid AI dropping your units mistakenly.
Advanced Construction recipes now drop from story map battles!


-Emblem limit is increased to 200 and is enforced now. You will need to recycle overflowing emblems through the factory.
-When you have too many units or emblems before a battle, the popup will redirect you to the proper screen.


-Barrage ability increased 130% damage -> 170% damage. Duration decreased 8s -> 7s.

Bug Fixes:

-Vickers MBT shot won’t impact dead units anymore.
-Portal of Chaos units were scaling up in tier too fast. This should be fixed now.


June 6th Patch Notes

Hi Generals,

The French event has come to a close, great job gathering those baguettes and meat everyone . . . it was a tough one! Since the past two events have been so close in succession, you will have a bit of breathing room this time around. The next event is not yet scheduled, but in two or three weeks we are planning to have an awesome new feature set, which will be a different form of timed event. Look forward to seeing that soon! For now, we like the French splash art on the opening screen so it will be staying around a bit longer until the next patch.

New Unit: Mk F3 155mm

To cap off the French festivities, we have 1 more French girl to bring to the table: Violette’s sister, Vivia! She’s a new artillery unit capable of raining down a torrent of shells upon her enemies. Because of her special ability, Bombard Lv. 5, you should itemize this artillery unit with attack speed and range!

Because we have a wonderful new dictionary feature, you can go there to check out her max level stats! In case you were wondering, she does have a full story, with an H-scene for Nutaku.net users. 😮 She will be available in Vivia’s Deployment Pack for 1 week before entering the normal recruiting drop tables.

Soviet Sale

This week we are changing the shop recruit table to accommodate Soviet units! If you are hunting for these characters, it would be a good chance to get them in the 10+1 Recruit! 50% of all 5-stars from recruiting will be from these tanks. Take a look at the drop table rates in the shop to see the full details.

Balancing Changes… Smarter AI?

There has been a small improvement to how enemy and allied AI will activate abilities. Instead of wasting them as soon as the ability is off cooldown, they will wait for certain conditions to be fulfilled (such as having a unit in range). This means the enemies will behave a bit differently, and so will your autobattle units. There has been many adjustments to ability cooldowns to accommodate this change. Read up below in the notes. There is also a big balance adjustment for the Barrage ability (Katyusha and Panzerwerfer) that will balance out the strength of those units. They are far too powerful for their gear cost, and this is a necessary adjustment, especially since new players don’t have access to them. They still serve their purpose of destroying a blob of units, but at a bit of a slower pace now.

Patch notes

New Features:

-Story Map unit drops are now displayed if you click the “question mark icon” before battle start.
-Unit drop rates adjusted throughout the map so you can target specific zones if you want to grind for certain characters.
New Tank: Mk F3 155mm. She’s based off of the AMX-13 chassis, so she shares a lot of similarities with her big sis!
Vivia’s First Deployment Pack is available for a week. She comes with a 5-star Range Emblem and 25 candies!

Balance Changes:

Unit AI behaviour improved. Enemies and your own auto-battling AI will use abilities when it makes sense to instead of wasting them.
>Barrage ability: +400% damage reduced to +130% damage. Duration increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.
>Aegis ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Autoloader ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Assault ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Battalion ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Bombard ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 1 second.
>Bulwark ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Conquest ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Defend ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Last Stand ability: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Rapidfire ability: Initial Cooldown reduced from 15 to 8 seconds.
>Devastate: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
>Downfall: Initial Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

Bug Fixes:

-Small visual bugs


May 30th Patch – Read all about it!

Hi folks,

Today’s patch encompasses some quality of life features, bug fixes, and more Live2D animations! Also, the Memorial Day US-tank sale has ended. Hopefully you got what you wanted! Read more about the update below.

Rachel, Evie, and Natalia are coming to life

In addition to Mandy, now our main cast of characters has been animated! You can now see your Lieutenants in motion in the Lieutenant customization screen and after battles. Be sure to check out the customization screen since you can purchase additional Lieutenants to swap between! Each one of them has their own set of stat points. So you can save each Lieutenant to a different preset of stats.To buy the ones you don’t have, it only costs 500 Cores!

This also opens the door for new Lieutenants if we get around to that! \(^▽^)/

Unit Dictionary in the sidebar menu

This feature should have been in our game like … 2 years ago. But it’s finally here allowing you to see every unit in the game in a singular location. There are also filtering methods so you can filter specific categories like Tier 1 Light tanks, or Tier 5 Heavies. The blacked out portraits you see will be tanks that you do not yet own. So instead of searching in the cash shop drop table rates… you can see everything in a proper location!

Access the dictionary in the sidebar. From there, you will see the full list of units. Enjoy!







Patch notes

New Features:

Unit Dictionary: View the full list of units in the game and sort them by tier and type!
Lieutenant Selection: Get new skins for your Lieutenant! Unlock the rest of the trio to swap between them.
Live2D for Rachel, Evie, and Natalia!
Systematic push notifications on Android. Construction completion and resource nodes will send you reminders!


-New button click sounds on some tabbed buttons
-When checking the Recruiting drop rates list, you can click on a unit to see their detailed profile

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed bug in which research lab purchases would show the “New Tank” intro after a battle
-Fixed tank passive abilities not applying their hit effects
-Double button press sounds on the main menu fixed
-Limited time package button fixed
-Fix for “Prized Lieutenant” Mission
-Lorraine’s card art now uses the proper portrait
-Wraiths SHOULD be in 100+ PoC now


May 16th Patch – FRENCH CUISINE

Bonjour Generals,

WHOA A NEW EVENT ALREADY? Yes, it’s happening! There is no specific holiday or commemoration that this event is linked to. Rather, it is an event surrounding the two new French tanks we have today. Introducing…. Lorraine and Louise, two fashion-forward and food loving gals. In coming to Factoria, they’ve brought along a wild passion for French food and culture! You’ll learn more about that as you battle through event tiles to collect food and resources to supply the latest craze on the base – French cuisine.

Event Structure (May 16th – June 6th)

We’re changing things up this time for the event. During your ingredient gathering endeavor, you will have to make a choice on which battles to fight each reset. You only have 16 battles to win, and there are a total of 24 tiles on the map! That means you need to pick and choose to gather the right resources. Hint: The last 2 tiles per path give double event resources, so try to fight a path to completion if you start it. Also there are a whopping 5 resources (Macarons, Baguette, Wine, Cheese, Meat) so get to it!

The resource you need to earn AMX-50 is Meat, and Lorraine 155 mle. requires Baguettes! Various exchange shop products require you to combine other ingredients to generate yummy dishes. Go check out what’s on the menu! You can earn a new emblem during this event: Emblem of Sight which contains the main stat of Range! At Tier 5 +15, it will grant +3.04 Range.


Lorraine 155 mle.

  • Lorraine Stats:
  • Full relationship story with NSFW skin
  • HP Scaling: 12.65 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 15 per level
  • Armor Scaling: 0.21 per level



  • Louise’s Stats:
  • Full relationship story with NSFW skin
  • HP Scaling: 92.76 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 15.49 per level
  • Armor Scaling: 1.85 per level



Rotation Emblem Change

Rotation emblems weren’t doing their job right, which is adding more turn speed to tanks that needed it (Tank Destroyers and Artillery). Because the percentage bonus was actually less effective on their lower stats, we’ve changed it to flat bonuses. This will mean it’s less effective on high rotation speed units, but more effective for the slow ones.

Patch notes

New Features:

-French Event is on! Gather food ingredients to donate to food banks and create menu items! Delicious rewards will follow. You can fight 16 battles per reset!
-New Tank: 5* Artillery, Lorraine 155 mle
-New Tank: 5* Heavy, AMX-50
-New Emblem of Sight available through the French Event! Boosts Range stat. Get it in the Event Exchange


-Rotation Emblem substat reduced to 1.111->0.8. Main stat remains the same
-Rotation Emblem stats are now flat values instead of percentages

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed the DPS calculation issue that factored in Accuracy over 100
-Fixed bug that caused emblem main stat numbers to show too many decimals
-Fixed shard boss’s damage scaling.
-Fixed sizing issue with bulk resource collection windows
-Fixed unit lock button not working


May 9th Patch – Evolution of Command Units

Hi Generals,

ANZAC event is over, and so ends the chance to get Bob Semple and Matilda Hedgehog! I hope everyone got to trap themselves a hedgehog in that cage that Natalia brought along! Moving forward, we will have one week of downtime before we get ready for the next event. It’s coming very soon! Until then, we have a lot of big balance changes and combat adjustments this patch. Also, we have the debut of our very first Live2D character: Mandy! Go say hi to her in the shop and she will wave back! It’s an exciting moment to finally give life to our character art in such a way, but it’s also an expensive and time-heavy procedure, so we can’t expect Live2D everywhere.

Lieutenant Upgrading

The newest feature we are introducing is the Lieutenant customization system! The roll out will be in two portions. This week you are getting the stat upgrading side, where you can see and modify your Lieutenant’s strength using stat points. You get 1 stat point for each level to distribute. There are exponential returns on stat strength as you put more points in, but it also gets a lot more expensive too! You will need to find a careful balance in stats for what you want to accomplish. With a small cost, you can refund your stat points to redistribute (already attained stats won’t have a cost).

What is Ability Power?

AP is a new stat that we’ve just added for Lieutenants. It modifies the strength of their abilities (except for Shellshock). So your conventional Artillery Strike ability will now have a % modifier on its base damage, based off AP. The same applies for Healing, Defender, and Overload. AP starts at 10 and caps at 30. You can see the damage and % bonuses yourself by visiting the ability editing screen before battle.

Big Backend Overhauls!

Although you the player won’t see any effects of it, we made tons of code changes and cleanup around stats, screen layering, and build processes. This was necessary to create new features that expand on existing infrastructure, such as the Lieutenant upgrading system and stat overhauls. It’s a lot of work and can lead to hidden bugs. So please be diligent with reporting errors or weird happenings to us developers at Discord or Nutaku Ticketing.

Balance Changes

With the overhaul of our stats system, we managed to fix something that was broken since forever: commander armor did not apply correctly. If you ever wondered why the Maus boss at Cymric is such a pushover, that’s why. So now that it’s fixed, you’ll see the enemy commanders be a bit more beefy with penetration having a bigger effect. Despite the changes, you may not notice it because of how easy it is to acquire armor penetration so it won’t be a big deal.

As for the Portal of Chaos, we’ve noticed a ton more people breaking into higher rankings with the aid of the checkpoint system. The Portal typically changes difficulty every 5 stages with new units and different bosses. In order to maintain the challenge and keep up with the player population, we’ve added three more tiers between Lvl 70 -> 100 which tweaks the units that are available for spawn.

Patch notes

New Features:

Lieutenant stats and customization are in! Go make your Lieutenant a force to be reckoned with by upgrading their stats. Click the portrait in the top right to spend stat points (1 per level).
New stat Ability Power for your Lieutenants will boost the strength of your abilities!
-Our first Live2D character, Mandy will now talk to you in the shop! Go and pay her a visit. The Core purchase menu also has updated to the grid format.


-Artillery ability damage scaling increased and scales with both DMG and AP. Shells reduced from 3 -> 2.
-Defender ability’s Damage Reduction bonus reduced from 75% to 40%. Bonus % scales with AP. This ability has been far too powerful relative to any other power in the game, allowing any Heavy tank to attain 100% damage reduction with ease. The fact that this ability is an auto-include in any end-game deck means it requires a rebalance to be brought in line with the other abilities.
-Heal ability scaling buffed and bonus scales with ability power
-Overload ability bonus scales with ability power
-Invasion day Cores have been reduced to keep it in line with intended rate of gain

Portal of Chaos Changes:
-Portal of Chaos Lvl. 70+ tier removes Siegfried line from commander pool.
-Portal of Chaos Lvl. 80+ tier adds Vickers MBT and MBT-70 into unit pool.
-Portal of Chaos Lvl. 100+ tier adds Wraiths into unit pool.
-Pvt. Otto package in cash shop reduced to 1 unit for 100 Cores

Commander Changes:
– Commander durability has been increased across the board. The armor stat used to be applied in a weird way that actually made it useless before. But now their armor will be treated same as a normal unit’s.
– Enemy Corrupt Rachel/Evie/Natalia commanders given 200 Armor and increased HP scaling.
– Enemy Blight commander HP scaling increased 82 -> 120. Armor increased 0 -> 80.
– Enemy Void commander HP scaling increased 70 -> 100.
– Enemy Shard Boss HP scaling increased 120 -> 150. Armor increased 0 -> 120.
– Enemy Destroyer Armor increased 0 -> 70.
– Enemy Maginot HP Scaling increased 95 -> 125. Armor increased to 0 -> 90.
– Enemy Maus HP Scaling increased 95 -> 200. Armor increased 0 -> 300.
– Enemy Thor Boss Armor increased 0 -> 60.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed bug that caused abilities to not tick down while stunned.

[Edit] There is currently a bug with how DPS is being calculated (factoring in accuracy when it shouldn’t). Should be fixed next time!



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