December 13th Patch – Christmas Event!

Hi Generals,

The time of giving is finally here! Christmas in Factoria is well under way. If you live in a place that snows, then stay warm and cozy by a fireplace! You can be sure that the tanks will be doing that at base. 

The new event is similar in nature to the Halloween event! There’s multiple paths that you can fight to earn Candy Canes and Ornaments. Of course, normal battles, Invasions, and Portal of Chaos will also provide Jingle Bells, the main resource. Use these three resources to help save Christmas. Santa needs your help! The units we have as Christmas exclusives are:

Katyusha, Katyusha 5-star, Artillery (Wholesome Story, no R-18 content)
Polina, ASU-57 5-star, Tank Destroyer (NO RELATIONSHIP STORY, SORRY SMOL)
Eliza, PT-76 5-star, Light Tank
Ulyana, Object 279 5-star, Heavy
Irina, KV-8 4-star, Heavy (flamethrower)

Last year I made a cute little video to show off Polina and her cool air drop ability. It’s outdated now, but you can view it at this link. Katyusha has the Barrage ability, which is the same as Panzerwerfer. Eliza has Iron Curtain 5 (defence buff). Ulyana has the almighty Last Stand ability, same as the E-100, which reflects her powerful invincibility attributes. She’s a bit weaker and costs less at 6 gears. Irina has the Defend 4 ability, along with a sizzling hot flame thrower to roast multiple enemies at once.

We put a bit more work into dialogue scenes this time. There is the standard event intro scene which will throw you into the fictional world of Saving Private Santa (yes, this is a movie reference). You are called upon to rescue the well-known magical figure from the relentless Corruption. Return Santa’s supplies so he can make his trip around Factoria and deliver presents. There’s a small cutscene when you enter the event map for the first time, and also a bonus scene to be revealed after December 24th, when you hit a cumulative 200,000 milestone points!

Photoshop Propaganda Contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in our photoshop competition! We got tons of submissions from all of our social media channels. Over the next week, we will compile them all and try to put them in a nice convenient location for people to view. Then, we’ll announce winners! There was plenty of great posters, artwork, and memes. Because of the quantity of submissions, we’ll have some bonus categories for honorable mentions in addition to the top 3 winners. Please be patient as the judging commences!

Patch Notes

New Features:

Christmas Event: Saving Private Santa! Earn FIVE Holiday exclusive tanks this season and tons of delightful awards! Event lasts until Jan. 3rd.
– Katyusha, Katyusha 5-star, Artillery
– Polina, ASU-57 5-star, Tank Destroyer
– Eliza, PT-76 5-star, Light Tank
– Ulyana, Object 279 5-star, Heavy
– Irina, KV-8 4-star, Heavy (flamethrower)

-Enjoy the new splash screen and Christmas jingle by lovely Phyrnna!

QoL Changes:

– Changed some abilities to clarify Damage Reduction instead of Armor
– Another attempt at fixing the lvl. 50 Exp bar issue

Next week we have another patch scheduled to add in some more stuff. There is a pretty big update planned! Then after that, the dev team will be taking a holiday to spend with family so the 27th won’t have a patch.

Have a very happy holiday everyone!



December 6th Patch – Premium Recruit & Lieutenant Buff!

Hi Generals,

This week we have been working on getting the Christmas event together. It’s going to be a big event that combines the feedback we’ve gotten from our last two events. Look forward to it!

In the meantime, we improved the Store to include some more pricing options for Recruiting. Players now have the option to do Premium Recruit with a higher drop rate out of a 4-star and up pool. There’s even a 5-star guarantee if you purchase the 10+1 pack! This should alleviate some issues where players have purchased many units without getting lucky. In addition to that, for all users we now have a daily free recruit that will give a free 3-4 star unit! You can redeem it daily in the shop, so make sure to login every day to pick up the freebie!

IS-7 and Stridsvagn are back in the Recruitment drop table!

With the onset of December and holiday spirit, we are bringing back the two limited release tanks from months back! IS-7 and Stridsvagn will be available to Recruit from here on out! If you missed your chance to get them last time, then you’ll have plenty of chances now!

Lieutenant HP scaling buffed +50%!

Because they were weak and noticeably more fragile than they should be at late game levels. This should add a bit more durability to your lieutenants so they don’t pop like a balloon. Of course, if your enemy is a Sturmtiger, you will still feel like a balloon, but slightly less. There are other issues like ability upgrading on lieutenants, and maybe swapping/skins. But we don’t have a proper system to do the fancy lieutenant stuff yet. That will take more time to properly deploy. Thanks for being patient!

Patch Notes

New Features:

– New Cash Shop look! Premium recruit tier is now available for purchase.
– Free daily recruit – login and check the shop to redeem it every day!


– Player lieutenant HP scaling boosted by 50%

QoL Changes:

– Adjusted Inventory stat text formatting to standardize with Tank Details emblem view

CHRISTMAS EVENT IS COMING NEXT WEEK! Santa Claus is coming to town (aka many very cute santa tanks).



Nov. 29th Patch – Inventory System

Hi Generals,

The bountiful feasts have ended, and the turkey shoot is coming to a close. Many of you Generals have earned the respect and admiration of Tessa the T95. You’ve fought admirably and warded off the evil corrupted fowl spawn. Congratulations! For those of you in America, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast as we did.

If you haven’t seen yet, we have a free download of the T95 splash art available here:

Stories for Scarlett and Mila!

SCARLETT IS FINALLY HERE! Give her your candies to join her on the magnificent “Steel Chef” competition as she fights to win your affection. Months ago she won a fan poll that asked for her story to be made. So we did it (though it did take awhile). In addition to that, the artist of Mila wanted to do her skin and H scene, so she’s good to go too. Both Mila and Scarlett have food themed skins, making them optimal waifu candidates.

This is a very good patch for 4-star units! Both have H content if you are playing on

New Quality of Life Features!

We worked on a couple nice improvements that we think will make the game more convenient for you all! One of them is to view the awesome skins that you’ve unlocked for your army. Now you will find on the main menu there are two small arrows at the bottom corners. Tapping those will cycle the portrait between each unit in your Army. This way, you can say hi to each of your girls on the main menu screen!

Another big improvement is an inventory page. On the side bar menu, you can access “Inventory” that will let you view all of your emblems, filter them, upgrade them, and recycle them. You can finally see an emblem’s stats before recycling! There’s also an “Other” tab that will show some specialty resources. This will be a home for items that we add in the future.

Heavy Tank Sale

This week we’re having a heavy tank sale! 5-star heavies have a dedicated 2% category in the shop. This is your chance to pick up some more heavy tankers for your squad.

Patch Notes

New Features:

– Inventory Page added to manage emblems easier.
– Added left and right arrows on the main menu to cycle through your army units.
– New stories for Scarlett (Churchill Crocodile) and Mila (M8 Scott)

Bug Fixes:

– Visual bug where experience bars exceeded intended value, or at level 50 they would keep looping upwards. (Let us know if this still happens)
– Fix for white box on main menu when secretary has multiple messages queued.

For the next couple weeks we’re gonna be working on putting together the Christmas event as well as some other big updates. Stay tuned for a ton of new characters later this month!



Nov. 15th Patch – Thanksgiving Event!

Hi Generals,

Thanksgiving event is now up! After the very intensive invasions last week, Invasions will be returning back to standard 24 hour resets. The Thanksgiving event revolves around our new exclusive American tank – the GMC T95 “Doomturtle”. She’s lean, mean, and a turkey killing machine. You can earn her multiple ways in our new event “Fowl of the Apocalypse!” There are a few changes in how this event works: resets are every 2 days now, so you can pace out the battles you fight. Plus, there is now a Bounty system where you trade in resources for certain milestone goals. It’s similar to the Cauldrons from Halloween.

The T95 can be earned through the Exchange shop for Cornucopia, in Bounty 3 reward, and in Bounty 4 reward.


U.S.A. 5-Star Tank Sale!

Since Thanksgiving is a very American holiday, we’re putting up 5-star American tanks into the weekly rotation at 3% drop rate. This is the first two week sale we’ve done, with no patch next week, since the team will be with family celebrating the holiday! Finally a time to take a break!

Also be ready for a special Black Friday package that will be showing up the following weekend.

Patch Notes

New Features:

– New Event: Fowl of the Apocalypse! Fight off the Corruption and their evil turkey minions, and help bring Tessa, the GMC T95 to your side.
– The GMC T95 is available throughout the next 2 weeks in our event. Get her in both the Bounties and Exchange Shop!

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed Evil USSR Commander’s super duper long range

On a side note, the Armor Blitz Global Discord channel got verified, so we have a cool URL now!



Nov. 8th Patch – New Campaign Tiles!

Hi Generals,

Hi folks – welcome back to another week of patch notes! Last week we had the release of the wonderful O-I and Ho-Ri II Japanese tanks. Their sale has ended now, but they will be entering the standard 1% category in the store. In the meantime, the new sale this week revolves around another of our beloved artists: Tenmuki! She has been a quintessential member of our team for almost two years now. It has been a wonderful journey witnessing her beautiful art improve and evolve as time passed by. And because she has drawn so many for us, this week we are having one big sale! All of her 4-5 star tanks are boosted in the Shop Recruit in a 3% category! This is a good chance to support her artwork and show her you care <3.

Tenmuki’s social media can be found at: Facebook, Twitter.

Portal of Chaos Timing Adjustment

The changes to Portal of Chaos while it was down will now make it a bit more lax on players that want to take a break now and then. An issue we identified with the weekly reset was the repeated stress of logging in each day to maintain your position. It also meant that players that could only login for a few days per week were unable to compete to the best of their ability.

In the new update, we adjusted the timing and rewards to match a 2-day reset schedule. For more casual players that can only participate over the weekend, you now have a chance to fully play a reset during that specific time frame. There are more resets per week, and you get your rewards more often! We’ll see how this goes for now, and make further adjustments if deemed necessary.

New Campaign Tiles!

We expanded out the campaign tiles to reach the last oil node! Players that have beaten Ocica can now proceed through three new tiles, introducing a couple new enemies and some new story exposition! Go out there and get them.

Patch Notes

New Features:

– New map tiles and campaign stories (up to the last oil well).
– Portal of Chaos now operates on 48 hour resets instead of week long resets. (Rewards are adjusted accordingly)

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed Mandy’s Wheel time desync causing Cores to be consumed. Now it should just give you an error instead of eating Cores.
-Scouting Rush core cost should now properly adjust as return time decreases.
-Fixed bug in which tank destroyers could stop attacking when they reached the enemy commander.
-Small visual bugs and UI adjustments

Chat with us on our social media like Discord and join the community! In the meantime, we’re working on new Event stuff and new characters! Thanksgiving (yes, I know it’s an American holiday only) is coming next week. ‘Murica



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