Armor Blitz is retiring

Dear Generals,

It has been a pleasure fighting alongside you all for the past 4 years. Armor Blitz is a passion project born from our love of anime, games, and military hardware – passions that are shared with many of you. The team here at Gaudium / HaiNet is very small. Our team started building the infrastructure for the game when we were still in college. It allowed us to realize our love for game development and that we wanted to keep it going – so we did. We pushed forward and brought Armor Blitz to Android in late 2016, and then to Nutaku in 2017.  Most indie games fail, especially a team’s first launch. However, with all of your love and support, Armor Blitz was definitely not a failure. We’ve done our best throughout the years to keep the game up and running, even when costs outweighed profit.

From all the wonderful events we had to all of the memories we’ve made talking to the community, the development of Armor Blitz has been an unforgettable experience for us all. But for now, every game has it’s sunset and that time is now for Armor Blitz. We will be shutting down the Core purchasing in the game’s shop starting on March 3rd. Afterwards, the mobile and web versions of Armor Blitz will be taken offline on April 30th.

The game’s final month will put ALL limited edition tanks into the Recruitment pool. Also, every General will be receiving a large lump sum of Cores and daily Cores.

Our Discord servers will remain open even after the game is taken offline. The existing community will still be there and Nymbryxion and I (Umbrare) will be too. Thanks for hanging out with us for so long! As an expression of thanks, we’ve created a downloadable zip file containing all of the key splash arts that we’ve used. Feel free to use them as backgrounds or profile pics.

Armor Blitz Sunset Schedule:

March 3rd : Microtransactions disabled

April 30th : Game server takedown on Google Play and Nutaku

April 1st Patch – French Event!

Hello Generals,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a good April fools joke for you all this year, since the team is hard at work developing a new project. But we have decided to push up the French event! Partially because we have a highly requested new enhancement for a special French tank!

French Cuisine Event Ends on April 22nd

The good old French Cuisine event is back for the next 3 weeks! This event features the two tanks Louise (AMX-50) and Lorraine (Lorraine 155mle). The exchange shop also makes ARL44 available as a reward. If you don’t have them yet, then work hard! This event is very challenging to optimize properly since it has the most event resources yet.

After popular request, we put in an enhanced version of the AMX-40. You can now bring her up to 5-star tier! Her Deflect and Armor Shred skills will both be boosted to the tier 5 variant when you Enhance her. Requirements are:

  • Lvl 50
  • Max Relationship
  • 10,000 Metal
  • 500 Blueprints
  • 400 Enhancers

That’s it! And then you can quack in delight with Cana’s new capabilities.

Artillery Boosted Drop Rate

Last on the list today is a boosted drop rate sale featuring all of the 5-star artillery tanks! That includes prior event tanks! The only 5-star artillery that isn’t present is Lorraine, since she is currently active in the French Cuisine event.

If you were looking for a chance to get the Karl-Gerats, or maybe Katyusha/Panzerwerfer, then this would be the one.

Patch notes

  • French Cuisine Event is now active until Apr. 22nd!
  • Artillery Boosted Drop Rate Sale in the Gacha shop
  • Added enhancement for AMX-40, Cana!


Feb 5th Patch – Valentines

Hello Generals,

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. Do you have a special someone to spend the day with? If not, then spend it with Roza! She’s loving, observant, and just a little bit obsessive! If you don’t have this tank from previous years’ events, you can get her now until Feb 26th!

Valentine’s Event Ends on Feb 26th

Just look at those eyes. Even if you can’t see them, they can see you.

Available tanks through the Milestone bar include up to 3 copies of ISU-152, Roza. There are also rewards in the exchange shop like the once-a-year Emblem of Delight! And, you can also buy up to 3 copies of the Charioteer, Ciara. Make sure to check out the event page!

Patch notes

  • Valentine’s Event is now active until Feb. 26th!


January 8th Patch – Cargo Raid

Hello Generals,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Whether you spent time with family or stayed cozy indoors by yourself, we all share a mutual love for our Armor Blitz tank girls. Welcome to 2020! New year, new you. What are your resolutions?

Cargo Raid! Infantry Rescue!

For the next few weeks, we are going to have a cargo raid event active. You will be able to earn Pvt. Hans infantry as you defeat multiple waves of the sadistic Train’s minions. Every Armored Train wave you defeat will guarantee you get one of him! Pvt. Hans is very valuable, as he can be used to boost the Elite boost % of any tank, allowing you to Elite units without duplicates (if you collect enough Hans).

Patch notes

  • Cargo Raid event active until Feb 5th. Battle many waves of the Armored Train’s cargo caravan to rescue captured infantry units and emblem shards!


December 11th Patch – Christmas Event

Hello Generals,

Welcome back to the Armor Blitz Christmas season! We are once again at the dawn of the most joyous holiday around. However, something is amiss… Santa is in trouble! Will you be able to save Santa and everyone’s presents?

There’s multiple paths that you can fight to earn Candy Canes and Ornaments. Of course, normal battles, Invasions, and Portal of Chaos will also provide Jingle Bells, the main resource. Use these three resources to help save Christmas. Santa needs your help! The units we have as Christmas exclusives this year are:

  • Misha, BTR-60 5-star, Light
  • Lena, T-54 5-star, Medium
  • Katyusha, Katyusha 5-star, Artillery
  • Polina, ASU-57 5-star, Tank Destroyer
  • Eliza, PT-76 5-star, Light Tank
  • Ulyana, Object 279 5-star, Heavy
  • Irina, KV-8 4-star, Heavy (flamethrower)

Gather Bells from Portal of Chaos and battles on the story map. Get Ornaments, Candy Canes, and Cookies from the event map, which you can exchange in the event store or contribute to the gift bags. 

Misha, New Soviet APC!

She’s the new Soviet tank on the block, and you can earn her now through the Christmas event! Don’t miss this opportunity! She can spawn her three pals Vlad, Igor, and Dmitri. She also passively heals all tanks around her! Combined with the M3 Halftrack’s ability to buff infantry, these two tanks are a perfect pair on the field.

HP: 340 (+55 / lvl)
DMG: 24 (+4.41 / lvl)
ARM: 35 (+1.04 / lvl)

Patch notes

  • New Tank: Misha the Soviet APC. She carries 3 infantry cats with her that can be deployed on command.
  • Misha has a full Relationship set with skins and story! Save up some candies for her sweet and fun holiday outfit.
  • Christmas Isle event is active between now and Jan 1st, 2020. Collect an assortment of resources to earn all sorts of rewards!
  • Recruiting boosted drop rate! There is an additional 3% chance on Premium Recruits to earn the four event girls: ASU-57, Object 279, PT-76, and the new BRT-60. Standard recruiting has a 1% additional chance.


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