Oct. 5th Development Roadmap

Hello everyone! Nymbryxion here. It’s been a while since I made a developer post so I wanted to share some of things we’re working on in Armor Blitz and the roadmap ahead.


Throughout this summer, our team has worked on the basic framework for the game mechanics and the server infrastructure. More recently throughout the Fall season, we have been in open beta to get feedback while we work on polishing the game before the official launch in November. We really appreciate the positive support from all our fans as we strive to improve and add new features for the game continuously.

Based off testing and player feedback, we have identified several issues that we want to resolve as top priority in the game.

More Defined Goalslabreveal_roadmap
One issue that we noticed with our game is that the player lacks control when trying to obtain a character. This can make it frustrating for some players because there is a lack of direction when obtaining more characters or making progress. To alleviate this problem we have a new feature in the works over the next few weeks that will allow players to use their Blueprints to obtain a specific selection of high tier tanks. This will help reduce the pay-to-win aspect by allowing free players to work for obtaining high tier tanks and create a goal that players can work for specifically to obtain rewards.

New Characters
A lot of players have been getting duplicate tanks and wondering what to do with them. You can recycle the high tier ones for Blueprints right now – any features making use of those duplicates won’t be done anytime soon, so don’t worry about keeping them in reserves (unless they are 5-star or really rare). Later this month we will be releasing a new set of characters into the game, which was teased on our social media pages. Be sure to keep an eye out for a Halloween exclusive character too!

Oil Balancing
Something that was brought to attention was an imbalance in the Oil : XP ratio in many tiles. This is particularly evident in the West peninsula of the Softsand Desert (looking at you, ‘Striking Rich’). This has resulted in players constantly grinding XP in this region out of necessity. In addition, the high oil cost for boss battles are punishing, rather than rewarding with their high oil costs. To resolve this, we’re currently in consideration of removing the oil costs being based off zones and boss battles. Instead, we’re planning to have oil cost be based off the strength of the battles to motivate players to grind on higher level battles later in the game.


We are aware of some of the lag issues that are present in the game, in particular to players with lower end devices as they get further into the game when they start filling up their tank and emblem reserves. This is preventing us from allowing players to have more friends in the game and to expand the size of reserves beyond 50. We are trying to optimize this as best as possible, along with mobile network usage. The goal is to improve the overall memory usage and saving process, allowing us to expand features that are currently limited.

These are the main issues we want to address as a priority from now to the end of November before we expand and continue adding new story content. After these issues have been resolved, we plan to add more social features into the game, improve our scouting system, and create a robust event system. While these things are going on we will be continuously adding new characters, as always. Thanks for sticking around so long, and if you haven’t seen the new Armor Blitz Wiki yet, head on over there and help add new content! It’s fresh and has a lot of work to become truly comprehensive.


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Development Update: Sparkles & Polish!

Last week, our team has been focusing on polishing the combat features for Armor Blitz. Most of the features are small and subtle, yet they make a huge improvement on the player experience such as a small swish sound when a character card slides into combat or a small size change when the player presses a button.

One of the major features that we added was the pre-battle start page. Previously, when a player entered combat, the game would go to a loading screen and then instantly transition into combat. The problem with this design was that it instantly put the player into battle before they were ready. We tried to mitigate this by making the loading screen say “Press to Start” but it felt unintuitive. Thus, we decided to create a new prebattle page that appears after the loading screen is complete.


Versus screen


With this layout there is a brief animation with the characters and UI sliding in, and when the player presses the screen to start, sparks fly out and the battle begins. Not only does this allow the player to start the game on his/her own terms, but in the future, it allows us to display different player information when we add a PvP versus mode.

In combat, we also removed the big ugly arrow in front of the attack range circle when dropping a unit and instead put in an animated arrow to indicate the direction your units will be moving.



There is still a lot of work ahead but we are working hard to make the game the best it can be. Next week we will be finalizing a combat demo that we plan to show at Youmacon in Detroit at the end of October. If you are planning to attend we will be setting up a booth in the vendor room so keep an eye out!

Unit Abilities Sneak Peak

In Armor Blitz, some special tanks have unique abilities that they can use to turn the tide of battle.

Here are some of the tanks abilities we have currently implemented and are testing out for the game. They are powerful, and trigger a quick flyby animation in the midst of battle. Don’t underestimate the strength of a tank’s hidden power!


Chaffee Light Tank

char_53S_chaffeeStun Shell: The Chaffee will fire a projectile that disables the target’s movement and attack for 8 seconds. Overall, light tanks are inferior in combat stats but compensate by providing support abilities to assist other tanks in battle. That said, we are being very cautious with the power of stun abilities in the game as they can be disruptive if used too much.




Cromwell Medium Tank


Haste: Gains a buff for for 8 seconds that increases attack speed by 30%, evasion by 50% and movement speed by 300%, but loses -60% attack range. While the attack range debuff may seem like a weakness, it also allows the Cromwell to ignore targets and push further into the enemy line.




Tiger II Heavy Tank

char_31S_TigerIIFortress: Gains a buff for 10 seconds that increases +50% attack speed, 50% attack range, and +40 armor but loses movement for that duration. While this ability is poor for making offensive pushes, it is very valuable to stall an advancing enemy force while you rebuild your forces behind the Tiger II to turn the tide of battle.




Elefent Tank Destroyer

char_05S_elephantPrecision Shot: The Elefent tank destroyer focuses its attack for the next projectile shot. The shot will gain a +500 accuracy and x2.5 bonus damage. This ability can be used to deal high burst damage to destroy target enemies and it’s temporary accuracy boost will make sure it hits evasive targets which can be used to counter certain slippery units.

Challenge Through Timers

While we worked on the map side of the game, one of the biggest questions was how best to design the resource collection and timer mechanics.

resource collection

As you take cities, oil wells, and mines, they gradually provide you resources as you progress.

While progressing through battles there are two factors that can delay the player: oil and repair costs. Oil is used for each battle, with higher oil costs for rougher terrain (such as snow). The player can compensate for this by searching and taking the time to take over more oil wells along the map.

war progressionWork in progress army UI

As you fight battles, the tanks that get destroyed have a repair timer that will gradually fix your vehicles for battle. The idea was to motivate players to play smart to reduce their losses in battle.

Surprisingly, this creates a very interesting effect that challenges the player. While some players may play conservatively to delay and wait until full power to fight battles, aggressive players can try to keep continuing the battle with less units to advance forward.

This means that the player will have to not only reduce losses but also win battles with fewer and fewer units as they progress. Without reducing difficulty of the battle tiles, it makes it more challenging for the players themselves.


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