Welcome to Armor Blitz – We’re on Square Enix Collective!

It’s finally happening! We’ve been waiting awhile to make this announcement, and the whole team is VERY excited say we’re on Square Enix Collective’s homepage! If you don’t know already, The Collective is an indie accelerator program hosted by Square Enix London to help independent developers get feedback on their games. Over a one month campaign, users will be able to vote on the game’s page to show their support.  They are featuring us for a month to gain feedback about the game, and it’s a great chance to spread the news of our development progress.

Collective group shot


For New Visitors:

Thanks for checking us out! Most of our information about the game is located on the Square Enix Collective page, where you can vote, participate in a poll, and leave comments. We take all feedback on that page very seriously. It’s your chance to shape the direction of our game! If you want more information or media to look at, we have some in our Press Kit. It’s made for the press, but also great as a central location to congregate all of our information.

For Fans:

Thanks for sticking around. All of the members that participate on our social media help to keep us sane. We are normal people after all! If you were looking for a chance to support our game, this is the first event where you can do so. Drop a “YES” vote for us on the Square Enix Collective page, and feel free to leave a comment. We appreciate the dedication that you all show, and we are just as focused on making the game you all want to play. Talk to us! There’s tons of avenues where you can reach us:

Story Feature: America vs Britain vs USSR?!

Hi everyone! David here to make an update for all of our followers, both old and new. Recently, I’ve been working on the storyline for Armor Blitz and making the narrative experience as enrapturing as possible. The best way to do that? Unique, lovable characters that bring you INTO this separate world where tanks girls are actually a thing.

As the player, you are thrown into the world of Armor Blitz where you hold the position of General and leader of the armed forces. Having received a transmission that something has gone terribly wrong on the continent of Factoria, you take it upon yourself to investigate the source. That’s where your fight begins.

As you progress through the map to discover the source of the Corrupted, you have a few companions that you encounter along the way. The most prominent characters in the story are three Lieutenants, each one representing the anthropomorphized version of a powerful country. These are the ones who report to you and issue your orders in combat. Throughout the story, you will hear each one’s personality come out as they yell, argue, and help each other out. Just as a teaser, I’ll give a small preview for each Lieutenant.



Lt. Rachel, U.S. Platoon Leader

Height: 5′ 6″

Hobbies: Eating ice cream; making things explode; playing with Manny, her pet eagle.

Description: Rachel is never a shy girl when it comes to expressing herself. As the loud and rambunctious representative of U.S. tanks, her personality tends to overwhelm those around her. She loves to blow things up and make her voice heard by everyone, including the enemy. Despite Rachel’s outgoing and cheery personality, she still makes sure to do her duty and will work hard to keep everyone on track.



portrait_character_UKLt. Evie, British Platoon Leader

Height: 5′ 8″

Hobbies: Drinking tea; reading novels and history books; . . . drinking more tea!

Description: If you bring tea to the party, Evie will be there! She is an ardent fan of tea, as a British lady should be. In fact, Evie comes from a line of royalty and makes sure those around her respect that fact. Easily flustered and offended, Evie tends to defend her opinions aggressively. This usually leads to arguments with her “equals,” especially the one she calls the fiend (Natalia).




Lt. Natalia, USSR Platoon Leader

Height: 5′ 9″

Hobbies: Polishing her gear; fighting in the snow; testing new weapons

Description: Natalia is the no-nonsense member of the group. There’s no adversary that can shatter Natalia’s courage. Her fearlessness is driven by strict training and field experience. To have her achievements be recognized will not only bring glory to her name and country; it lets her rest easy knowing that she served her motherland well.

Mid-Development Testing: Why devs need your opinions

Oh, really?

Hi everyone! I’m David and this is my first major post here. When I first setup the website several months ago, I put up the very first post to introduce our game and make sure things are running smoothly. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work in all departments: coding, prototyping, website maintenance, and writing. Now that Summer is in full swing, I’ll be posting more often and sharing our progress alongside my other team members.


Today, I want to bring up an interesting topic in the field of game development: pre-release testing. This has existed as an industry standard since the inception of the game development industry. For major companies — such as EA, Blizzard, and Nexon — live play testing is a crucial part of their development process. This takes the form of onsite testing for live feedback, and online build releases to a wider selected audience. The purpose of this is clear: to find out if the game is truly fun. It’s easy for developers to be clouded in their own judgment and possess a deeply immovable bias due to their own views. It’s the same reason a mother can love her children no matter how they change. A developer’s game is their baby.

We absolutely need outside opinions to push us out of the sphere of circular thinking. After all, we aren’t making the game for ourselves. It’s for you, the wider audience. As a potential player, it’s vital to voice your opinion about things you dislike so that the developers can try to fix it. Although this doesn’t always help in the case of negligent publishers, indie studios like us will be more than happy to oblige.

How can you help?

Armor Blitz is currently going through some heavy internal testing to improve our core gameplay. After asking friends about their thoughts so far, we’ve found that the game had only achieved a small portion of its potential. With that in mind, we are working on improving everything we can right now! From the UI and art, to the core gameplay and optimization, we are doing our best to test our hearts out.

Eventually YOU can play a role in this process as well. When we reach the point of alpha testing in the near future, keep an eye out for our announcements. You can help shape our game, and have a part in the development process by partaking in limited release alpha builds.

Character Design

Hello I’m Andrew and I am the art director and game designer for Armor Blitz.

Besides character designs, I do all the 3d character models in the game. When designing the 3d models, the primary goal was to have a very cute art style yet have the characters look distinctive in the game so players can differentiate the vehicles in combat. Because the game has a top down perspective camera view, I decided to go the chibi large head route.

panzer tank

This way players can see the character more distinctly from a top down view. Also, I plan to have it so the facial expressions change when they get hurt or get angry. ^_^

perspective view

As we progress through development I will be introducing new vehicles, characters, as well as the game design so stay tuned! ^_^

Armor Blitz’s New Dev Blog!

For new visitors – welcome! This is the blog for Armor Blitz, a collectible game with cute girls, tanks, and strategic fighting. It is currently in development and slated for eventual release on Google Play, iOS, and maybe even PC. If you want to keep track of our progress, you’ve come to the right place. Weekly posts will be made here detailing stuff we work on and how the game is progressing. If you want the first shot at testing and providing suggestions, we’ll have a forum set up.

Feel free to browse the site and join our forum community. And welcome to Project Armor Blitz!