Dec. 14th Winter Patch


Hello, Generals! (Especially new visitors coming from the in-game banner)

Armor Blitz hasn’t undergone a patch in a whole month, so it’s been awhile since one of these posts were made. Thank you everyone for being patient and waiting for us! It’s been a hectic last month due to our feature on Google Play’s New and Updated list. That’s part of the reason we skipped our normal biweekly patch, so we could make sure the featured build was stable for newcomers. That also means that there is 2 patches worth of content: this update is bringing huge changes to balance and infrastructure. Key features include the News Popup, Daily Calendar + Missions, and new story content.

You can also have fun chatting with Mandy during the patching. This is a little experimental thing I did for fun, but it only shows up while she’s patching up your game 🙂


Do you use Discord, or want to chat with passionate players and developers? Then stop by our channel here! We even have some awesome roleplayers creating their own rendition of the Armor Blitz world. You’ll learn a lot about the lore of Factoria, Valhalla, and more.


Read up on all of the changes below, to stay informed! Also, prepare yourselves for even more content next week, when we roll out our holiday characters, Christmas event, and more improvements. PLUS, you can stay up-to-date in game through our daily “News from HQ” now.

New Units Added:
-Centurion Mk5, Catriona

New Features:
-Daily Missions added : Complete these tasks each day to earn more resources and Cores. (The old daily 5 Cores has been replaced with this)
-Daily Log In Calendar : Log in for 28 days in a row and get a random Tier 5 unit! Winning has never been so easy.
-News From HQ at launch, so you can stay up to date with the latest news.
-Cores can now be traded for Oil and Currency.
-Loyalty bonuses in Recruitment now. Every unit you recruit in the Store adds +1 Loyalty, which you can trade in for Tier 5 units.
-Push notifications are finally active again to give you reminders about your resources. This is toggleable in the Settings menu.
-Scouting gives units experience based on time deployed.
-Lt. Natalia art remade by Ellsat
-While you patch, have a chat with Mandy!

New Story Zones:
-Zone 6, Glacier Coast is now open
-2 New Bosses to encounter in the new region
-New enemy turrets added: Crystal Shard and Scarab

-Currency gains increased throughout all battle maps. Now you won’t have to worry about penny pinching those coins!
-Metal cap is removed.
-Oil can overflow when you collect from the Mailbox, Store, and Scouting. However, if you are overflowed then you can’t collect from oil nodes.
-Artillery type units shells’ impact zones are now affected by Accuracy.
-Cover Fire and Focus Fire ability now buff damage in addition to their previous range buffs.
-Aegis ability (Maus and AMX-40) is now usable only once per battle.
-Portal of Chaos turrets adjusted and enemy commander changed to Blight.
-Moved the Tiger(P) and AMX-40 to 4% drop rate in Shop Recruiting.

-Map loading speed is vastly improved! All tiles should load within a couple seconds at the most.

Bug Fixes:
-Sakura (Type 3 Ho-Ni) did some training at the shooting range. Her Crit Multiplier is now 80% from .5%!
-Reserves screen uses page flips now instead of scrolling. This will reduce loading times, and will be rolled out to other screens as well.

Oh and we changed the game icon to Yuliya, the T-62 because Russian bias. Prepare yourselves, for Winter.


-David (Umbrare)

November 15th Patch Notes


Hello Generals!

The first couple weeks have passed by since the US release and we’re super stoked to see more and more people enjoying Armor Blitz! But that’s no excuse to slack off — we’ve continued to work on improvements and new characters to release into the game. This includes various bug fixes, some in-progress content, and balances. Patch notes will detail everything below!

If you haven’t done so already, please go to Google Play and review our game! A higher rating means more people will be able to see the game and join! Also, if you want to know about our various social media and fan groups, here’s a quick and easy list for you!


Because we are more weary of bugs now that the game is fully released, our primary focus is really testing content before it comes out. Hopefully, everything goes by squeaky clean! There are no new features this patch besides the tank detail screen being activatable on the Research Lab now. Just click a unit you were curious about to see their Lvl 50 stats. Besides that, there’s a lot of clarity issues and bug fixes.

New Units Added:
-Chi-Ri, Asami
-FV214 Conqueror, Cerys
-Jagdpanther, Victoria 
-SU-76M, Vanissa
-Maus and AMX40 added to 1% drop table in Recruiting.

Balance Changes:
-Portal of Chaos oil cost has been halved.
-Tiger II now has Fortress Lv. 5 ability.
-Tier 5 Research Lab costs decreased from 4000 BP -> 3000 BP

Bug Fixes:
-The elusive T-35 bug causing battles to freeze should now be fixed!
-Loading screens have been adjusted to fit more resolutions. 4:3 tablet users should have a better experience now!
-Portal of Chaos victories will now show the Blueprint award.
-Google Play Achievements implemented
-The game will no longer ask for Contacts permissions for new users

Fight on, Generals. And don’t let the Corruption take your soul.


Oct. 26th Patch – Halloween & Research Lab

We’re back again so soon! Tonight we’ve added in the remainder of the patch that we’ve planned for last week. Along with that, there are various bug fixes and quality of life improvements…. and a lot of new characters in the drop table!

Halloween Special!

We have a small feature character for the spooky October holiday… revealed below! She will be available in the brand new Research Lab, as well as the traditional Store Recruitment page. To buy her, you’ll need to collect a hefty amount of Blueprints (4000!), which can be earned from: recycling 3-star and up units or battling in the Portal of Chaos. The Research Lab rotation will change on Nov. 12th, meaning time is limited to grab this devilish light tank.

The little spoopy jingle in that video is courtesy of Phyrnna!

Research Lablabreveal

The Lab is a rotational lineup of units that can be purchased using the in-game Blueprints currency. As mentioned above, you can earn Blueprints from recycling high tier units or playing the Portal of Chaos. Each PoC battle will give you 2 Blueprints. This means that battling it out in the Portal every day will be a great way to steadily accumulate the resource.

In addition to that, we will be having out-of-game events for the community. There will be certain milestones that will be revealed later on, in which everyone can earn some global Blueprint awards!


The rest of the patch notes are found below. I’ve provided some details on the Research Lab so you can acquaint yourself with it’s mechanics.

New Features
-Research Lab (found in Factory screen) allows you to specifically purchase units on a rotational basis.

-M3 Satan: Don’t let this little bat-winged flame tank get away. Her mischief will only last until Nov. 12th!
-M7 Priest
-Jagdpanzer IV
-Type 3 Ho-Ni

-Now displaying the item upgrading bonus. Chance increases +1% per fail, until your next success
-Minor visual fix to Portal of Chaos transitions

-Friend assists are now limited to 15 levels above your General’s level

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed Critical Shot Lvl.5 causing game to freeze
-Fixed bug with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Achievement not counting correctly
-Fixed choppiness with map panning

Happy Halloween, Generals! Don’t let the Corruption steal your candy!


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Oct. 21st Patch Notes


Hello Generals! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

A lot has happened in the past week: we’ve been prepping new characters and features that are ready to go! But then a problem occurred within the Portal of Chaos, as many of you have noticed. Cheaters showed up and took over the top section of the leader board! They’ve been quickly banned, but we didn’t have a way to remove them off the board list. With this patch, we’ll be able to solve that problem 🙂banhammer

Because we had to divert some of our efforts to making sure the Portal of Chaos problem was resolved quickly, it means that some of the content we had planned, is going to be pushed to early next week. That would include the Research Lab feature, and the new characters. So until then, hang in there!


There are still lots of new things this patch… item upgrading and oil cost balancing! To solve the monotony of grinding a single tile (Striking Rich), oil is now dynamically scaled based on the enemy’s level. This means early levels are much cheaper, later levels are more expensive, and Boss battles aren’t a huge barrier anymore. But overall progression makes a lot more sense now!

Item Upgrading is an end-game option for players that have high tier items. You can spend Currency to maximize your items’ strength. Every + they gain adds more strength to an attribute on the item. Give it a shot!

New Features:
-Emblem Upgrading system. Reach up to +15 bonus stats on your items!
-Emblem equipped indicators shown directly on your cards. Each “gem” indicates an item, and its type.
Defender Ability unlocked after the Thor boss. Shield your units from damage.
Skip button added to friend help page… in case you don’t like your friends’ waifu.

-Panther 1 has a new model
-Sturmtiger’s attack splashes with a big boom!
-Destroyer boss now has a new updated model

-Sturmtiger given the Obliterate ability, a single shot AoE at 150% damage
-Rotation (Awareness) emblems buffed significantly
-Oil costs are balanced based on enemy level, rather than region.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a problem where Missions would sometimes not give the reward
-Accuracy Emblems now display the proper stat boost
-Rotation Emblems now display the proper stat boost
-Various other small fixes and improvements

Known Bugs:
-Scrolling is still a bit finicky. Working on it!
-Item indicators may be misaligned when selecting a card for Upgrading.

Thank you everyone for reading! Keep fighting, and ready yourselves for the Research Lab next week!


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Oct. 5th Development Roadmap

Hello everyone! Nymbryxion here. It’s been a while since I made a developer post so I wanted to share some of things we’re working on in Armor Blitz and the roadmap ahead.


Throughout this summer, our team has worked on the basic framework for the game mechanics and the server infrastructure. More recently throughout the Fall season, we have been in open beta to get feedback while we work on polishing the game before the official launch in November. We really appreciate the positive support from all our fans as we strive to improve and add new features for the game continuously.

Based off testing and player feedback, we have identified several issues that we want to resolve as top priority in the game.

More Defined Goalslabreveal_roadmap
One issue that we noticed with our game is that the player lacks control when trying to obtain a character. This can make it frustrating for some players because there is a lack of direction when obtaining more characters or making progress. To alleviate this problem we have a new feature in the works over the next few weeks that will allow players to use their Blueprints to obtain a specific selection of high tier tanks. This will help reduce the pay-to-win aspect by allowing free players to work for obtaining high tier tanks and create a goal that players can work for specifically to obtain rewards.

New Characters
A lot of players have been getting duplicate tanks and wondering what to do with them. You can recycle the high tier ones for Blueprints right now – any features making use of those duplicates won’t be done anytime soon, so don’t worry about keeping them in reserves (unless they are 5-star or really rare). Later this month we will be releasing a new set of characters into the game, which was teased on our social media pages. Be sure to keep an eye out for a Halloween exclusive character too!

Oil Balancing
Something that was brought to attention was an imbalance in the Oil : XP ratio in many tiles. This is particularly evident in the West peninsula of the Softsand Desert (looking at you, ‘Striking Rich’). This has resulted in players constantly grinding XP in this region out of necessity. In addition, the high oil cost for boss battles are punishing, rather than rewarding with their high oil costs. To resolve this, we’re currently in consideration of removing the oil costs being based off zones and boss battles. Instead, we’re planning to have oil cost be based off the strength of the battles to motivate players to grind on higher level battles later in the game.


We are aware of some of the lag issues that are present in the game, in particular to players with lower end devices as they get further into the game when they start filling up their tank and emblem reserves. This is preventing us from allowing players to have more friends in the game and to expand the size of reserves beyond 50. We are trying to optimize this as best as possible, along with mobile network usage. The goal is to improve the overall memory usage and saving process, allowing us to expand features that are currently limited.

These are the main issues we want to address as a priority from now to the end of November before we expand and continue adding new story content. After these issues have been resolved, we plan to add more social features into the game, improve our scouting system, and create a robust event system. While these things are going on we will be continuously adding new characters, as always. Thanks for sticking around so long, and if you haven’t seen the new Armor Blitz Wiki yet, head on over there and help add new content! It’s fresh and has a lot of work to become truly comprehensive.


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