Feb. 28th Patch – Expeditions!

Hi Generals,

This past month has been very hectic with all the events happening. Valentine’s event is wrapped up, as well as our collaboration with Attack on Moe. It has been very busy for everyone! A few people had trouble viewing the special scene after unlocking Roza, so I’ve recorded it and uploaded it to our Youtube channel (which is very neglected). If you missed the Valentine’s wrap up scene or just want to view it again, you can see it here:


AoMH Collab for Nutaku

As a reminder, Nutaku players who have completed BOTH the Attack on Moe event (getting Maus to Lv. 4) and our event (constructing Wan Wan) will receive the bonus award: 2x Wan Wan and 50 Candies! The rewards will be distributed next week after we touch base with the AoM devs and share user lists. Thanks to everyone for participating! If you have the lanterns in your inventory, you can still use them to build the recipe after the event.

Expeditions! Collect Maps on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The big new feature we’re putting out this week is Expeditions. It’s a complex system that allows you to fight in instanced scenarios to earn rewards. Invasions on Thursday and Saturday will drop maps for you based on your Lieutenant level. Monday’s Core drops will also double to compensate for the missing Saturday rewards. You can access the expeditions through the Battle button, which now redirects you to a sub-menu with all the various options on it.

  • Lvl. 1 to 20 Invasions – Emblem Expedition Easy
  • Lvl. 21 to 40 Invasions – Emblem Expedition Medium
  • Lvl. 41 – 50 Invasions – Emblem Expedition Hard

We’ll be adding more maps and more difficulty levels as time goes on, so don’t worry! More schematics and maps will be coming soon, which will expand the amount of things you can construct with schematics.

Losing units in expeditions persists throughout that instance. For example, if your Maus gets injured in the Expedition Battle 1, then you won’t be able to use her for the rest of that expedition. Closing a battle midway won’t save your tanks either, so play smart and minimize losses. If you can’t beat it within the time limit, the rewards will be lost.

Typically Emblem schematics will require Emblem fragments, some resources, and the proper schematic to build. When you earn the schematic (dropped from expeditions), you will be able to see all of the pieces required to build it. Both Emblems and Schematics will be accessible in your inventory screen.

Patch Notes

New Features:

Expedition System: A new way to earn rewards and fight battles. Expeditions will send your army into instanced battles where all casualties have a lasting effect throughout the instance. Losing a unit means you can’t use her in the next battles.
->Expedition Maps for Emblem Battles (Easy, Medium, Hard) added to game.
->Emblem Schematic Tier 3, 4, 5 added to game.
->Thursday Invasions changed from Metal -> Maps
->Saturday Invasions changed from Cores -> Maps
->Monday Invasions (Cores) drop rate doubled!
->Recycling emblems drops a small amount of Emblem Fragments

QoL Changes:

-The Main Menu’s Battle button will now open a menu asking which type of battle you want to fight.
-Beating Portal of Chaos Battles will now redirect you back to the Portal of Chaos.
-PoC accessible to new players through new Battle UI. They won’t have to fight into the desert anymore!
-Tank Details “Items” tab changed to “Emblems”
-Inventory “Others” tab changed to “Items”

Bug Fix:

-Fixed Tank Destroyer targeting issues at enemy commander (again)

Happy journeys and good luck in the battles to come.



Feb. 14th Patch – Crossover Promo & Chinese New Year!

Hi Generals,

We’ve got a ton going on this week! Moments before posting this, I shared the details for the big Attack on Moe H collaboration event we are doing. This is your chance to get Wan Wan, a visitor from a distant land in Armor Blitz. She’s a popular character from AoMH, and will be joining us here now! Details in the banner. That collab event will end on February 28th, so make sure to log in consistently and complete your daily missions…. or just buy Lanterns from the Valentine’s exchange. Speaking of which, the Valentine’s Event is still going on, and there’s a special reveal about who the letter-thief was the whole time! Unlock Roza in the gift milestones, and the scene will play when you enter the Event map.

  • Wan Wan Stats:
  • Full relationship story with NSFW skin
  • HP Scaling: 35 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 9.83 per level
  • Armor Scaling: .78 per level

*PLEASE NOTE: Crossover rewards will be sent through mail a week after the events end. Expect them on March. 7th at the latest.

Chinese New Year Sale

Last year’s Chinese New Year tanks will be available in the Recruit shop for those who want to try their luck. For the next two weeks, WZ-111 Xifeng and Type 62 Hong are available in the shop. There is a special modification on both Normal Recruit and Premium Recruit that will make 50% of the 5-star recruits you get Chinese tanks! There has never been a better chance to get these tanks, so go for it!

This sale will end on Feb. 28th as well.

Advanced Construction!

The new system added today introduces another level of depth to construction. People can earn schematics with specific units, items, or resources on them. You will have to collect certain components to complete the schematic. After that, the construction slot will do it’s job as always. Right now, the only schematic available is the one we are giving to users for the Wan Wan event. This is sort of a test for the new feature to make sure it runs smoothly before new schematics are added. Please report any bugs if you find any.

The schematics will be closely linked with the “Expeditions” feature that you see when you click on the boat in the world map. That will be coming soon as well, so stay tuned.

Patch Notes

New Features:

-Advanced Construction – use resources and components to build Schematics. [Beta phase]
-Wan Wan Schematic given to all players until Feb. 28th. Collect 50 Lanterns to bring her to life!
-Attack on Moe Collaboration is on! Isabel the Maus has made her way into the world of Attack on Moe H.
To earn 2 extra Wan Wan cards and 50 Candies, play AoMH, get Isabel, and raise her to Lvl. 4
-Between Feb. 14th and 28th, Limited Time Chinese tanks are featured! WZ-111 and Type 62 are available for two weeks.
-Chinese tanks have a boosted rate: 50% of all 5-stars from Recruiting will be a Chinese tank (WZ-111, Type 62, Type 64, Type 59)!


-Zone 1, 2, 3, 4 drop tables adjusted. Emblems drop more frequently and units drop rate decreased.
-Temporary Daily Mission changes:
“Conquest” Daily Mission grants 5 Lanterns instead of 5 Candies.
“Valor” Daily Mission now grants 5 Candies instead of 2,000 Currency.
“Ingenuity” Daily Mission requirement reduced from 10 tanks to 5 tanks.


-Back button on Event Screen redirects to previous page instead of only the Main Menu.
-Resource shop buttons added in top bar for easier access.

Have fun with all of the active events! There’s a lot to do in the next two weeks, so get moving.



Attack on Moe H + Armor Blitz Collaboration!

February 14th – February 28th 1:00pm EST

Nutaku Gamers rejoice! We’re having a friendly crossover promotion with the Attack on Moe H team. Wan Wan from their world will be coming to Factoria for two weeks only. She will be this year’s representative for the Chinese New Year of the dog. In AoMH, Isabel the Maus will be invading as a new Moe-tan! Getting her there and leveling her up to Level 4 will complete their side of the event. Unfortunately, Google Play users are not able to participate in the AoMH portion of the crossover, since it’s for Nutaku accounts only. Sorry, but you will still be getting a Wan Wan recipe anyways 🙂

Armor Blitz

In Armor Blitz, you will have the opportunity to build Wan Wan from the new Advanced Construction feature we are launching. Each player will find a Wan Wan Schematic in their mailbox. You can see schematics and ingredients in your Inventory.

Navigate to Factory -> Construction -> Use Schematic on one of your open slots. There, you will be able to check the requirements to construct that schematic. In this case, it’s 50 Lanterns!

So how do you collect Lanterns? The Daily Mission “Conquest” which requires you to beat 5 map battles will now reward you with 5 Lanterns. That means as long as you complete 10 Daily Missions within this time period, you will have enough Lanterns for Wan Wan!

Attack on Moe H

In Attack on Moe, you can get Isabel from making any Nutaku Gold gem purchase (100 Nutaku gold minimum), or buy her with 120 Login Tickets. After that, raise her affection to Level 4 to complete the event (and unlock her skins)! It’s nice and simple!



In Attack on Moe:
1) Players can get Maus by daily login tickets or any purchase bundle
2) Players who level her up to Lv. 4 will be tracked on reward list

In Armor Blitz:
1) Gather Lanterns to construct Wan Wan
2) Complete the Wan Wan Schematic to be tracked on reward list
*Optional Bonus – Buy some Candies in the Valentine’s exchange to unlock her relationship story and skins! Candy isn’t always available to buy, so this is a good time.

Post-Event Rewards Distributed March 7th
After Event rewards in AoMH after completing the Armor Blitz Event
– 2 Gacha tickets

After Event rewards in Armor Blitz after completing both events
– 2 extra Wan Wans (enough to Elite her) + 50 candies

Feb. 7th Patch – Isle of Broken Hearts

Hi Generals,

Daisy’s debut has concluded and now she is entering the standard Recruiting drop table. Hopefully everyone is having fun dropping her out of the sky to support your forward units! She loves helping out. February is a very busy month for us, as we have tons of events and features going on. Because Valentines Day and Chinese New Years line up so tightly, there will be a bit of overlap. On Feb. 14th, we will start a special event in cooperation with the Attack on Moe developers! It will make use of a whole new system we’ve been working on that overhauls the unit construction process. More details on that later.

Valentines Event

There are three unique rewards this event. The Valentine Mk X, which was available last year, is back again. Get her in the milestone segment when you gift 90,000 points worth of items to fill up the heart gauge. ISU-152 is available at the 140k and 225k markers – same as the Christmas event!

  • Valerie
  • HP Scaling: 48 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 8.1 per level
  • Armor Scaling: .8 per level

Valeries loves to share her chocolates with everyone! She is an overall friendly girl, who loves to be of use to all. Available from the event and also through store Recruitment until the end of the event.

  • Roza
  • Full relationship story with NSFW skin
  • HP Scaling: 33 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 12.5 per level
  • Armor Scaling: 1.5 per level

Roza is a bit of a yandere, so be careful around her! She is watching your every step, and will sabotage all others who try to get in the way. Available only through the event milestone.

Next Week’s Collaboration with Attack on Moe!

I’m a tank?

Our friends at Ignite studio were up for a collaboration, and so were we! Starting on Feb. 14th,  we are bringing the extremely popular Wan Wan to Armor Blitz! She will be the representative for Chinese New Years this year, being a dog and all. As the date comes near, keep an eye out on both Attack on Moe’s social media and ours to learn more about the event. Since we are featuring one of their characters, Attack on Moe will be using the almighty Isabel as a moe-tan! It will be exciting!

Patch Notes

New Features:

-Enter the Isle of Broken Hearts, where lost loves and forgotten memories of affection have collected. There’s a villain on the loose who has sabotaged the usual fanfare. Collect Love Letters and Chocolate Boxes to earn rewards during the event duration. A limited time “Emblem of Delight” is available to earn in the event shop!

During the event, the ISU-152 (Roza) and Valentine Mk X (Valerie) are available! Valerie is also in the Recruiting drop table until the end of the event.

Event End: Feb. 28th

You may notice that the boat on the map screen no longer goes directly to the event map… instead there is an expeditions page. There will be more content populating that menu soon! It will be exciting.



Jan. 31st Patch Notes

Hi Generals,

This week’s patch is another small one, but we’re adding a super cute new unit! Welcome the T92 LT to your army, as she flies into battle to support the team. Daisy is a joy to deploy in battle, as she is the second unit ever to have the Paradrop passive ability! Take a look at her skills and stats below. She’s a lot of fun to deploy deep into the field, allowing her to catch up and support troops with her 30% damage buff.  For this week only, she will be available through the Daisy First Look Pack, available for 5 days. For anyone that wants to attain her, this is your best chance before she enters the drop table next week.

  • Full relationship story with SFW skin
  • HP Scaling: 14 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 3.5 per level
  • Armor Scaling: .51 per level

Daisy has a 100% Wholesome story, detailing her dive into detective work around the dark secrets of CANDY! Help her discover who the evil perpetrator is, by giving her candies and unlocking those relationship tiers!

Nutaku Waifu Wars Vote! RALLY BEHIND ISABEL!

If you have a Facebook account, help vote for Isabel with a HEART. Don’t give that dirty Dragon Providence girl your likes. We must support our mighty warriors from Factoria to show Nutaku that we don’t mess around when it comes to passionate fans. Go give her your love! She won the first round, and with your help she can advance to the semi-finals.
Click here to go vote! Hover over the like button to press the HEART!

Patch Notes

New Features:

-T92 LT added – Available now through the First Look Pack!
-Cool new particle effect when getting a 5-Star reward


-Destroyer removed from Portal of Chaos Lvl 60+
-Wretched Boss now only appears in Portal of Chaos Lvl 60+ (She was a bit too hard for the earlier segments!)
-Lvl 50+ PoC has updated enemy unit pool to add new units from the past few months

Bug Fix:

-Fix for “Level Up” showing when your Lieutenant hasn’t actually leveled up yet.
-Fix for white boxes showing up at start of dialogue scenes.
-Fix for ARL44 and T95 Affectionate portraits not displaying properly.

Valentines event is coming out next week, with plenty of gifts and prizes to earn! February will be a big month with multiple events happening and new mechanics in the pipeline.



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