Oct. 5th Development Roadmap

Hello everyone! Nymbryxion here. It’s been a while since I made a developer post so I wanted to share some of things we’re working on in Armor Blitz and the roadmap ahead.


Throughout this summer, our team has worked on the basic framework for the game mechanics and the server infrastructure. More recently throughout the Fall season, we have been in open beta to get feedback while we work on polishing the game before the official launch in November. We really appreciate the positive support from all our fans as we strive to improve and add new features for the game continuously.

Based off testing and player feedback, we have identified several issues that we want to resolve as top priority in the game.

More Defined Goalslabreveal_roadmap
One issue that we noticed with our game is that the player lacks control when trying to obtain a character. This can make it frustrating for some players because there is a lack of direction when obtaining more characters or making progress. To alleviate this problem we have a new feature in the works over the next few weeks that will allow players to use their Blueprints to obtain a specific selection of high tier tanks. This will help reduce the pay-to-win aspect by allowing free players to work for obtaining high tier tanks and create a goal that players can work for specifically to obtain rewards.

New Characters
A lot of players have been getting duplicate tanks and wondering what to do with them. You can recycle the high tier ones for Blueprints right now – any features making use of those duplicates won’t be done anytime soon, so don’t worry about keeping them in reserves (unless they are 5-star or really rare). Later this month we will be releasing a new set of characters into the game, which was teased on our social media pages. Be sure to keep an eye out for a Halloween exclusive character too!

Oil Balancing
Something that was brought to attention was an imbalance in the Oil : XP ratio in many tiles. This is particularly evident in the West peninsula of the Softsand Desert (looking at you, ‘Striking Rich’). This has resulted in players constantly grinding XP in this region out of necessity. In addition, the high oil cost for boss battles are punishing, rather than rewarding with their high oil costs. To resolve this, we’re currently in consideration of removing the oil costs being based off zones and boss battles. Instead, we’re planning to have oil cost be based off the strength of the battles to motivate players to grind on higher level battles later in the game.


We are aware of some of the lag issues that are present in the game, in particular to players with lower end devices as they get further into the game when they start filling up their tank and emblem reserves. This is preventing us from allowing players to have more friends in the game and to expand the size of reserves beyond 50. We are trying to optimize this as best as possible, along with mobile network usage. The goal is to improve the overall memory usage and saving process, allowing us to expand features that are currently limited.

These are the main issues we want to address as a priority from now to the end of November before we expand and continue adding new story content. After these issues have been resolved, we plan to add more social features into the game, improve our scouting system, and create a robust event system. While these things are going on we will be continuously adding new characters, as always. Thanks for sticking around so long, and if you haven’t seen the new Armor Blitz Wiki yet, head on over there and help add new content! It’s fresh and has a lot of work to become truly comprehensive.


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Sept. 20th Patch Notes – Improvements Everywhere!


Hi Blitzers! This week contains a few exciting updates to improve quality of life for players. Things like NEW WATER!… and NEW MUSIC!… and NEW EVIE! And also, the long awaited “Army Reserves” screen is now in, which will let you examine your reserve units and check their detailed page without having to swap around your deck.

We are always listening to feedback, and trying to prioritize the features that will improve your gameplay experience. At the same time, you may not see all of the changes on the surface – a lot of improvements happen on our server and networking constantly.

There’s a lot more details about the changes in the patch too, so make sure to read below, after this small announcement.

Google Play Indie Games Festival (This Week)gplayindiegames

Armor Blitz was accepted as one of the top 30 games selected to show at the Google Play Indie Games Festival on Sept. 24th at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco. We will be there representing the game and hopefully winning some cool stuff! Wish us luck out there!


A few key changes – lot’s of names were suggested by some more regionally aware players. Hetzer’s name, as you may have seen from our Facebook post last week, was due for a name change. The one that seemed to garner the most support was “Ilona.” Several other name changes occurred too, mostly on German characters. When we made the names awhile back, some of them were definitely rushed or placeholder, and are now being phased out.


Duplicate emblems… no more! This may bring disappointment to many, but that item replacing bug that let you equip more than 1 of each emblem has been fixed. If you have a unit that used duplicate emblems, they are automatically unequipped and put back into your inventory. Please go check on your tanks and make sure they have new loadouts!
New Features:
– Reserves tab in the Army screen will now let you look at your backup units. No more swapping cards into your deck to view them!
– New water on the world map. It’s so real you could almost dip your toes into it.

New Art:
– Evie has a new portrait!

New Music:
– “Marching into the Wilds” by Phyrnna is now on the world map. Enjoy exploring the world with her wonderful track playing!
* Old menu music moved to Army screen.

Name Changes for More Regional Accuracy:
– (Hetzer) Hetz > Ilona
– (Jagdtiger) Otto > Odette
– (Sexton I) Susa > Selma
– (Sturmpanzer I Bison) Bianca -> Silke
– (StuG III) Adella > Sabine
– (Sturmtiger) Dollora > Johanna
– (Elefant) Elena > Erika
– (Panther I) Lucy > Petra
– (Panther II) Levie > Verena
– Many tank IDs fixed to historical representation (STUG > StuG, etc…)

– Scouting tank selection’s cancel button moved so it doesn’t overlap cards.
– Repair icon placed on repair buttons
– If you don’t have extra abilities available, the ability add button before you enter battles won’t show up.
– Resource collection numbers on the map are a bit more visible, instead of that bright green.
– Replaced old Factory look with a newer, fresher look. (Research page yet to come)
– Visual adjustments on map and card buttons

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed the bug where “Replace” would allow duplicate item types to be equipped.
– Fixed a bug where if you had 0 cores and wanted to unequip an item, it wouldn’t let you.
– Fixed a bug where if you collected a new unit in the mailbox that is undiscovered, it wouldn’t add to your discovered list nor popup the character intro.
– Fixed static appearing when exiting the Shop.
– Fixed T-70’s portrait which was fuzzy for some people.

– T-70 movespeed dropped 6 to 5. She won’t run ahead your other tanks as often.
– Leopard’s evasion fixed from 0% > 15%. She had the wrong stat entered in.

Known Bugs:
– Spamming some buttons and cards quickly can cause them to shrink. Have fun with it for a week until it’s fixed!
– Sometimes while scrolling on the world map, the camera may jump in the wrong direction.

Thank you everyone for reading! Next week the Portal of Chaos leaderboard will open up, so prepare yourselves for that!


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Sept. 6th Patch Notes – Bug Fixes and Clarity

The first week of Open Beta has been very overwhelming. Even though users had been testing the game live over the summer, it still did not adequately prepare our team for the influx of new people and bug reports that followed our reopening on Aug. 25th. But along with that, a huge outpouring of support and passion has sprouted out as well, from you – the fans that keep us working so hard. With all of the feedback and reports from everyone, we were able to fix almost all of the crucial issues that have come up. There’s still a bit more work to do for server optimization, but that’s a constant iterative process. Everyone’s voices have been heard – after all, this is a game being built for the anime/military/mobile gamer community and anyone else who wants to join on this wild ride.

With that being said, our goal is to keep the patches down to a bi-weekly schedule so as to not cause too many downloads and updates (like the first few days). If anything requires an emergency patch, then of course that will take priority. Oh and on a side note, I noticed some confusion about the Tier 5* Construction timer. It is actually 48 hours, and it always has been. So I accidentally spread some wrong information on Facebook to some people – many apologies for that one!

Before the patch notes, a few big announcements have to be mentioned!

Google Play Indie Games Festivalgplayindiegames

Armor Blitz was accepted as one of the top 30 games selected to show at the Google Play Indie Games Festival on Sept. 24th at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco. It wasn’t something we were expecting to hear, but that means me and the other programmer, Kevin will be flying out there! It’s going to be a fun event, and even if we don’t win, it’s a great chance to meet people and bring our game to the public eye.

Incoming Armor Blitz Adventures!catburning

Armor Blitz Adventures hasn’t been updated in awhile because of our busy schedule in the last month. We only have two hands each, which means somethings get pushed back when stuff goes wrong (especially for a small team like ours). But I’m happy to say that the next comic is slated for release next week (12th), on the usual Monday. Here’s a sneak preview:

Portal of Chaos on the 20th [EDIT: Sept. 27th is the push back date so we can stabilize]

The Portal of Chaos that was added a few weeks ago is still undergoing work! The week of testing during the Portal’s uptime gave us a lot of direction to work from, so it won’t be out until Sept. 20th. Be patient… the leaderboard is coming! Until then, keep training your tanks so you can compete for that top spot when the time comes.

Banning Cheaters!

Part of the reason the Portal of Chaos is delayed is due to a bit of an anomaly we noticed this past weekend. Cheaters have already been detected, and that meant we had to put some anti-cheat measures in. Hacking/data modification of any sort is not tolerated, and it makes the game experience worse off for others, especially if something like the Portal’s leaderboard was released. It’s never fun distributing bans to players, so please refrain from doing bad things!



And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, unless you just scrolled past my wonderful announcements. The patch notes today detail all of the little bugs and clarity issues that have been resolved in the past week. There’s a few balance changes too based on user feedback.

New Features:
– Overload ability unlocked after Cymric city. Boost your units attack +50% and attack speed +20% for 10 seconds.
– Drop Table rates displayed in the Cash Shop! Click the little “i” icon. It will show what seasonal tanks are currently in the table. The units available will occasionally rotate, and the colors will indicate if you’ve already attained at least one of that unit. Until we have a more detailed dictionary in place, this will have to do!

New Art Reworks:
– Scarlett, Churchill Crocodile
– Marla, Marder I
– Anastasia, T-26

New Units Added to Construction and Shop:
– Yuliya, T-62
– Lidiya, T70

– Pending Friend requests will show a small red notification on the menu button
– Counter added to the Friend List to show amount of friends
– Counter added to the Army Screen & Recycle Screen to show how many tanks are in reserves
– Counter added to the Equipment inventory to show maximum items
– Resource buttons on the world map show the time counter inside the icon
– Character intro dialogues adjusted. Now units will introduce themselves with their name instead of tank ID.
– Various other minor visual adjustments

Bug Fixes:
– The “Replace” button in your Emblem inventory will now display the proper warning
– Tier 5* items can be unequipped now
– Scouting units sometimes collected more items than it should have. [Should be fixed, please report if it still happens]
– Scouting with certain items equipped would freeze the game and not save. Fixed!
– Bug fixed in which sometimes tanks weren’t being destroyed during Upgrade, but xp still was awarded.
– The crystal icon on Cymric should disappear properly after beating the battle now

– TOG II movement speed slowed from 7 -> 5. She is a big slow landship, after all.
– Matilda cost reduced from 4 -> 3 gears
– T-92 cost reduced from 5 -> 4 gears

Known Bugs Still:
– Sometimes the recycling screen will break and the back button won’t work, causing a crash

Thank you everyone for reading, and for continuing to play Armor Blitz. Have fun, and don’t stop Blitzing!


Aug. 28th Technical Patch

We’ve been receiving various reports over the past couple days about some bugs and issues. These are mainly technical problems such as the stalling on the Login Page and some bugs in the new Scouting system. Specifics are below:



Save/Loading Bug Fix:
– Big save data/loading issue resolved. Should fix being stuck on the Loading screen.
– Some cases where saving wasn’t always going through on Construction screen, or after collecting resources.

Minor Changes:
– KV-1 is now 4 gear cost instead of 5
– BT7’s name changed from Beatrice -> Arina (more regionally correct)
– In the Tank Details screen, Range stat will now turn green when buffed.
– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle achievement counts up the proper amount when upgrading with multiple units.
– Various other visual updates (mainly with fuzzy popup windows)

Store Page:
– Store popups now display the right warning when Recruiting new units.
– Core pricing should stay on one line with smaller font size in all regions and currency types. (Please send us a screenshot if it doesn’t).
– There was a depth bug when you left the store, there was a bit of static as the doors closed. This is fixed now!

Scouting Bug Fixes:
– Double clicking the button to select a scouting tank no longer initializes the list multiple times
– Clicking the button to select a scouting tank, then quickly clicking another slot will no longer delete that other slot’s scout.
– Scrolling in the Scouting tank select menu works now.
– Scouts will no longer generate events after they arrive home.

– Battle engage sequence has sliding pictures as transitions. These are the kinds of things that will be slowly improved over time as the build stabilizes.

Known Issue:
– Tanks that have items in their second or third slot, but not the first cannot be used in Scouting. It causes a saving error.

Thanks for being so patient with these server maintenances, everyone. It has been a hectic weekend of constant patching and fixes. All of the support and feedback so far is very appreciated. Keep it up, Armor Blitz community!


Patch Notes – Aug. 25th (After Maintenance)

servers_are_upThanks to everyone who waited patiently over the last couple days. Our servers were taken down for a some time while we made some big changes and added a lot of new features. The reason we reset save files is to put everyone at a level playing field again. Many of our first alpha testers started off playing a completely different game… we made that many updates! This reset is an opportunity for everyone to experience the beginning content again and measure pacing with the new features. The game is still in beta and constantly being worked on – but our focus is now directed towards polish and smoothness. Find the patch notes below~


This is a new feature that allows you to actively fetch resources in the world of Factoria. It unlocks after defeating the first city, Bengali. The icon will appear in the bottom right, with a temporary icon. You can send out some spare tanks to find various resources, emblems, and maybe even Cores if you are lucky! There are 5 total slots to unlock. Light, Medium, Heavy, Artillery, and Tank Destroyer will all have different drop rates for resources, which you may discover over time. Hint: Light gives Oil!scouting_ss

Because of the influx of new resources, generators now produce less (300 per 8 hrs), but you can actively gain more by scouting. If player progression is impacted negatively, we can go back and continue balancing. Each character will keep a journal too, generating a random event every minute. You can read along to see how their mission is unfolding.

One of the most crucial features that we finally got around to making is the settings menu, found in the top left of your game screen. It will let you change graphics quality, audio settings, push notifications, and even Log Out! That means if you have multiple Google Play accounts, you can more easily swap between different save files. And if you’ve been crashing often, you can downscale the settings to accommodate your device.

The cash shop that we’ve kept closed thus far is now open (because data won’t be wiped anymore!). You can support the dev team by purchasing in-game Cores. It’s definitely not a requirement, so do it if you want to keep us afloat as we keep developing. And of course the option to watch ads will still reduce your construction timers.

NEW ART:Hetzers gonna hetz
If you follow closely on our social media, you’ll probably notice that there were lots of old characters being redrawn. We’re in the process of bringing up the bottom line for character quality, so the amazing Tenmuki has been hard at work redrawing. Redraws put in this patch include the:
– Hetzer
– Cruiser Mk II
– Mark V
– A7V
– T-50
– Sexton

– Tier 3 | Semovente Da 75/18
– Tier 4 | Centurion Mk1
– Tier 4 | Tog II
– Tier 4 | Tiger P
– Tier 4 | Elefant
– Tier 5 | Tiger II
– Tier 5 | Jagdtiger
– Tier 5 | T34-100
– Tier 5 | T30

– Medium Tanks are globally tankier now with a 20% HP buff across the board. This is in response to their weakly defined role in most armies.
– The Sherman Easy 8 ability is changed to a self buff: 50% damage and 20% attack speed
– The T34/85 ability is changed to a self buff: 60% armor and 30% evasion
– The Light tanks Chaffee and AMX13 have the “Inspire” offensive buff.
– Tier 4 and Tier 5 Light tanks have buffed HP.
Crusader III HP is buffed with an extra 20% evasion while the ability is active.
T-50 Rush ability also has an additional 20% evasion added.
Hetzer now has a single target 7 second stun ability. Hetzers gonna hetz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PORTAL OF CHAOS is temporarily closed until a handful of players have caught up again. It will probably open in a week or two!

Hope you guys enjoy the new content and continue to provide valuable feedback for us as we keep developing. You are all part of a wonderful community and we value your opinions deeply. Keep chatting with us on Facebook, report problems/suggestions on the forums, or even visit this Reddit page that no one pays attention to.

Happy Blitzing,


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