January 24th Patch

Hi Generals,

We’ve got a couple more balance changes coming through along with some requested quality of life fixes. Some unit ability adjustments were made to attack speed focused abilities, and the Jagdtiger’s damage scaling was increased a lot. Her scaling damage value was much lower than it should have been, which contributed to weaker performance in battle. In addition to that, Emblem upgrading will be made much easier now. You can tick a checkbox next to the Upgrade button which will keep sending upgrade requests for you. That way, you won’t have to click a million times to get to +15 . . . as long as you have currency.


-Jagdtiger damage scaling increased to 12.89
-Type 64 range increased from 15 -> 16
-Rapidfire duration increased from 5 -> 8 seconds
-Autoloader duration increased from 8 -> 14 seconds
-Autoloader cooldown increased from 15 -> 30 seconds
-Wretched Boss added to high level Portal of Chaos

QoL Improvement:

-Auto-upgrade emblems toggle is now available while upgrading emblems. Save your fingers from a thousand clicks!
-Portal of Chaos skip button is back. Skip battle a battle for 5 Cores (Up to 5 levels below your Lieutenant)
-Added clarification for abilities usable once per battle:

Bug Fixes:

-Fix for tank destroyer targeting bugs against enemy commanders
-Fix for 300 Loyalty redemption popup for users that have all available tanks
-Fix for issues around the oil consumption fix during battle loads (happens at Press to Start instead of in battle)

We’re testing out a major new feature that will roll out in a couple weeks. That’s why patch content has been pretty light so far. Also, a new character will be coming next week! She’s a cute one!



January 17th Patch Notes

Hi Generals,

This week’s patch is actually pretty small, as we do some more back-end overhauls. We’ve converted our Nutaku game’s page to full SSL (you can see the “Secure” icon next to the URL now). We also smoothed out our own build process a bit, and now every time a maintenance is happening, there will be a timer on the main screen. This will help players gauge how much longer until the game is back up.

Besides that, there are some balances put in for the Fortress ability and Greater XP Boosters are available!

Greater XP Booster

We handed out free samples of the Lesser XP Booster last week to make sure the new systems worked and to understand the effectiveness of the item. Plus, it was a nice New Years present for everyone. Now that we know everything works well, you can stock up on a premium version in the shop if you so choose. The Greater XP Booster can be found in the Packages tab of the store. Each bundle comes with three +100% XP Boosters, each lasting 24 hours.

In addition to that, we replaced one of the Daily Calendar stamps with a Lesser XP Booster. You will see the 14th day now contains one!

New Features:

-E-75 Added to Recruit store, factory, and standard drop tables
-Greater XP Booster added to store – Get THREE 24 hour boosters that boost XP gain by 100%


-Replaced the 14th login stamp on the Daily Calendar with a Lesser XP Booster.
-Fortress 4 & 5 Initial cooldown reduced to 5 seconds
-Fortress 5 Damage Reduction 40% -> 50%
-Fortress 5 Range Bonus 50% -> 40%

QoL Change:

-Abilities that are one-time use say so in ability description (Aegis, Last Stand, etc ..)

Look forward to new events and some major features soon!



January 10th Patch Notes!

Hi Generals,

It has been a few weeks since our last patch, so I know everyone is itching for new content. Especially after the extension for the event, many of you are pretty tired I’m sure! Well that’s okay, as you will have a couple weeks to relax before our next event (Valentines?!). Between now and then, we will still be releasing new characters and working on more large scale content. This week we are taking down the Christmas event finally, and introducing a new character. We’re releasing characters a bit differently this time, giving supporters a first chance to grab at her with a guaranteed early bird package. Supporters help keep this game alive and running, and we very much appreciate your presence in Factoria!

E-75, Lucy

E-75 (Lucy) is available through a limited time package that will go away in 5 days. Afterwards, she will be entering the standard Recruit table just like normal. This should alleviate the RNG factor for people that used to burn thousands of Cores without getting the new release. If you’re aiming to get her, make sure to grab that E-75 Early Bird Pack! Here’s a preview of her tank page:

  • Full relationship story with skins! (H-scene on Nutaku)
  • Fortress Lv. 5 ability
  • HP Scaling: 105 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 12 per level
  • Armor Scaling: 2 per level

XP Boosters?!

There has been long standing discussion about experience gain and the long grind at later levels (>40). We’re working on a system that will help boost exp even further, and is additive with Duplicate bonuses. To test out the new feature, we’ve sent everyone 3x Lesser Exp Boosters. They last 6 hours, and increase XP gain by an additional 50%! Consider this a New Years gift, and congratulations for being a loyal Armor Blitz fan! We’ll expand on the system, as well as new Inventory systems later. We have big plans to expand on the inventory functionality to do lots of new stuff, so expect to be collecting more interesting items in the future!

Another change we’ve made to help alleviate scaling issues with enemies is slowing down Lieutenant leveling. The rate at which your Lieutenant gains XP is now equivalent to a Tier 4 unit, rather than Tier 3. This means your army should be better able to keep pace with content like Invasions. For high level people that already blew past the mid-tier… sorry you won’t be able to fully experience this change. But for newer players it should help!

New Features:

-E-75 now available through Early Bird Pack! She will enter Recruit table next week.
-Exp booster item and new inventory tab (Others) added.


-Player’s Lieutenant level now scales at the rate of a Tier 4 character, instead of Tier 3 to help balance content progression.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed issue that caused people to lose oil when crashing during battle loading!
-Fixed a crash when getting redirected to purchase oil before battle
-Minor visual fixes

Look forward to new events and some major features soon!



Android Nutaku Version Launched!

Viktor is ready to play.

It’s a Christmas miracle everyone! After many trials and tribulations, we’ve finally managed to get out a Nutaku-synced Android build. You can download it now from their mobile site when you visit the Nutaku.net homepage on your phone (NSFW link). This new app version will behave just like the existing builds on web and Android. Nutaku players can now play on the go, keeping their data synced up between web browser and phone.

Christmas Event Extension

Because of the influx of new users, we are going to add an additional 7 days to the event so new Android players can get a chance at some rewards. For existing players… Merry Christmas, and enjoy the freebie extension. This should help you roll a few extra Soviet packs, or ease up on the grind if you need to take some time off for the holidays.

New Event End Date: January 11th

December 20th – Small Maintenance Update

Hi Generals,

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas event so far! The patch this week is very light (as far as the Nutaku web version goes). It’s mostly consisted of back-end improvements and optimizations, as well as a few unit balances. In short, most of the things we changed aren’t visible on surface level.

Android is going to have a delayed patch due to some other issues that have sprouted up. But when it does go up (a few hours later probably), it will have all of these changes too.


  • Comet, Astrid
    -Evasion buffed from 12% -> 17%
    -HP scaling buffed from 63 -> 65 per level
  • T30, Nira
    Attack Speed buffed 0.2 -> 0.25
    Base HP buffed from 465 -> 500
  • Super Pershing, Sarah
    Armor Scaling buffed from 1.25 -> 1.35 per level

Bug Fixes:

-Performance optimizations for Android players
-Fixed emulator and low end Android device’s streamed image loading. (Announcements and story scene backgrounds would sometimes get blurry)
-Fixed the missed descriptions for abilities that buff armor. The word “armor” is replaced with “damage reduction.”
-Fixed error in Leopard 1a1’s welcome line
-Fixed soft lock if player tried to spin wheel without having enough Cores.
-Other minor visual bugs

Photoshop Contest Winners!

WOOOOOO! It was a great social media event and participation was so much higher than expected! If you haven’t seen all of the submissions yet, they can be viewed here.┬áIn short, the idea was to use your favorite editing software or traditional medium to create a piece of propaganda around Armor Blitz. I’m really proud of you all for putting in such an effort. Even if you didn’t win a Core prize, I’ve seen and appreciated all of the entries… so you’ve won my heart. Because of the amount of wonderful pieces there are, we made some extra honorable mention categories that will also receive rewards.


#1 (2000 Cores) @Epsellis from Twitter

#2 (1000 Cores) Yllithian from Discord

#3 (500 Cores) Crimrose from Discord

Honorable Mentions (250 Cores each)

Best Animated Gif: Pterry on Discord

Patriotism Award: annieiscutest on Discord

Best Parody: Nita on Discord (Inspired by a classic Captain America comic!)

Best Minimalistic: KatyushaEvolved on Discord

Best Wallpaper: Joe on Discord

If you were a winner, I’ll be pm’ing you on your site of submission to get more details to credit the rewards. Congrats! Everyone did fantastic!



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