Character Design: Neubaufahrzeug

NeubaufahrzeugIntroducing the Neubaufahrzeug heavy tank! This vehicle was an early German heavy tank prototype that was armed with multiple turrets in combat. Only 5 were ever made and were primarily used for propaganda purposes.

For the character design, I wanted to give her very heavy armor as a slow heavy tank, and she is armed with her two mini turrets: one held on the right hand and the other on the back. She also has an ahoge hair on her head — very cute!

Character Design: Crusader

crusader_testThe Crusader is a early British cruiser tank that participated in WWII mainly in the North Africa campaign. For the character’s design, I tried to give a more light brown/beige color scheme to give it the desert vibe. To give the character some contrast, instead of an all brown color scheme when you view the character in combat, I added a dark beret so the tank is more visible in battle.

Challenge Through Timers

While we worked on the map side of the game, one of the biggest questions was how best to design the resource collection and timer mechanics.

resource collection

As you take cities, oil wells, and mines, they gradually provide you resources as you progress.

While progressing through battles there are two factors that can delay the player: oil and repair costs. Oil is used for each battle, with higher oil costs for rougher terrain (such as snow). The player can compensate for this by searching and taking the time to take over more oil wells along the map.

war progressionWork in progress army UI

As you fight battles, the tanks that get destroyed have a repair timer that will gradually fix your vehicles for battle. The idea was to motivate players to play smart to reduce their losses in battle.

Surprisingly, this creates a very interesting effect that challenges the player. While some players may play conservatively to delay and wait until full power to fight battles, aggressive players can try to keep continuing the battle with less units to advance forward.

This means that the player will have to not only reduce losses but also win battles with fewer and fewer units as they progress. Without reducing difficulty of the battle tiles, it makes it more challenging for the players themselves.


Progress Update

Hi, this is Kevin. To update you on our current progress, as of now, we finally have a working flow of the game. Over the next several weeks, we will be building various contents and doing heavy internal testing. With this, we are growing closer and closer to first close public alpha. One last remaining bit that stands in our way is story scripting and tutorial so that people can easily learn how to play the game and navigate through all the features in our game.

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