Item System

Hi, Kevin here to introduce another system that our game has: equipment. Equipment raises certain stats allowing your tank to specialize in a certain role or make it more well rounded. As of now, we currently have 3 equipment types which include gun, armor, and treads. Gun modifies offensive stats, armor modifies defensive stat and treads modify mobility stats. Now its up to you to figure out how to equip your tanks to give the best efficiency and make your own custom ultimate deck!

Enemy Units

evil reskinsFor enemy units we plan to have corrupted evil tank versions, so with the current vehicles, I have added reskin “evil” versions with cracks in their armor and a purple glow.

Besides corrupted tanks, we’re also planning to add more “monstrous” enemies that will reveal more about the world as the player progresses further in the game.


Progress Update

Hi, this is Kevin,


I am here to assure you that progress is well underway. We finally have progression where player can fight through multiple battles, gain new cards and equip them. Furthermore, units can be leveled up to current maximum level of 50. We are getting closer and closer to having final product every hour and it is an excitement to everyone on our team. Some of the features that we are currently working on include equipment for your tanks, upgrading, recycling, dialogue with your tanks and many more! So stay tuned and I will be back with further update later this week.

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