Stationary Defenses

Besides walls and mines, we also want to have more stationary challenges in the game to add variation of gameplay. Rather than all battles simply devolving into destroying the enemy army and taking out the enemy general, we also want to have more “defensive” enemy challenges. For a defensive challenge, rather than sending hordes of enemy forces, the enemy will focus on heavy defensive structures to protect its general. Rather than focusing on destroying the player’s general, those challenges would focus more on outlasting your army.

In the meantime, here is a low poly corrupted machine gun bunker.

Now you may wonder, what’s with the cat? When we were designing the game for “moe anthropormorphic tanks,” we came with the concept of embodiment of a weapon’s soul. So each girl is a soul of a tank, but for smaller weapons like rifles and rocket launchers we decided to go with small, cute animals as the souls for those type of units.

Perhaps we should have sword wielding puppies and catapult girls for a blast from the past version?

Future testing process

Hi, this is Kevin.

With the summer heat rolling in, we are getting evermore close to beta release of our game. For many of our close beta testing, we will be running through google plus accounts. If you would like to participate and get further news on progress of the game developement, please like and follow our facebook page. We will also have many events prior to launch and give out many things to help you start the game.

Designing Game Mechanic Specialties

For Armor Blitz, we have a variety of different armored vehicles (light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, tank destroyer, and artillery). While they all have basic strengths and weaknesses, their interactions with each other is what truly defines their role in battle. Rather than just simple stats, we are designing these vehicles to have ability specific specialties in the game. That said, this is still in the early testing phases so everything is subject to change on release.

Light Tanks

portrait_character_renault_FTLight tanks are the cheap and fast units in the game. While they have inferior stats, they compensate for it with low cost and extreme speed. With their low supply cost, they can accumulate in large numbers to help push a portion of a lane. For higher tier tanks (4 and 5 star rarity) we will be focusing on the following aspects in special abilities.

Speed: Speed boost and attack range reduction to run past the enemy lines and reach the enemy commander.

Disable and Stuns: Temporary slows and stuns to cripple enemy vehicles. Design wise, we don’t want light tanks to be the best primary killers in the game, but they should be crucial units to support other allies. They also pack a natural armor-chip passive on each hit.

Medium Tanks

portrait_character_cromwellMedium tanks are the most well rounded vehicle with decent speed and moderate firepower. Out of all the different types of armored vehicles, it will have the least amount of specialization and have a variety of abilities that other vehicles types already possess. They have a high base damage value, but not much armor penetration. This makes them highly effective against Light Tanks and Tank Destroyers, but not Heavies.

Evasion: Rather than tanking like Heavies, Medium tanks can become more mobile to dodge attacks. It’s a powerful defensive ability that makes some Medium tanks almost as durable as a Heavy.

Attack Speed: Some tanks will have an auto-loading mechanism in the form of an active ability, inspired by WWII auto-loaders. This lets them temporarily boost attack speed.

Heavy Tanks

portrait_character_mausHeavy tanks are the powerful, but slow moving units in the game. They can either help by pushing the line against the enemy, or be used to temporarily stall the enemy’s advance until you can reinforce your line.

Armor Buff/Temporary Invulnerability: Huge temporary defensive buffs to hold off enemy units. This is done with armor, or temporary invulnerability. As a trade-off, invulnerability will cause the user to brace down and stop moving.


Tank Destroyers

portrait_character_elefentTank Destroyers hold a special place as a pure DPS unit. They have a high amount of armor penetration that can nullify the defensive capabilities of a Heavy tank. Their base damage is relatively high, albeit lower than a Medium tank’s. As long as its covered by a strong frontline, a Tank Destroyer is the go-to Heavy killer. Their ability is dedicated to dishing out a lot of damage to a single opponent.

Focus Shot: A focused attack that deals bonus damage or ignores armor. High tier tank destroyers have the power to one-shot most tanks with their active abilities.


portrait_character_wespeArtillery is the long range support unit. It deals splash damage to enemies near each other. They have a low base damage, and not much armor penetration, but if enemies are crowded then an artillery shot can quickly clear them out. They also have the benefit of boasting the longest range out of any unit. This makes for a safe and consistent barrage of damage to rely on.

AoE Blast: Focus a single attack towards a large area to clear out stacked enemies.

Progress update and future announcement schedule.

Hi, I am Kevin, I am sorry for not posting anything last week Friday without any notice. From now on, I will only be making posts on Monday in order to focus more on building current content. As of now, we have finished basic outline of early portion of the tile. Furthermore, with Factory close to being finalized, we are nearing point where the core game mechanics are nearly complete. Over the summer, we plan on focusing on polishing various aspects of the UI and running further internal testing in order to improve user accessibility and UI transitions. If you would like to help with internal testing and provide us with valuable feedback, please like our facebook page and keep up with the news updates as we will be putting details of testing in the future. Thank you.

Adding Environment Challenges

While designing the combat, one thing we realized was that while the combat felt robust, the game felt very repetitive. A particular reason is because the standard combat it was simply a tug of war against waves of tanks. While this can be challenging using abilities, it can feel old if all battles are like that.

Thus, we decided to add in combat terrain obstacles to add different challenges without significant technical feature changes.


A few of these examples are walls and mines that can affect the map terrain in combat. Walls can obstruct and delay your forces while mines force the player to strategically position their vehicles so they can minimize the damage. Later on we intend to also add in stationary turrets and bunkers that will help provide supporting fire for the enemy.

While the game’s combat objective is still the same (kill the commander), it adds a different challenge where the player is fighting to break through an enemy fortress before they run out of units in battle. This will allow us to make more offensive/siege type of battles in the game.

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