Tank Girls’ Profile Design


Hi everyone,  this is Ni, the design from Armor Blitz. Today I want to share the design of the tank girl profile page and the deck collection page. As you can see above, the tank girl profile page consists of 4 parts: (1) Tank name, rating, type, TP(tank points), level and Exp. (2) Tank status & specialty ability. (3) The equipments, including gun, armor and tread.  (4) The tank portrait, including 2D illustration and 3D modelings.

As for the deck collection screen below, it’s showing the tank girls and the general you have in one deck. You can select damaged tank girls and repair them using resources, and you can also replace a member with another tank girl within your entire tank collections. Sorting your tank girls by level, type or tank points will help you better plan out your strategy for combats.

I’m excited to see more and more tank girls joining the game! In the future we will add more description about these tanks’ history and stories behind them. Time to learn and have fun! ;D


Character Design: Sturmtiger

Hi everyone, here is the upcoming Sturmtiger unit in the game!


I did the 3d modeling while Keidi did the 2d art design for this character. For the Sturmtiger, I wanted it to be very heavily armored so I gave this character large armored shoulder plates for the character. For the design to be more like a “tiger” I gave it mechanical cat ears as well as a tail! :3

From a mechanics perspective this character is very interesting. Historically, the Sturmtiger was designed a powerful short range weapon to destroy buildings and heavy defenses. Thus we made it have extremely short range, high armor and high damage. This made the unit actually surprisingly vulnerable to longer ranged units which would fire at the Sturmtiger as it moved past (because the Sturmtiger has low range, it essentially only aggros units directly in front of them). This made the vehicle very specialized to only very specific situations, such as a large enemy boss structure, heavy defensive turrets and to destroy specific units. At the same time, it is very bad at handling most tank battles because it has to get close range to fire.

While it’s still early, I believe this vehicle would most likely be swapped in and out only to handle specific battles rather than an all rounded unit… but we will see. 🙂

Monday Post!

Hi all this is Kevin.

We are continuously working hard on non combat related features and different features to increase user intuitiveness. Although I have no demonstration videos, currently, the flow between all the UI transitions to combat is being worked on. For progression from various battles, we will be using nested battles where we have a tile and multiple battles of different enemies will be in each battles.

Also, we are also at work with level scaling and stat scaling.

Hopefully I have few demonstrable video for you all this Friday!

Designing 3d character models

As the sole 3d artist for Armor Blitz, one of the design challenges is to make enough variety of character models and have them animated within our limited time and resources. Thus instead of crafting each character individually, I decided to make the characters “modular”. In this case, the characters had the same facial shape and expressions are texture swaps, so we could reuse the head and body on different characters.


Sturmtiger 3d model work in progress

From there I use this framework to add the mechanical parts and hairstyles to make the unit unique and go from there. While it does require repainting the textures, it actually becomes easier and quicker as I finish more characters because I can simply take parts and essentially “lego” the character models together. That way I can create a variety of characters at a good pace while maintaining a standardized style.

Current State of Programming

Hi all, this is Kevin

As many of you know, we had our first public testing past two weeks. We have gotten some very nice feedbacks and we are currently working on making improving and experimenting with different mechanics that are in the game. One mechanic that we found that confused many player was the flare mechanic. When flare lands on a unit, it causes your tanks within certain proximity to target the unit. However, because they use the same radial prep indicator as the damage ability, many people thought that it was simply a larger AOE attack.

Furthermore, work is being started on many of the campaign and progression features of the game and we’ll have demo to display real soon!

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