New features: Structures and multi turret.

Hi, this is Kevin.

As many of you already know, many tanks in World War 2 had multiple turrets in order to have one tank be able to engage multiple targets. This is seen in tanks such as T28 from Soviet Union, M3 Lee from the US, Churchill from Britain, and O-I which was an experimental super heavy tank from Japan. In order to simulate these multi turreted tanks, we are currently working on a system to allow one unit to engage multiple units at once. This will also give us a way to construct structure units such as machine gun nests, bunkers, turrets, obstacles, etc.

We will provide demonstration of these features in the near future so stay tuned!

Character Design: Elefant



The Ferdinand, or more well known as the Elefant, is a powerful German tank destroyer. For this character, the 2d art was actually done by Keidi Ran. ^_^

To help differentiate the design from normal tanks. I wanted tank destroyers to look more distinct, so instead of the standard turret hand grip weapon, I had the character duel wield a large cannon. Beside’s showing the player that the vehicle is a different type, I felt that duel wielding the weapon also justifies its slower rotation speed in combat, since tank destroyers were mostly self propelled guns with no rotating turret.

From a costume design standpoint, I decided to give this character a maid uniform though I added red arm stripe to show that it is a German unit.

New Combat Test Video!

Hi, this is Kevin again. I know that I haven’t posted any new game play videos and that was because we were testing various aspects of the combat and nothing was finalized. However, after ConJaNai testing, we finally have a combat system that represents our final combat system. I hope this gets people more excited for our game!


Con Ja Nai public testing

Hi all! This is Kevin. I am happy to announce that we have our first on site public alpha testing! We are thankful for University of Michigan Anime Club for hosting Con Ja Nai where we will be holding the testing. If you are in the area and want to participate, check us out in the game room. I hope to see you there. If you cannot make it, don’t fret, we will have more ways for our fans to check the game out before release.

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