Armor Blitz is Evolving!

A New Era of Tank Girls is Coming

It’s been a long time since our last patch and blog update. Since then, we’ve left the Armor Blitz community in the dark while we revamped the whole game. If you hang out in our Discord community, you may have heard about a few of the changes that we are working on. As outlined in previous blog posts, the dev team has been working towards redoing pretty much the whole game and recreating it with server-driven logic and more scalable systems. In addition to that, we’ve undertaken the huge challenge of porting the game to a new platform that is globally accessible!

New Platform Coming Soon!

Armor Blitz will soon be compatible with browsers, so all users can enjoy the game from the comfort of their computers. Though there was significant technical hurdles, and a complete overhaul of all game systems, we have things up and running — and it’s pretty smooth! We’re very excited to have new players be able to experience Armor Blitz in its new and updated format. The location that the browser build will be hosted on will be announced … very soon! Keep an eye out!

Delisting from the Google Play Store for a few weeks

Due to the nature of the patch and platform we are porting to, we will be delisting the game from the Google Play Store for the next few weeks. What this means is that you will not be able to redownload the game during the downtime. The servers will stay on though, so if you are an old player, you can keep on playing! Just make sure you keep the current build on your phone!

The reason for the downtime will be very apparent in coming days. We’re working on an option to link data from your existing Android account to the new platform — this means you can play from anywhere (computer or mobile) and keep your data consistent. More news on how to do this, will be coming soon as well!   After a mixture of technical hurdles and platform conflicts, we won’t be able to migrate existing Android data onto the Nutaku platform. This means that new users on Web browser will have to play using a fresh account. We know this is disappointing, and we’re super sorry! Check out the latest blog post for more details on compensation and pre-registration gifts.

Lily, w-what are you wearing?!

Armor Blitz Reborn

Because of all of the time we’ve had to overhaul our game, we were able to make many of the balance and feature changes that users requested. A lot of the game still looks the same on surface level, but it’s much more polished and performs more efficiently. One of the new features is a way to reskin some of your favorite characters, and experience a whole new level of depth revealing more tank girl personalities! I mean… just look at that beautiful Chieftain on the right!

Our new main menu Base screen was also teased awhile back on social media. It will serve as the new headquarters from which you operate your army from. It will take some getting used to, but I promise you’ll love it! The world map still exists in its usual form, but you can complete many of your daily tasks (like construction and scouting) from Base!

Full game change patch notes will come out on the day of the big patch. We are of course continually working on it, adding as many features and polish as possible. Keep an eye out, for some huge announcements VERY VERY SOON!

TL;DR — Don’t uninstall Armor Blitz from your phone for the next few weeks! There’s some huge changes on the horizon. Thanks for being patient, players and fans!

-David (Umbrare)


April 11th Patch – ANZAC Event!

Hey Generals,

Armor Blitz is taking a month to honor the Australian/New Zealand holiday of ANZAC Day! It’s a lesser known commemoration of military action around the world, but in Australia and New Zealand it’s one of the most important days to remember. It’s a celebration of their first major independent military action, back in World War I. To mark this very important national tradition, in Armor Blitz we will gather Badges, a symbol of honor for the fallen warriors at Gallipoli.

The event will last from today until May 9th. Check the Missions > Event screen to see all the reward tiers. There are a lot! Notable Rewards:

  • At 100 badges    – Earn Kiwi, a Lvl. 1 Bob Semple (Tier 1).
  • At 1,000 Badges – Earn Kiwi, a Lvl. 10 Bob Semple
  • At 2,000 Badges – Earn Kiwi, a Lvl. 20 Bob Semple
  • At 3,000 Badges – Earn Kiwi, a Lvl. 30 Bob Semple
  • At 4,000 Badges – Earn Kiwi, a Lvl. 40 Bob Semple
  • At 5,000 Badges – Earn Chloe, AC4 Sentinel (Tier 4)
  • At 6,000 Badges – Earn a Random Tier 4 to 5  Emblem
  • At 7,000 Badges – Earn a Random Tier 5 Emblem
  • At 8,000 Badges – Earn a Random Tier 4 to 5 Unit
  • At 9,000 Badges – Earn a Random Tier 5 Emblem
  • At 10,000 Badges – Earn a Random Tier 5 Unit

There is no such thing as too much Kiwi! She will try her best, even if deep down inside she knows she’s just a tractor.

As for the rest of the patch notes, there’s not much besides just a few minor bug fixes. All of the rest of the improvements are still packaged together with the revamped Armor Blitz that we’re working on. Thank you for being patient, as always. Big things are in the works!

Mandy’s Shop Has New Arrivals!

Mandy called in for some backup, and it arrived in force. We’ve added in 5 new Tier 5 units to the store. They aren’t easy to get, but they are certainly powerful! GW Tiger is even inspired by a community design by @Pidgi on our Discord server. Who’s your favorite?

- Lina, Leopard 1a1 (Tier 5)
- Lily, FV4201 Chieftain (Tier 5)
- Claudia, E-100 (Tier 5)
- Ivonne, GW Tiger (Tier 5)
- Seren, FV4005 Stage II (Tier 5)
- Dawn, M6A1 (Tier 3)
- Emiko, Type 95 (Tier 3)

Patch Notes

New Event:
– ANZAC event is in session! Commemorate the national holiday of Australia and New Zealand’s first military action.
Collect Badges to earn rewards like the Bob Semple tractor tank, and AC4 Sentinel!

New Units:
– Kiwi, Bob Semple (EVENT)
– Chloe, AC4 Sentinel (EVENT)
– Lina, Leopard 1a1 (Tier 5)
– Lily, FV4201 Chieftain (Tier 5)
– Claudia, E-100 (Tier 5)
– Ivonne, GW Tiger (Tier 5)
– Seren, FV4005 Stage II (Tier 5)
– Dawn, M6A1 (Tier 3)
– Emiko, Type 95 (Tier 3)

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed bug in which entering Recycling or Upgrading screen with 0 units in Reserves caused a freeze.
– Fixed a bug causing the Siegfried Boss’s portraits to not properly load.

Also, have a great Easter Holiday too! Although ANZAC is totally a more important event 🙂

-David (Umbrare)

(April 1st) Armor Blitz Update: Rocket/Missile Class

Equalizing the Playing Field

Hello everyone! It’s been a long hard journey so far in developing our title, and we’ve received quite a lot of feedback along the way. One of the improvements that we will be rolling out is more innovative and unique classes. And because of the rapidly evolving sociopolitical climate, equalizing the playing field for players from all walks of life is becoming one of our priorities in the studio. The current ratio of female to male characters in our game is a staggering 100 : 0  … which is simply unacceptable!

Armor Blitz is proud to reveal our new upcoming class of weapon in the game, rockets and long range missiles! Since we have tank girls, we’re introducing powerful and handsome missile boys into the world of Factoria.

To start off, there are 3 new characters: the V-2 Rocket, V1 Flying Bomb (Doodlebug), and the R-1 Missile.

Unlike other traditional vehicles, these characters are activated similar to abilities. Select your target and the character will fire their projectile directly at the target. Their missiles will penetrate through enemy lines and deliver their long range arsenal directly to the enemy commanders in a devastating explosion!

The ramifications of this update are huge: first of all, we will have a fresh source of testosterone on the world of Factoria, something that the world has been severely lacking.  Second, it let’s us venture into a whole new world of character archetypes, that will bring us closer than ever to our anime influences. Archetypes such as:

  • The dense male lead surrounded by girls
  • An all-powerful hero who has never lost a battle
  • The mysterious character, who has never spoken a word, but always saves the day
  • The lucky guy – with absolutely no talent or skills, yet manages to win every fight

This is only the beginning of the future of Armor Blitz. We will continue to keep bringing in more of these male units until we hit a satisfactory ratio of 50:50 female to male characters. I hope everyone is happy with these changes moving forward. Us here in the Armor Blitz Team see this as a vital step towards bringing true balance to the game.

-Armor Blitz Team

March 7th Development Update

Hey Generals,

The month of February is long over, and with it our Valentines event too. It was the longest event yet, with a whole 4 weeks to gather 8,000 Hearts. The rewards included the Valentine X tank and delicious Emblems of Delight. If you didn’t get a chance to get these Tier 5 Damage items, then you’re out of luck. It’s finally time for a break between events. You won’t have to worry about grinding for items for the next few weeks. I appreciate everyone making such a wonderful effort.

Development Update

Although there was a small patch today to take down the event, we didn’t add any new features (I know, very sad ;_;) . The overhaul is still in full effect, and we’re still revamping the entire code base into a more scalable engine for future content. You probably won’t see a lot of the changes on the surface (besides optimizations and speed), but pretty much the entire game has been rewritten so far.

In the last patch notes on Feb. 7th, I already listed a few of the features that would be made possible with a completely server-run model. Currently, what our new code supports is: exchangeable Lieutenant avatars, multiple army decks, sortable unit screens, tiering up units/items, and DPS factoring into scouting runs. On top of that, we will have more tools to create new content and update the game on the fly. If there’s a bug in a unit’s stats, we can fix it extremely fast. Plus, we already shared the new main menu layout on social media.

I know there’s a lot of bug reports that we’ve gotten in the past month. I appreciate everyone’s diligence in reporting these to us: thank you! They should all be fixed with the overhaul, because right now slowing down to fix old code is not worth the time when the sun on the horizon is so close.

… Pretty much us right now.

So… when is it coming?

Last time we gave an optimistic time estimate (which was late March), for when this big patch would come out. Unfortunately, that’s not looking like reality right now. The reason we have to push back the deadline a bit is due to research on alternate platforms. The biggest challenge at this point is making sure multiple platforms can be updated at the same time and keep user data in sync. We also have to make sure all users can play with each other, no matter what platform and location. Our technical overhaul is also making this possible since we are rewriting so much of the code anyways.

For now, there’s no concrete time on when the big update is coming. But – it will be worth it, I promise!

In the meantime,

Have a preview of some content in the pipeline. See if you can guess these characters (the third one is already spoiled)!

Keep hanging out in Discord and gamble some flowers with NataliaBot. Lots of wonderful community members group up for games, share tank history, and post memes rampantly. Come and join the fun!

All the best,

David (Umbrare)

February 7th Patch – Valentine’s Event!

Hey Generals,

This week we’re opening up our third event in honor of Valentine’s Day! After HQ had a wonderful Lantern festival with all of the lanterns gathered by players, it’s time for some new festivities to take place. The most lovely time of the year, February calls for chocolate and gifts to show your affection. In Armor Blitz, gather Hearts throughout the map AND in Portal of Chaos now. HQ will lovingly award you with exclusive gifts as you hit each Heart milestone. Take a look in the Missions screen to see what’s available. Here’s a few of the key goodies:

  • At 3,000 Hearts – Earn the Valentine Mk. X (Tier 4).
  • At 4,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star random emblem.
  • At 5,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star random emblem.
  • At 6,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star exclusive emblem: Emblem of Delight!
  • At 7,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star exclusive emblem: Emblem of Delight!
  • At 8,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star exclusive emblem: Emblem of Delight!

Here’s a brief introduction to the Valentine Mark X, courtesy of community member Badlaz0rcat.

The continuation of the Valentine series of infantry tanks, the Valentine Mark X was the production version of the upgunned Valentine variants. The Mark X was equipped with a newly designed turret that housed the 6-pdr as well as a coaxial Besa machine gun which was not able to be fitted into the turrets of the previous upgunned Valentines. The tried and true GMC 6004 engines that were used on previous two Marks were also used on Mark X with some of the 1800 built using a version with 165 hp over the slightly weaker 135 hp version. The Mark X and 6-pdr versions were produced and used until 1945.

The Valentine’s Event will last a whole 4 WEEKS, which should be more than enough time to get some yummy chocolates for your tank girls.

The rest of the patch notes are below – it is exceptionally light this week since we are so busy with the overhauls. But we did fix one small bug that was making Tank Destroyers far too powerful. Sorry, TD lovers!

Patch Notes

New Event:
– Valentine’s Day event is in progress! Collect Hearts throughout Factoria to earn rewards from HQ.
– Hearts are found in normal battles and also Portal of Chaos now!

New Unit:
– Valerie, Valentine Mk. X is available for the Valentine’s event.

Bug Fix:
– Penetration stat calculation fixed. Enemy armor could be reduced into the negatives which led to unreasonable bonus damage.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Hand out some chocolates and bring love to the world! Or you can just settle with collecting Hearts for your waifus. That’s cool too 🙂


David (Umbrare)

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