Nov. 6th Patch

Hi Generals,

This is a small maintenance patch today. Just making sure event features are turned off and promo banners are swapped correctly. Sorry for the delays and taking precious tank girl time away from you all.

Next week, the Thanksgiving event will return! Look forward to that one!

Patch Notes

  • Removed Halloween event promos

Armor Blitz Lucky Neko Pack!

Hey folks, the new Lucky Neko Pack that is a limited time exclusive is available now. Just check your main base screen where the packs usually show up. It’s $30 and the drop list of tanks includes:

  • M3 Satan (Edna)
  • PT-76 (Eliza)
  • M3 Halftrack (Julie)
  • Type 62 (Hong)
  • WZ-122 (ShanHe)
  • T29 (Varilyn)
  • AMX-50 (Louise)
  • Lowe (Kristy)
  • Object 279 (Ulyana)
  • WZ-111 (XiFeng)
  • ASU-57 (Polina)
  • Flammpanzer 38 (Wendy)
  • GMC T95 (Tessa)
  • ISU-152 (Roza)
  • Charioteer (Ciara)
  • T-100 (Nailah)
  • Karl-Gerat (Thor)
  • Karl-Gerat (Odin)
  • Karl-Gerat (Loki)
  • Karl-Gerat (Wotan)
  • Lorraine 155 mle (Lorraine)
  • Matilda Hedgehog (Sonya)
  • Katyusha
  • Panzerwerfer (Minnie)

The pack expires on Nov 1st, so get cracking!

October 16th Patch – Halloween!

Hello Generals!

It’s October again, and that means Halloween is here! The delicious holiday filled with candy, costumes, and scares is back! You have the chance to earn all FOUR of the Halloween exclusive tanks: M3 Satan, Panzerwerfer, T-100, and Flammpanzer 38.

They all cost a mixture of the Halloween resources and are found in the event milestones page, or the event exchange shop. You will need a mixture of Pumpkins, Spirits, Wings, and Bandages to redeem for gifts. As usual, fight battles on the event map to attain them!

Wendy the Flammpanzer and T-100 Nailah are ALSO available in the Recruiting drop table at a highly boosted rate! They have their own category with a 1% rate in standard Recruit, and 3% in Premium Recruit!

The event will last until November 6th, giving you three weeks to grind them out. Get going!

Patch Notes

  • October Halloween Event is active until Nov. 16th! Get the spooky Halloween tanks to add to your platoon!
  • Bug Fix on Wotan’s skill that would cause 2x too much damage on the explosion. It should now properly apply the 100% damage bonus on the explosion.


Oct. 2nd Patch

Hello Generals!

We have a small patch today just to turn off the event content in preparation for the next one. In a couple weeks, the yearly Halloween characters will be returning for a spooktacular haunting! Minnie and Edna the flame tanks will be up for grabs once again!

Also for this week, we have a great power up pack available to celebrate October! It contains an Armor, Crit Rate, and Range emblem along with a 5-star tank!

Patch Notes

  • Turned off Loki/Wotan Karl-Gerat event
  • New pack available for this week: Oktoberfest Pack


Sept. 11th Patch

Hello Generals!

Today we are launching a new event to bring back the trickster goddess, Loki! She is available to earn in the event through the usual method of filling up the milestone bar. But a new goddess graces our presence this time: the mighty new Karl-Gerat tank – Wotan! She is a sister similar to Odin (Wotan and Odin mean the same thing in mythology). They both have the power of true sight and can see the future.

Wotan’s ability rather than exploding on impact, actually pierces through enemies and explodes past them. This means the potential damage area extends further back than Odin’s Gungnir. Wotan’s True Sight is more difficult to utilize than Odin, since the angle of attack will greatly affect its trajectory. For that reason, she only costs 6 gears.

Wotan can be obtained from 3 sources:

  • Spear of Wotan Pack
  • 10+1 Recruiting (boosted rate!)
  • Event exchange

Patch Notes

  • Added the Karl-Gerat Wotan 5* Artillery!
  • Loki Event is now active until Oct. 2nd


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