Armor Blitz is retiring

Dear Generals,

It has been a pleasure fighting alongside you all for the past 4 years. Armor Blitz is a passion project born from our love of anime, games, and military hardware – passions that are shared with many of you. The team here at Gaudium / HaiNet is very small. Our team started building the infrastructure for the game when we were still in college. It allowed us to realize our love for game development and that we wanted to keep it going – so we did. We pushed forward and brought Armor Blitz to Android in late 2016, and then to Nutaku in 2017.  Most indie games fail, especially a team’s first launch. However, with all of your love and support, Armor Blitz was definitely not a failure. We’ve done our best throughout the years to keep the game up and running, even when costs outweighed profit.

From all the wonderful events we had to all of the memories we’ve made talking to the community, the development of Armor Blitz has been an unforgettable experience for us all. But for now, every game has it’s sunset and that time is now for Armor Blitz. We will be shutting down the Core purchasing in the game’s shop starting on March 3rd. Afterwards, the mobile and web versions of Armor Blitz will be taken offline on April 30th.

The game’s final month will put ALL limited edition tanks into the Recruitment pool. Also, every General will be receiving a large lump sum of Cores and daily Cores.

Our Discord servers will remain open even after the game is taken offline. The existing community will still be there and Nymbryxion and I (Umbrare) will be too. Thanks for hanging out with us for so long! As an expression of thanks, we’ve created a downloadable zip file containing all of the key splash arts that we’ve used. Feel free to use them as backgrounds or profile pics.

Armor Blitz Sunset Schedule:

March 3rd : Microtransactions disabled

April 30th : Game server takedown on Google Play and Nutaku

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    Give me lots of candy and blueprints to have fun! Thanks!

      We get 5000 cores daily, and the shop only cost 1 core per 20 candies. Good deal

    Ah, crap. I’ve been with this game from the day it launched on Nutaku, and it is so far the only one I didn’t abandon along the way thanks to its simple yet appealing gameplay. I will miss my daily Armor Blitz sessions while commuting to and from work.

    A big thankie to you you guys for the past five years and godspeed to whatever you plan to do in the future!

      I wish you all the best of luck on any future projects you work on. Be it together or apart, you all made a fun and amazing game. (^^)7

      Will it come back?

    I wish you all the best of luck on any future projects you work on. Be it together or apart, you all made a fun and amazing game. (^^)7

      I started playing Armor Blitz about a year and a half ago. At first, it was a game for me like any other mobile game for phones. I only played Armor Blitz during breaks at work or when I was going to the university by bus. But over time, I started to spend more and more time in this wonderful game. After a year of playing, I had to show off on Facebook how big “harem” I managed to create. I’m glad you made such a great game and I’m glad that I got to know so many anime tank girls.
      You guys did a great job.

    Nooooo why are yall shutting down this game is my love for war and cute anime girls thrown into 1 game It couldn’t get any better😭😭😭😭😭

  • I just started playing this game. Can I still play this offline after April 30?

    I love this game, just give me good stuff…
    Thank you

    This is really sad news, even though there were alerts long time ago. AB was my first gacha/moblie game that I played a lot. Too bad that we will not see the development of the story, that girls we love would disappear and that there will be no more winter OST.

    Nevertheless, you guys have done a great job! Being ambitious is cool, but being able to bring it to life is much cooler. I hope your next projects will bring you both joy and profit

    Will there finall be a final battle with the big boss?

    Thank you for the hard work

    i will buy the game for 810

    I would love if you could somehow still play the game offline somehow, with everything unlocked, but alas what you all decide is what you decide. I loved the game. I admittedly haven’t played since sometime last year, but I was into the game hardcore when it first launched and spent quite a lot of money for the cores a few years back. There are several girls I missed, and I’ll probably come back to the game during the final month to try and get the other girls I missed. It was super fun, I never beat the game and it will suck losing a lot of stuff I did put into it.

    But if you ever decide to put the game in some type of offline mode downloadable for us, that would be great.

    Another really good idea I think would be for you all to put into a folder ALL of the H-Scenes for all of the Tank Girls for us to be able to download so we can still view those scenes whenever we want, that way all the art, voice acting and such won’t disappear from the traces of this Earth and so we can enjoy them for the rest of days. I’d download it. Heck even if you guys sold it for like $20 I’d buy it to download it. I’ll keep coming back here in hopes you do decide to do something like this til the end.

    Thanks for everything!

    • that would be the best yes but I think it’s not that simple. the game would probably need to be completely rebuilt and that would be a lot of work.
      I think they could release the art and music as standalone for something like 10~20$ though.

      F 2 pay respect (`T_T)7

    (This is machine translation)
    Well, I knew the time would come when another Army comrade would leave us.

    It can be said that I came to nutaku for the sake of armored blitz.As for how I know about this game, I have to start with a friend of mine who is also a comrade in the army.

    In my country, there is a team that also loves military, animation and games. The number of their team is also very small. Like you, they only make games for love.

    That game has the same theme as yours. Its name is Panzer maiden and it was released on January 3, 2017.

    At the same time, as your younger generation, they won’t last as long as you do.

    They stopped updating as early as September 25, 2017 and shut down the server on August 8, 2020.

    In the meantime, they kept the server running and promised to create a sequel panzermaiden2. Unfortunately, panzermaiden2 also announced bankruptcy and server shutdown, and the team disappeared.

    After panzermaiden died completely, I complained to my friends. It was this opportunity that I learned about armor blitz.

    Compared with panzermaiden, armor blitz is better in playing method, but slightly inferior in drawing quality. At the same time, it doesn’t have much voice support. But this can be made up with a lot of drawing tanks, such as E75, E100, WZ series and so on.(it’s a pity there are no E50, wz113 and krv.)

    I love panzermaiden just as I love armor blitz. I like tanks, like playing tank of world and war thunder, like the fast-paced competition between the army without lack of strategic skills, and also like the game of personification of tanks.

    Unfortunately, none of my favorite tank personification games is still alive.After the game is not very in line with my interests.

    I beseech you can post a full body image of the character(many people’s images are incomplete. I’ve searched all the ways to get a complete image of people.), even if it costs $20 or more. In the future, through the inheritance of these two games, I will try to create a free fan game, let these games continue to shine on the stand-alone platform, let more people remember them, this is the last thing I can do.


    So will the game still be playable?

    So that’s why you gave me 100K Cores when u came back in but still Noooooo!! I regret very bad the last time I play was on 2020 but now it’s gonna be sad and still your very hard work has been laid to a rest I just want to say even tho you’re retiring at the end of April but I will never forget you and this game RIP o7 +REP.

    Pls just make it offline mode? I only just found it

    I quit quite a while before it shut down since I had too many things on my plate, only logging in every now and then, but I appreciated that you guys managed to keep the game running for so long while many other games came and went in a fraction of the time you guys managed to stay around, so thanks for the time and fun. 🙂

    Thank you guys for all you did. It’s very sad because It will be very hard to find a game like your. I started playing less then a year ago and I was just knocking on the door of Ocica. I didn’t know this game stayed online for so long, congratulations!
    Wish you will come back in some way or another, and wish you all the best luck

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