April 1st Patch – French Event!

Hello Generals,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a good April fools joke for you all this year, since the team is hard at work developing a new project. But we have decided to push up the French event! Partially because we have a highly requested new enhancement for a special French tank!

French Cuisine Event Ends on April 22nd

The good old French Cuisine event is back for the next 3 weeks! This event features the two tanks Louise (AMX-50) and Lorraine (Lorraine 155mle). The exchange shop also makes ARL44 available as a reward. If you don’t have them yet, then work hard! This event is very challenging to optimize properly since it has the most event resources yet.

After popular request, we put in an enhanced version of the AMX-40. You can now bring her up to 5-star tier! Her Deflect and Armor Shred skills will both be boosted to the tier 5 variant when you Enhance her. Requirements are:

  • Lvl 50
  • Max Relationship
  • 10,000 Metal
  • 500 Blueprints
  • 400 Enhancers

That’s it! And then you can quack in delight with Cana’s new capabilities.

Artillery Boosted Drop Rate

Last on the list today is a boosted drop rate sale featuring all of the 5-star artillery tanks! That includes prior event tanks! The only 5-star artillery that isn’t present is Lorraine, since she is currently active in the French Cuisine event.

If you were looking for a chance to get the Karl-Gerats, or maybe Katyusha/Panzerwerfer, then this would be the one.

Patch notes

  • French Cuisine Event is now active until Apr. 22nd!
  • Artillery Boosted Drop Rate Sale in the Gacha shop
  • Added enhancement for AMX-40, Cana!


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