Feb. 7th Patch – Isle of Broken Hearts

Hi Generals,

Daisy’s debut has concluded and now she is entering the standard Recruiting drop table. Hopefully everyone is having fun dropping her out of the sky to support your forward units! She loves helping out. February is a very busy month for us, as we have tons of events and features going on. Because Valentines Day and Chinese New Years line up so tightly, there will be a bit of overlap. On Feb. 14th, we will start a special event in cooperation with the Attack on Moe developers! It will make use of a whole new system we’ve been working on that overhauls the unit construction process. More details on that later.

Valentines Event

There are three unique rewards this event. The Valentine Mk X, which was available last year, is back again. Get her in the milestone segment when you gift 90,000 points worth of items to fill up the heart gauge. ISU-152 is available at the 140k and 225k markers – same as the Christmas event!

  • Valerie
  • HP Scaling: 48 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 8.1 per level
  • Armor Scaling: .8 per level

Valeries loves to share her chocolates with everyone! She is an overall friendly girl, who loves to be of use to all. Available from the event and also through store Recruitment until the end of the event.

  • Roza
  • Full relationship story with NSFW skin
  • HP Scaling: 33 per level
  • Dmg Scaling: 12.5 per level
  • Armor Scaling: 1.5 per level

Roza is a bit of a yandere, so be careful around her! She is watching your every step, and will sabotage all others who try to get in the way. Available only through the event milestone.

Next Week’s Collaboration with Attack on Moe!

I’m a tank?

Our friends at Ignite studio were up for a collaboration, and so were we! Starting on Feb. 14th,  we are bringing the extremely popular Wan Wan to Armor Blitz! She will be the representative for Chinese New Years this year, being a dog and all. As the date comes near, keep an eye out on both Attack on Moe’s social media and ours to learn more about the event. Since we are featuring one of their characters, Attack on Moe will be using the almighty Isabel as a moe-tan! It will be exciting!

Patch Notes

New Features:

-Enter the Isle of Broken Hearts, where lost loves and forgotten memories of affection have collected. There’s a villain on the loose who has sabotaged the usual fanfare. Collect Love Letters and Chocolate Boxes to earn rewards during the event duration. A limited time “Emblem of Delight” is available to earn in the event shop!

During the event, the ISU-152 (Roza) and Valentine Mk X (Valerie) are available! Valerie is also in the Recruiting drop table until the end of the event.

Event End: Feb. 28th

You may notice that the boat on the map screen no longer goes directly to the event map… instead there is an expeditions page. There will be more content populating that menu soon! It will be exciting.



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    Does any level of the portal of Chaos give Chocolate Boxes? Or are they only from the Island?

    The way range functions in this game really limits the viability of variable force composition. Heavy tanks are practically worthless as vanguards because they stop the instant their guns are in range, and almost no tanks have the range to keep outside the blast radius of high end enemy artillery. If my front end heavy is Object, then I need a range of 21 MINIMUM on a tank to keep it from eating incidental fire, and that gets even worse if you’re advancing on an enemy and take artillery fire because your train takes full damage walking into an area that was just shelled. Short range heavies aren’t much of a solution either because they’ll walk right past an enemy and let them eat your rear-guard. Heavy tanks would have a more functional role in the game they just moved in closer than their maximum range*, or if the blast damage from artillery fell off by distance from epicenter.

    *Eg; Have them advance until their X coordinate component distance to the nearest enemy is at or below [N].

Let us know what you think!