Sept. 6th, 2017 Patch – ARL44!

Hello Generals,

This week’s patch (and next week too) will be a bit light on content as we work on some bigger features to roll out. So in the meanwhile, we’ll have more characters, more art, and more improvements to existing systems.

Congratulations to all of the players who managed to get Vitaliya last week! She’s rotating out of the drop table for now until further notice. This week, we have the ARL44 being introduced! She will be in a boosted 3% category in the drop table, along with her French brethren AMX-40 and AMX-13.

Balances are focusing on fixing the damage stat disaster from the previous week. We’ve also added a whole new damage substat that you can roll on new emblems. It’s a percent damage bonus!

Patch Notes

New Features:

~ARL44, Amelie released! She’s a French 5-star Heavy!
~Guest system allows new users on Nutaku to start playing without an account.

Balance Changes:

~Damage substat raised to 3 damage per stack
~Damage % bonus stat (.24% per stack) added as a new stat to roll in emblems
~Emblem of Delight main stat changed to % bonus

~Unit Buffs
+3 range (8 -> 12)
+2 range (14 -> 16)
Sherman Firefly
+2 range (12 -> 14)
Sexton 1
+20 base damage (90 -> 110)
+10% Accuracy (85 -> 95)

~Ability Buffs
Critical Shot
Ability cooldown reduced from 25 to 20
Instant cooldown on deployment
Movement speed penalty reduced from 50% to 30%

Bug Fixes:

~Fixed Sturmtiger’s projectile to be AOE when in Fortress
~Units at lvl 50 can continue using Factory Upgrading until their duplicate stacks are maxed.
~Multiple small visual bugs

Android version should be open and ready to update for Google Play users. Nutaku version is updated and ready to go! Please report any bugs to developers through Discord, Nutaku Support tickets, or Social Media.


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    I’d like to be wrong, but I think this patch greatly reduced the efficiency of the production of tanks. Previously, it was possible for ten to twenty times to get the tank out of four stars. If you’re lucky. Or at least 2-3 tank three stars. Now with the same rate of production very rare three-star tanks.
    I understand that you want to make money, but such methods remind me of our Russian developers. This is not a compliment.

      Nothing changed in the Factory drop tables, so that’s just RNG at work. Random numbers give long streaks of low stars, and long streaks of high stars, so it’s normal for this to happen.

      • I can confirm this, been getting a steady flow of 3* and the occasional 4* myself out of my 4 slots.

        I did get a 5* RNG’d once, a Super Pershing. Unfortunately i already had her as a prereg award so i’m keeping her for Scouting for now.

    So, just for curiosity, which coding languages do you use? I would like to know how different are the programming skills required on this kind of business, compared to my current line of work.

    PS: Please, in-game notification for maintenances! <3

      We use C# in the Unity engine. Makes multi-platform support a bit easier to deal with.

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