Sept. 13th, 2017 Patch – Shellshock!

Hello Generals,

I hope you’ve all been having a wondrous week of slaying the Corruption and rescuing pretty tank girls! This week unfortunately does not have a new character coming out. As mentioned in the previous blog, there is a small lull in content until we have some new gameplay systems up and running. If things go well, we should have an initial iteration next week for a new battle challenge. This week’s rotating sale is Tank Destroyers! If you are looking for that extra single-target punch, then go ahead and get yourself a new 5-star TD. They are boosted with their own 3% bonus category for this week.

This week, we have 2 new character stories to help fill out some missing skins in the 5-star roster. Cerys, the Heavy tank and Zoya, the artillery unit can now develop their relationship with you! Cerys is on a quest to attain happiness, and Zoya is trying to learn the best way for a tank to relax from the stresses of war. Help both of them out while feeding them candy!

There’s a new ability to get your hands on too. After beating Devonis, you will have access to the Shellshock ability, an AoE 5-second stun! You’ll have the power to stop enemies in their tracks with only a 2-gear cost. Give it a spin if you’ve progressed far enough. And if you haven’t . . . well then get fighting! Factoria needs rescuing.

Patch Notes

New Features:

~Relationship story for Cerys, FV214 Conqueror
~Relationship story for Zoya, S-51
~New Ability- Shellshock! Stun a group of enemies for 5 seconds
~Oil is now discounted by an additional 30% in the store!

QoL Changes:

~Stuns can now chain back-to-back. That means consecutive stun effects will overwrite the previous stun timer now. Downfall! Shellshock! Downfall! Disable!
~Gustav’s stun will no longer stun newly deployed units after the initial explosion expires
~Mandy’s Shop Recruiting buttons and popup warnings have some visual improvements and now display the guaranteed 4-star+ in the 11 roll
~Improved responsiveness of Defender ability so it hits more accurately on low frame rate.

As you can see, it’s a pretty small update. We’re working on bigger scale systems to deploy and getting events ready. Armor Blitz is managed by an extremely small team, and we work tirelessly everyday to add new features and improve overall player experience. Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin — it means a lot!


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  • The story of S 51 is good, but changing the stun mechanics as it is ridiculous. If on the battlefield, no fortifications, work will probably be. If the protective device is, the tanks of the player as sheep would crowd around them, ignoring enemy tanks. Nonsense.
    And AI tanks continue to ignore tanks player around, heading directly to the General. And when will it get fixed?
    Support nutaku wrote – Tanks to attack targets near…. – I already gave them a screen where the tank AI does not pay attention to close to the target, and goes to the General.
    Would be better if there were fewer patches but more work on the bugs of the game.

    Guys, I need your help with some units waiting for 95d until restoration.
    This happened after a system clock change.

      Set your system clock to automatically adjust time in the clock settings.

  • Is there a way to sync your data from pc to android? I would like to be able to play on both devices.

      Unfortunately not. The two platforms are independent from each other!

    I have 2 question.

    1) Is the AI suppose to aim for the nearest unit or the enemy general? Tried the auto and it ignores all tank and only aims for the general, the only way it was useful for me is when im in mid game and i have all my blockers(heavy and some medium) out then go auto for the rest. this way i dont miss a beat in using tank skills. Is this how your auto works?

    2) Is the Shellshock suppose to stun even friendly units or is this a bug you need to fix?

      Both of those are not supposed to happen. When autobattle is on, your units should behave like normal, but automatically deploy and use abilities.

      When using Shellshock, it should only affect enemy units.

Let us know what you think!