Aug. 30th, 2017 Patch – Elite Promotion!

Hello Generals,

Once again, thanks for sticking around another week to keep Factoria safe from the grips of evil. This week we are deploying the Elite Promotion system, which is the final step in your tank’s journey to glory. Once you have attained enough Relationship Levels, Duplicate Boosts, and Blueprints, you can take your tank to the next level by using the “Elite” promotion. You can find that screen with all of the details in your unit’s Tank Detail screen. Each Tier and Type of unit has it’s own separate HP and DMG boost percentages based off of average stat scaling. The amount of stat gain they can earn is like boosting them to the next tier!

The new unit coming out this week is the beautiful Soviet IS-7 : Vitaliya! But don’t wait – she’s only going to be in rotation for this week! All of the IS series heavy tanks will have their own 3% boosted drop rate category. Good luck!

Patch Notes

New Features:

~IS-7 Added for a limited time sale!
~Relationship story added for IS-7 and GW Tiger Ivonne
~Elite Promotion. Boost your units’ stats!
~When Recruiting units in the shop, your 10+1 roll should always guarantee at least 1 4-star or higher unit.

Balance Changes:

~Roulette drops buffed, with a small Oil reward added in
~Damage Emblem (Delight on Android) changed to 1.5 Damage per stack
~Tiger II HP buffed again (5 more per level, +50 base hp)
~FV4005 Stage II
* Armor Pen +10%
* Damage reduced -2 per level scaling
* Now has Fortress 5 Ability instead of Obliterate
* Armor Pen increased by 10
~Conquest Ability
* Evasion bonus reduced from 50% -> 40%
* Armor bonus increased from 20% -> 33%
* Duration reduced from 15s to 12s
~Piercing Shot Ability
* Cooldown increased to 11 seconds
~Haste Ability
* Usable immediately on deployment
* Only usable once per battle

Bug Fixes:

~Fixed the XP Gain display in Upgrading to match earned XP. Last week the upgrading experience gain was displaying one level more XP than intended. The formula is supposed to calculate XP based off of attained levels… but it was actually calculating from attained levels +1, which is why Lvl. 49 and 50 units gave the same XP.
~Fixed Scouting rewards display not showing Boost XP bonus
~Fixed bug where 1-Star cards couldn’t exceed 20% Boost
~Fixed Focus Fire ability duration to last the full 20 seconds
~First hand draw should now always be the first 5 cards in your deck
~Multiple small visual bugs

Android version should be open and ready to update for Google Play users. Nutaku version is updated and ready to go! Please report any bugs to developers through Discord, Nutaku Support tickets, or Social Media.


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    Is Sturmtiger supposed to loose her splash damage on attacks made while she is using fortress 5?

    The balancing seems reasonable, I guess we’ll have to try the results ourselves on the field =P
    The Elite systems seems nice, and it should help to advance more in the story maps, as well as in the Portal of Chaos, but including the % boost from replicate units as a requirement seems a bit excessive, since it makes it almost impossible to reach for 5-stars tanks, and that’s even counting players who are willing to pay for extra Cores in order to hit the gacha (but the recent improvement on the 10+1 rolls does help), hoping to gather enough replicates. This is evident under the current system (purely RNG), since there’s not a safer way to target specific 5-stars tank, specially when we talk about limited-time ones, and this is something that doesn’t encourage spending cash on Cores. The Research option is there, though, but there’s no information on upcoming units rotating on it, so we can’t really plan when to go for cores or blueprints.

    Thanks for the nice work you put in this game!

    If it’s not too much trouble could you make it so that I don’t have to re-open the missions dialog to grab the completion daily?

    I’m trying to upgrade my units with the new elite feature. I can’t because none of my units have “boost,” they are all at 0% despite using emblems. What is boost? I read your how to play section and the wiki and it doesn’t mention anything about boost. the game is getting frustrating now.

    • Boost is what you get Upgrading a tank with a dupe of itself. 1*s gain +1% per dupe, 5* gains +10%, so to Elite a 5* you generally need three of that model.

      Results may vary, since most tanks have different HP and damage Elite boosts.

Let us know what you think!