Nutaku Platform Details

Hi everyone! Just last weekend we made the big announcement that we are launching on Nutaku soon. Everyone is excited for the new development and crunching as much as possible to ensure the game works well on both Android and PC. Along with all of the updates we have made to the game itself, it has become a whole new experience! However, there are some downsides and hurdles that we’ve run into, outlined below.

Android -> Nutaku Account?

Starting with the bad news first (for some of you) — migrating data from existing Android onto web won’t be possible for multiple reasons. Platform incompatibility means that the existing Android build on Google Play, and the Nutaku web game will be independent from each other. Portal of Chaos and the Friend system will also be separate ecosystems. This has the added benefit of new Nutaku players not having to worry about competing against veteran players.

Because Android-only users will no longer be able to get the Super Pershing from pre-registration on Nutaku, we will provide a separate compensation for Android users who update to the newest patch. And even though both versions of the game are getting separate rewards, both the Patton and Super Pershing will be available for everyone to attain further down the line, so don’t fret. These gifts are a celebration for the imminent completion of our big patch!

Pre-registration is coming soon for Armor Blitz! Keep an eye out for further announcements so you can get a headstart!


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    Looking forward to the new update, especially the gameplay and tankfu changes! It’s a bit sad that mobile and PC accounts won’t be linked, though it really wouldn’t be fair for new pc folks to have to go up against us lvl 50 vets in the portal. Stone sorta tiered portal and/or PVP would be a great addition for the future. I’m also very relived that mobile support will continue, it wasn’t clear to me if it would be PC only which would be far less appealing. For me the game’s something to play briefly when on the go or watching TV. Will the mobile and PC versions remain identical, or will they diverge? Also, have you considered steam as a platform? Games like this seem to do well there.

    Love the game, cant wait to see where to take it from here. The build up from the Anime Expo was well worth it.

  • while this may be a shock to some I kind of expected it, without a third party connector like facebook it is actually rather hard to connect android and PC,but still, love the facelift and will continue to play BOTH versions because now we just have 2 of a good thing!


    I’m playing it on pc via nutaku, at the beginning everything got fine with a few errors, it worked fine on chromium & firefox, but something happened after maintenance, now the game charge but never stop from charge data…

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