Armor Blitz is Evolving!

A New Era of Tank Girls is Coming

It’s been a long time since our last patch and blog update. Since then, we’ve left the Armor Blitz community in the dark while we revamped the whole game. If you hang out in our Discord community, you may have heard about a few of the changes that we are working on. As outlined in previous blog posts, the dev team has been working towards redoing pretty much the whole game and recreating it with server-driven logic and more scalable systems. In addition to that, we’ve undertaken the huge challenge of porting the game to a new platform that is globally accessible!

New Platform Coming Soon!

Armor Blitz will soon be compatible with browsers, so all users can enjoy the game from the comfort of their computers. Though there was significant technical hurdles, and a complete overhaul of all game systems, we have things up and running — and it’s pretty smooth! We’re very excited to have new players be able to experience Armor Blitz in its new and updated format. The location that the browser build will be hosted on will be announced … very soon! Keep an eye out!

Delisting from the Google Play Store for a few weeks

Due to the nature of the patch and platform we are porting to, we will be delisting the game from the Google Play Store for the next few weeks. What this means is that you will not be able to redownload the game during the downtime. The servers will stay on though, so if you are an old player, you can keep on playing! Just make sure you keep the current build on your phone!

The reason for the downtime will be very apparent in coming days. We’re working on an option to link data from your existing Android account to the new platform — this means you can play from anywhere (computer or mobile) and keep your data consistent. More news on how to do this, will be coming soon as well!   After a mixture of technical hurdles and platform conflicts, we won’t be able to migrate existing Android data onto the Nutaku platform. This means that new users on Web browser will have to play using a fresh account. We know this is disappointing, and we’re super sorry! Check out the latest blog post for more details on compensation and pre-registration gifts.

Lily, w-what are you wearing?!

Armor Blitz Reborn

Because of all of the time we’ve had to overhaul our game, we were able to make many of the balance and feature changes that users requested. A lot of the game still looks the same on surface level, but it’s much more polished and performs more efficiently. One of the new features is a way to reskin some of your favorite characters, and experience a whole new level of depth revealing more tank girl personalities! I mean… just look at that beautiful Chieftain on the right!

Our new main menu Base screen was also teased awhile back on social media. It will serve as the new headquarters from which you operate your army from. It will take some getting used to, but I promise you’ll love it! The world map still exists in its usual form, but you can complete many of your daily tasks (like construction and scouting) from Base!

Full game change patch notes will come out on the day of the big patch. We are of course continually working on it, adding as many features and polish as possible. Keep an eye out, for some huge announcements VERY VERY SOON!

TL;DR — Don’t uninstall Armor Blitz from your phone for the next few weeks! There’s some huge changes on the horizon. Thanks for being patient, players and fans!

-David (Umbrare)


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