March 7th Development Update

Hey Generals,

The month of February is long over, and with it our Valentines event too. It was the longest event yet, with a whole 4 weeks to gather 8,000 Hearts. The rewards included the Valentine X tank and delicious Emblems of Delight. If you didn’t get a chance to get these Tier 5 Damage items, then you’re out of luck. It’s finally time for a break between events. You won’t have to worry about grinding for items for the next few weeks. I appreciate everyone making such a wonderful effort.

Development Update

Although there was a small patch today to take down the event, we didn’t add any new features (I know, very sad ;_;) . The overhaul is still in full effect, and we’re still revamping the entire code base into a more scalable engine for future content. You probably won’t see a lot of the changes on the surface (besides optimizations and speed), but pretty much the entire game has been rewritten so far.

In the last patch notes on Feb. 7th, I already listed a few of the features that would be made possible with a completely server-run model. Currently, what our new code supports is: exchangeable Lieutenant avatars, multiple army decks, sortable unit screens, tiering up units/items, and DPS factoring into scouting runs. On top of that, we will have more tools to create new content and update the game on the fly. If there’s a bug in a unit’s stats, we can fix it extremely fast. Plus, we already shared the new main menu layout on social media.

I know there’s a lot of bug reports that we’ve gotten in the past month. I appreciate everyone’s diligence in reporting these to us: thank you! They should all be fixed with the overhaul, because right now slowing down to fix old code is not worth the time when the sun on the horizon is so close.

… Pretty much us right now.

So… when is it coming?

Last time we gave an optimistic time estimate (which was late March), for when this big patch would come out. Unfortunately, that’s not looking like reality right now. The reason we have to push back the deadline a bit is due to research on alternate platforms. The biggest challenge at this point is making sure multiple platforms can be updated at the same time and keep user data in sync. We also have to make sure all users can play with each other, no matter what platform and location. Our technical overhaul is also making this possible since we are rewriting so much of the code anyways.

For now, there’s no concrete time on when the big update is coming. But – it will be worth it, I promise!

In the meantime,

Have a preview of some content in the pipeline. See if you can guess these characters (the third one is already spoiled)!

Keep hanging out in Discord and gamble some flowers with NataliaBot. Lots of wonderful community members group up for games, share tank history, and post memes rampantly. Come and join the fun!

All the best,

David (Umbrare)

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