(April 1st) Armor Blitz Update: Rocket/Missile Class

Equalizing the Playing Field

Hello everyone! It’s been a long hard journey so far in developing our title, and we’ve received quite a lot of feedback along the way. One of the improvements that we will be rolling out is more innovative and unique classes. And because of the rapidly evolving sociopolitical climate, equalizing the playing field for players from all walks of life is becoming one of our priorities in the studio. The current ratio of female to male characters in our game is a staggering 100 : 0  … which is simply unacceptable!

Armor Blitz is proud to reveal our new upcoming class of weapon in the game, rockets and long range missiles! Since we have tank girls, we’re introducing powerful and handsome missile boys into the world of Factoria.

To start off, there are 3 new characters: the V-2 Rocket, V1 Flying Bomb (Doodlebug), and the R-1 Missile.

Unlike other traditional vehicles, these characters are activated similar to abilities. Select your target and the character will fire their projectile directly at the target. Their missiles will penetrate through enemy lines and deliver their long range arsenal directly to the enemy commanders in a devastating explosion!

The ramifications of this update are huge: first of all, we will have a fresh source of testosterone on the world of Factoria, something that the world has been severely lacking.  Second, it let’s us venture into a whole new world of character archetypes, that will bring us closer than ever to our anime influences. Archetypes such as:

  • The dense male lead surrounded by girls
  • An all-powerful hero who has never lost a battle
  • The mysterious character, who has never spoken a word, but always saves the day
  • The lucky guy – with absolutely no talent or skills, yet manages to win every fight

This is only the beginning of the future of Armor Blitz. We will continue to keep bringing in more of these male units until we hit a satisfactory ratio of 50:50 female to male characters. I hope everyone is happy with these changes moving forward. Us here in the Armor Blitz Team see this as a vital step towards bringing true balance to the game.

-Armor Blitz Team

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