February 7th Patch – Valentine’s Event!

Hey Generals,

This week we’re opening up our third event in honor of Valentine’s Day! After HQ had a wonderful Lantern festival with all of the lanterns gathered by players, it’s time for some new festivities to take place. The most lovely time of the year, February calls for chocolate and gifts to show your affection. In Armor Blitz, gather Hearts throughout the map AND in Portal of Chaos now. HQ will lovingly award you with exclusive gifts as you hit each Heart milestone. Take a look in the Missions screen to see what’s available. Here’s a few of the key goodies:

  • At 3,000 Hearts – Earn the Valentine Mk. X (Tier 4).
  • At 4,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star random emblem.
  • At 5,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star random emblem.
  • At 6,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star exclusive emblem: Emblem of Delight!
  • At 7,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star exclusive emblem: Emblem of Delight!
  • At 8,000 Hearts – Earn a 5-star exclusive emblem: Emblem of Delight!

Here’s a brief introduction to the Valentine Mark X, courtesy of community member Badlaz0rcat.

The continuation of the Valentine series of infantry tanks, the Valentine Mark X was the production version of the upgunned Valentine variants. The Mark X was equipped with a newly designed turret that housed the 6-pdr as well as a coaxial Besa machine gun which was not able to be fitted into the turrets of the previous upgunned Valentines. The tried and true GMC 6004 engines that were used on previous two Marks were also used on Mark X with some of the 1800 built using a version with 165 hp over the slightly weaker 135 hp version. The Mark X and 6-pdr versions were produced and used until 1945.

The Valentine’s Event will last a whole 4 WEEKS, which should be more than enough time to get some yummy chocolates for your tank girls.

The rest of the patch notes are below – it is exceptionally light this week since we are so busy with the overhauls. But we did fix one small bug that was making Tank Destroyers far too powerful. Sorry, TD lovers!

Patch Notes

New Event:
– Valentine’s Day event is in progress! Collect Hearts throughout Factoria to earn rewards from HQ.
– Hearts are found in normal battles and also Portal of Chaos now!

New Unit:
– Valerie, Valentine Mk. X is available for the Valentine’s event.

Bug Fix:
– Penetration stat calculation fixed. Enemy armor could be reduced into the negatives which led to unreasonable bonus damage.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Hand out some chocolates and bring love to the world! Or you can just settle with collecting Hearts for your waifus. That’s cool too 🙂


David (Umbrare)

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