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Hey Generals,

I hope everyone was able to get a good swing at the Chinese New Year Event. Meiling, Hong, and Xifeng all had a wonderful time in the limelight. Hong and Xifeng are both retiring after the event to take a break (maybe next year?), but Meiling is here to stay. She will still remain in the 1% section with the other Tier 5 units.

Joining her will be the all-new Republic of China light tank, Type 64. Her name is Lin, and though she looks a lot like the U.S. Hellcat, she’s nothing like her! Below is a small snippet of her history, courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Type 64 (TL64, Chinese: 六四式) is the designation of two distinct Cold War-era light tank projects of the Republic of China Armed Forces, in service from 1975. One being a hybrid of the M42 Duster and M18 Hellcat and the other an indigenous copy of the M41 Walker Bulldog, both Type 64s were intended as a cavalry tank to complement the existing M41 light tanks and to support the heavier and more-powerful M48 Patton medium tanks already in service with the ROCA.

In addition to her, we’ve got a few minor balance changes you can read in the patch notes below.

Patch Notes

New Unit:
– Type 64, Lin – Tier 5 Light tank

Balance Changes:
– Type 62 Movement Speed reduced to 6 from 8
– Hellcat Movement Speed reduced to 7 from 8

– Autoloader duration increased to 8 seconds
– Cover Fire ability initial cooldown reduced to 1
– Focus Fire ability initial cooldown reduced to 1
– Focus Fire Lvl. 5 ability increased range to +70% and damage increased to +35%

– While patching, if your connection gets interrupted then it will automatically try to reconnect.

Future Roadmap

Content patching in Armor Blitz has been slower these past few weeks and will continue to be so for the next month. We know it’s been slow, and the team of Rachel, Evie, and Natalia are still waiting at Devonis to move forward. But before we can get that out there, we have some huge systematic changes occurring in the back. We want to implement highly requested features like Guilds, PvP, Raids, and new Construction systems. But the one thing that has been holding us back so far, is our own code structure.

Armor Blitz was never intended to be an online server enabled game, when we first conceived of it 2 years ago. Nor was it supposed to be as big of a project as it is now. But with the amount of support from everyone, and the ambition of our own team, we wanted to grow it into something that could compete with Triple-A studios. With our tiny team and rag-tag budget, we pushed forward and delivered as quickly as possible to prove Armor Blitz could do it. But it came at a cost – our code was messier and wasn’t a good enough foundation for the future scalability of the game. Our save system is clunky, and loading speeds slower than it should be. User’s data is currently split between server and client, which is not an optimal model. Basically, we had to refactor a LOT of code.

So that’s what we’re doing right now. Kevin and I are dedicating our full programming force to overhauling the core systems to be handled completely server-side. This means Armor Blitz can have:

  1. Anti-hack protection
  2. Stable data saving, so less lost tanks or mailbox items
  3. Faster loading speeds for all screens
  4. Online capabilities and interactions
  5. No downtime patching

Sounds pretty awesome right? We think so too. That’s why we’re willing to slow down on other content production and focus on optimizing the base of our service, to make it better than ever. We expect to finish this overhaul by the end of February, in-time for us to begin iOS and maybe even a web build. In the meantime, we are still making new tanks and villains in preparation. It’s full speed ahead from there on out.

I thank you all for reading this far and staying up-to-date with our development progress. It means a lot to us, and we will continue to work hard to fulfill your tank girl dreams.

-David, Umbrare

P.S. dabbling with voice actors!

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