Jan. 3rd Bug Fixes and Balance

Happy New Years, courageous Generals! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holiday season as much as I have.

The Armor Blitz Christmas event is STILL GOING ON until Jan. 17th! If you haven’t nabbed the PT-76, ASU-57, and Katyusha yet, then keep on fighting those battles. There’s a whopping two weeks left to gather the Jingle Bells. Why does Headquarters even want these silly things? And why are they littering the Corrupted continent of Factoria? We may never know.


Today’s patch is small and addresses some of the bugs and balance issues we’ve heard in the recent weeks.

Balance Changes:
– Centurion Mk1 cost reduced to 4
– Centurion Mk5 cost reduced to 4

Tier 4 – 5 Artillery Units Damage Buffed:
– SU-14-1
– M40
– M12
– S-51
– T-92

Bug Fixes:
– S-51 now has the High Explosive Shell description
– Daily Awards not showing up in mailbox is fixed (please report if it still happens).
– Pausing exploit is fixed to prevent players from damaging enemies while paused

Next patch will conclude the Christmas event… but will also bring in a new one. Any guesses?

-David (Umbrare on Discord)

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    I love the way to change the cost of both Centurion in the battle. Cost 5 = summon tier 4 heavy tanks. As I know that most Tier 4-5 medium tanks cost only 4 to summon them in battle. I don’t know about heavy tanks in tier 5; but the only tank girl in tier 5 cost a lot in battle is Maus (Cost 7) in 1 battle. ?

    Operation of upgrade emblem should be returned to the previous behavior, I think. We must wait server response and progress animation, the later is useless.

Let us know what you think!