Jan 17th Event Update!

Happy Chinese New Years everyone!

I hope everyone got a chance to get the Katyusha, ASU-57 (smol Polina), and PT-76! They are wonderful additions to any team. Now that the event is over, we can move onto the next big thing… Chinese New Year! We are celebrating with new tanks and event.

Remember how HQ wanted you to collect those silly Jingle Bells? Well Chinese Lanterns are all the rage now! To decorate the Headquarters building in time, they need all deployed platoons to find as many Lanterns as possible… and they will reward you kindly for them. Check out the full rewards list in-game. Key milestones:

  • 1500 Lanterns = Type 62, Hong
  • 3000 Lanterns = WZ-111, Xifeng

Unit Locking is in!

Check out the new feature everyone has been wanting – unit locking! Press the little lock icon in the top right corner of a unit’s detailed screen. As long as they have the lock symbol on them, you can’t recycle or scrap them in Upgrading and Recycling.


Read up on the patch notes below. There were balance changes too, so read up on those!


New Years Event:
-WZ-111, Xifeng
-Type 62, Hong
-Type 59, Meiling
-Collect Lanterns to earn rewards from HQ. Hong and Xifeng are both attainable!
-Meiling has a higher drop rate in Recruitment and Construction. This is your chance to get her!

Balance Changes:
-Katyusha’s Rocket Barrage ability damage reduced from 400% to 250% per rocket. Don’t worry, she’s still really strong.
-Tiger II’s Accuracy increased from 76% to 100% to match other heavy tanks in class.
-T30 Penetration increased to 40, Range increased to 12, Crit Rate increased to 5%

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements:
-Enemy AI doesn’t deploy into negative gears anymore. This leads to different AI behavior, which can sometimes be more difficult!
-Small visual and audio improvements

Enjoy the event, and best of luck!


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    Will there be A way to earn Polina (The most adorable tank ever) again? Wasn’t able to complete the challenges cause of internet issues 🙁

      Not in the immediate future, but the Christmas tanks will come around in season.

        Alright Thanks! Also keep up the good work, love the update 😀

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