Patch Notes – Aug. 25th (After Maintenance)

servers_are_upThanks to everyone who waited patiently over the last couple days. Our servers were taken down for a some time while we made some big changes and added a lot of new features. The reason we reset save files is to put everyone at a level playing field again. Many of our first alpha testers started off playing a completely different game… we made that many updates! This reset is an opportunity for everyone to experience the beginning content again and measure pacing with the new features. The game is still in beta and constantly being worked on – but our focus is now directed towards polish and smoothness. Find the patch notes below~


This is a new feature that allows you to actively fetch resources in the world of Factoria. It unlocks after defeating the first city, Bengali. The icon will appear in the bottom right, with a temporary icon. You can send out some spare tanks to find various resources, emblems, and maybe even Cores if you are lucky! There are 5 total slots to unlock. Light, Medium, Heavy, Artillery, and Tank Destroyer will all have different drop rates for resources, which you may discover over time. Hint: Light gives Oil!scouting_ss

Because of the influx of new resources, generators now produce less (300 per 8 hrs), but you can actively gain more by scouting. If player progression is impacted negatively, we can go back and continue balancing. Each character will keep a journal too, generating a random event every minute. You can read along to see how their mission is unfolding.

One of the most crucial features that we finally got around to making is the settings menu, found in the top left of your game screen. It will let you change graphics quality, audio settings, push notifications, and even Log Out! That means if you have multiple Google Play accounts, you can more easily swap between different save files. And if you’ve been crashing often, you can downscale the settings to accommodate your device.

The cash shop that we’ve kept closed thus far is now open (because data won’t be wiped anymore!). You can support the dev team by purchasing in-game Cores. It’s definitely not a requirement, so do it if you want to keep us afloat as we keep developing. And of course the option to watch ads will still reduce your construction timers.

NEW ART:Hetzers gonna hetz
If you follow closely on our social media, you’ll probably notice that there were lots of old characters being redrawn. We’re in the process of bringing up the bottom line for character quality, so the amazing Tenmuki has been hard at work redrawing. Redraws put in this patch include the:
– Hetzer
– Cruiser Mk II
– Mark V
– A7V
– T-50
– Sexton

– Tier 3 | Semovente Da 75/18
– Tier 4 | Centurion Mk1
– Tier 4 | Tog II
– Tier 4 | Tiger P
– Tier 4 | Elefant
– Tier 5 | Tiger II
– Tier 5 | Jagdtiger
– Tier 5 | T34-100
– Tier 5 | T30

– Medium Tanks are globally tankier now with a 20% HP buff across the board. This is in response to their weakly defined role in most armies.
– The Sherman Easy 8 ability is changed to a self buff: 50% damage and 20% attack speed
– The T34/85 ability is changed to a self buff: 60% armor and 30% evasion
– The Light tanks Chaffee and AMX13 have the “Inspire” offensive buff.
– Tier 4 and Tier 5 Light tanks have buffed HP.
Crusader III HP is buffed with an extra 20% evasion while the ability is active.
T-50 Rush ability also has an additional 20% evasion added.
Hetzer now has a single target 7 second stun ability. Hetzers gonna hetz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PORTAL OF CHAOS is temporarily closed until a handful of players have caught up again. It will probably open in a week or two!

Hope you guys enjoy the new content and continue to provide valuable feedback for us as we keep developing. You are all part of a wonderful community and we value your opinions deeply. Keep chatting with us on Facebook, report problems/suggestions on the forums, or even visit this Reddit page that no one pays attention to.

Happy Blitzing,


Patch Notes – Aug. 11


This week’s patch notes includes some huge features!

The core feature added in this patch is a competitive leader board where you can compete against others to get a high score. It’s a biweekly ladder that has HUGE rewards at the end of each session. To participate, you have to have the desert portal unlocked. It will be very obvious if you have access to it!Portal_ChaosBelow is the rest of the notes~


-WARNING: Data wipe incoming on Aug. 23rd! All players that have played during testing will recieve a gifted character on the game’s full release!
– Zone 5 Unlocked (North west side of Factoria extending into the snow)
– The Portal of Chaos has opened in the desert!
> Fight in a biweekly leaderboard showing who the strongest warriors are.
> Each consecutive battle becomes harder and gives you more points.
> If it becomes too hard, you can reset battle difficulty and keep earning more points.

– You can now watch ads to reduce factory timers. Watch one every 4 hours for each slot. Only do it if you’re bored and want to help us out a bit!
– Balanced the Core cost to rush constructions

– Durability and DPS now factors in stats coming from items.
– Items have a few renames that make more sense (Emblem of War = Emblem of Awareness)

– Fixed a scaling issue with the new card unlocked animation.

– Tiger I’s Fortress ability particles are now 4 rotating red shields instead of the old fire.

Still under construction is a very exciting resource gain system called Scouting. One of the problems we’ve identified is that player’s have no control over how many much resources they attain. With the new scouting system, the plan is to allow you to send units out to retrieve them for you! More news on that later!


Patch Notes – July 26th


Another patch notes delivery for you all.

The focus of last week’s work has been on stabilizing our tech for the global audience, and also for lower end devices. To that end, we’ve made a lot of optimizations that will increase image resolution for 1gb RAM devices (there’s a lot of you!). Also, to improve the stability of our overseas players, there is now a Singapore relay server that should increase the reliability of logging in from that region.

Below is the entirety of the patch notes for you to read and enjoy~


-Chibi Rachel added into some tutorial segments.
-Tutorial wording and flow adjusted. Still not done, as we’ll need to add new features!
-New card animation slowed down! Visual should be smoothed out now when the character pops up.

-A multitude of bugs surrounding dialogue scenes have been fixed. Things look smoother and shouldn’t freeze up anymore!

-Singapore relay server up. Anyone in the SEA region should experience less login issues. If they still persist, please report to us!
-RAM optimization to improve visuals for low end devices. For people with less than 1gb RAM, resolution should be doubled now.

Lets Learn!Stay tuned for a big announcement this week!


Patch Notes July 20th


Hiya Armor Blitz fans,

This week’s new patch is loaded with a lot of bug fixes, visual improvements, and quality of life features. Most of all, our friends feature is available for testing! I usually put the patch notes into a forum thread, but I’ll just put it on the front page of our site so users can more easily see!


-FRIEND SYSTEM added in with basic functionality! You can bring your friends’ tanks to battle with you (they occupy the second slot when you enter battle. That means you can always deploy them first, along with your secretary!)
-Tooltips added for resource bar and stats.
-New particle effect for tutorial (to replace finger)
-SU5 Soviet Tank added to drop table. It’s also Natalia’s 3rd starter unit, which helps to balance her starting strength.

Loading Screens:
-New Splash Screen change – with cool fire particles and epic music by Phyrnna!
-Loading screens now show basic hints about how to use each tank type. Educational waiting 🙂

World Map:
-Story is now re-readable for battles you’ve beaten (only post-battle dialogue right now). Click the little book icon by the battle to enter the scene.

Army Screen:
-The secretary frame surrounds your first tank slot now! More features around secretary tanks to come later.

-New defensive ability particle effects.
-Artillery Strike ability has cost reduced to 3 Gears.
-Artillery Strike particles improved, and screen shake!

That’s all for now. Big things are coming later this week, so keep up!



Hello everyone! We are in the final weeks of alpha testing, before we transition to beta phase. There’s a ton of new changes in the next patch (July 14), which is why we are pushing it to Thursday instead of Tuesday. It’s a big one, so I’ll lay out the details here:

  1. NEW ITEM SYSTEM! Randomized attributes – each item is unique!
  2. STORY DIALOGUE ADDED FOR UNLOCKED TILES! (Only on the first time you beat the battle)
  3. FRIEND SYSTEM! (Delayed until this weekend) Got a friend and know their username? Send them a request!

1. New Item System!

Our item system has been overhauled because many things were broken, and items felt insignificant. We reworked how items drop and how stats are determined, so now every item is more unique. Originally, items were manually created (the system was made a year ago) and they lacked impact. The new design is more akin to Diablo and dungeon crawlers and should be more familiar to you guys!


There are 5 Rarity tiers of items, indicated by the stars. Each item has a primary stat listed in white which is always the same if an item has the same name. There are also additional bonuses based on the rarity. See the chart below about how everything is put together!

2. Dialogue is Back!

The old dialogue system was also written last year, and very outdated. We’ve gone back and finally made it pleasing enough to look at now! There are currently 74 unique dialogue scenarios (and growing) inside our game. Within combat, and after defeating battles, you’ll hear Rachel, Evie, Natalia, and other characters talking. Their words will help unveil the mysteries of the Corruption on Factoria.

VN Style dialogue scenes!

As each new zone gets released (we only have 4 chapters out right now), you’ll be able to battle new bosses and learn a whole lot more about the world of Armor Blitz.

3. Add Your Friends!

It’s about time we got around to adding in social features – the first one is a rudimentary friends system. If you know someone that plays Armor Blitz too (or invite them to play with you) then you can search our database for their Username and send them a request. Although there are no game systems yet revolving around friends, they will be coming very soon.

Thanks for staying in touch with our development progress, everyone! It’s always a pleasure to receive feedback on our social media and forums. Talk to us and we’ll talk back. 😀

Keep Blitzing!


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